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This week in the ‘Pawtime Press’ pet news we have some great articles on talking dogs, a permanently surprised cat, an autistic child that will melt your heart and a fat camp for your dog! Plus probably the weirdest thing I have ever seen for your cat 🙂

Teaching Dogs To Talk Is Easier Than You Think

We learn how Jackson, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has developed technology that is giving dogs a voice. A voice that Jackson believes is vital for search and rescue, bomb and therapy dogs.

If you think it’s hard to train dogs then watch this video and see how the dogs can respond using the vest they are trained to operate. The video shows you how quickly the dogs are trained and claims any trainable dog should be able to pick up these techniques.

It’s amazing how this technology could be used to save the lives of people who are injured or sick, and alert emergency services, friends or family to their whereabouts. It’s a technology that could have endless possibilities.

Kevin The Permanently Surprised Cat

I am in love with Kevin the Cat! He is a seriously gorgeous cat who is living a life that was not meant to be this long. Kevin has fluid on his brain which gives him this permanently surprised look and it was predicted he would only live 6 months at most.

He has amassed an amazing social media following as people follow his story and find out how special he really is. He could be a serious contender for Grumpy Cat.

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The 6 Year Old Autistic Child That Keeps Shelter Dogs Company

The 6 Year Old Autistic Child That Keeps Shelter Dogs Company brought a tear to my eye and is certain to melt your heart. The programme “Rescue Readers,” where children volunteer to read to the animals at the shelter is an amazing initiative for both the children and the dogs.

Not only does it provide great company for the dogs but it’s also a great programme for kids, and Jacob is a true inspiration in his commitment to the initiative.

How Fat Camp For Dogs Is Helping Dogs In America

There are fat camps for kids and adults and we are surrounded by diets and exercise groups, but this is the first fat camp for dogs that I have seen. Not only is it a Spa there is also a fat camp for your dog to lose weight.

It’s a hard one to understand why dogs get to the weight that it appears they do in this article, but it’s certainly a facility that has a place for owners who are struggling to control their pets weight.

Probably The Strangest Thing I’ve Seen This Week!

This is probably the strangest thing I have ever seen, a device to lick your cat! I’m not sure if this is a joke, but the site seems to be set up ready for a Kickstarter campaign.

We’d love to hear from anyone who decides to back this campaign or try out the product when it launches.

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