Thinking Of Bringing Your Pet On Staycation in Ireland?

Baginbun Beach

Thinking Of Bringing Your Pet On Staycation in Ireland?

I am so excited about finally being able to go on a Staycation … but the one thing I just can’t decide on is whether to bring “Tiny”… my nearly 11-year-old Cavalier cross, or not?

We are thinking of Cork but that is a long car journey from our home in Dublin, so I am concerned about Tiny getting stressed in the car, even with a couple of stops along the way to stretch our legs.

Wexford has been a favourite for a few years, but now that our restrictions have finally lifted, we want to try somewhere different, as it has been such a long wait for our freedom.

Decisions! Decisions!

Well, I suppose it’s as good an excuse as any.

Let’s have 2 Staycations in 2021.  One closer to home with my furry best friend and then when we are going further afield, we can leave Tiny at home relaxing and being spoiled by his favourite pet sitter.

Benefits Of Your Staycation in Ireland

#1. So Many Places to Go!

From staying in an old country cottage in Donegal to sleeping in a “Yurt” (Glamping) in Galway to a Horse trekking holiday in Kerry or maybe you would love to be near the sea in Wexford and bring your pet along or soak up some history and culture in Dublin while enjoying the reopening of many world class restaurants.

Failte Ireland has relaunched its “” website and it is a one-stop shop for holidays at home, showcasing the wealth of things to see and do across Ireland.

Pet Friendly locations are also easy to find! And we have lots of Dog Friendly Cafes you can visit.

Interest in new and off the beaten track experiences and activities is soaring and everything you need to know, you will find on this website, which has also been improved to be more mobile user friendly.

Social distancing has become our new normal and as you travel around the country you will find local businesses still have the famous Irish welcome, while adhering to the Covid-19 regulations.

#2. Peace of Mind!

Failte Ireland has also launched the “Covid-19 Safety Charter” to clearly show us that a premises we are visiting is safe.  The “Safety badge” offers reassurance and confidence that you can enjoy your visit safely as the restaurant, hotel, tourist attraction is following the recommended public health guidelines and their staff have completed Covid-19 safety and hygiene control training.

Trimmers Lane Cafe

#3. Catch Up with Family!

Another benefit of holidaying in your own country is that you now have the opportunity to catch up with family as you are touring around.

My parents were both born in the West of Ireland and living in Dublin I love getting a chance to meet up with my family as I travel.

#4. Government Incentive!

The details for 2021 are still being considered as the 2020 “Stay and Save” tax rebate scheme was a flop, as it was too complicated and difficult to avail of.

A “Staycation voucher” sounds like the most attractive option so far, so fingers crossed they run with this one:

Every adult would be given €200 and every child €100 to kickstart their Summer of Staycation fun and it would be given in the form of an easy-to-use smartcard.

Pet Sitter

Tips To Find Your Perfect Staycation in Ireland

So, what is on offer for your Staycations … Yes, we need to go on at least two to compensate for all the holidays we have missed 😉

Pet Friendly Staycation Options In Ireland

These Staycation options are delighted to welcome your Pets!

#1. Center Parcs, Longford.


Why Here?                        

Wake up each morning nestled in the forest in your Dog friendly lodge.

There are designated dog exercise areas where your furry friend can roam free.  Water bowls are provided around the village near shops and restaurants so that your dog can rehydrate and quench their thirst after a day of adventuring in the woods.

#2. Hookless Holiday Home, Wexford.


Why Here?        

Last Summer, we made a call directly to a holiday village that was supposed to be booked out and managed to grab a last-minute cancellation and ended up enjoying sea views and inhaling what felt like a year’s quota of sea air, on beach walks along the coast, near Hook Head.

My dog Tiny adored sprinting up and down along the beaches, “Baginbun Beach” was a definite favourite and our dog friendly accommodation at Hookless Holiday Village, meant we could all relax and enjoy with our canine pals.

Getting special attention on one of our lunch outings when the waitress brought Tiny out his own dog bone shaped bowl of cool water on a warm afternoon, was also a culinary highlight, for his human family.

Dog Friendly Cafe with Yummy Food in Wexford

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#3. “GLAMPING” (glamorous camping) has become very popular in Ireland and my sister and family adored their pet friendly trip last year in the West of Ireland.

When they first checked with agents there was no availability, so they went back to basics and simply googled “Glamping in Ireland” … They wanted an adventure for the family and discovered Yurt camping”.

Yurts originate from Mongolia and are made from timber.  A wooden frame forms the circular wall with decorated poles pointing skyward to the centre window at the top (perfect for stargazing at night).

A “Yurt” is an experience not easily beaten for coziness and comfort… With soft furnishings, large scatter cushions, beanbags, real beds and a log-burning stove.

An added bonus was they managed to find a “pet friendly” Yurt called “Yurty & the Tramp”.

“Eco Cabins” may suit you better if you are planning a longer stay or are planning a holiday with a larger group.


If pure indulgence, with no responsibilities, after a difficult year is what you need, these Staycation options are for you!

#4. Powerscourt Springs, Wicklow.


Why Here?                        

Reopened in 2020, “Powerscourt Springs” is the epitome of the saying “Relaxation is an Art”.

Enjoy views of the Sugar Loaf from the Breakfast room, laze around in your complimentary dressing gown while you wait for your Spa Treatment, pop down the road to Powerscourt Waterfall for a back to nature treat, before returning for a sumptuous dinner.   Sheer indulgence at its best!

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#5. Lough Rynn Castle Estate & Gardens, Leitrim.


Why Here?                        

Want to feel like Royalty?  This restored 19th century castle with its walled gardens and lakes in a secluded location brings you back in time while offering all the very best modern-day luxuries.

The perfect escape from everyday stresses … I love this place!

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#6. Bellinter House, Meath.


Why Here?                        

Stunning surroundings and rooms and Spa packages galore!

The House itself or the “Stables” are equally irresistible and the food is not to be missed.

“The Stables” accommodation in the Courtyard all have wooden beams, big skylights and “stable style doors” as your front door, in keeping with their previous function at Bellinter.

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The “Discover Ireland” website has so many ideas to inspire you and is a great place to start:

Feeling Adventurous… check out all the “Glamping” options Ireland has to offer:

Fun for all the family on horseback:

Pet Friendly Holiday Homes near the sea:

Holiday Location Listings:



So, there is no need to feel you are missing out on anything when you Staycation this Summer!

There are so many different styles of holidays to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice:

Go with your friends!

Go alone!

Go with your pets!

Go with family!

Relax and enjoy OR experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Whatever you decide …

Embrace Your Perfect STAYCATION 2021!

We SOOO deserve it 😊

And if you need a Pet Sitter then call us on Freephone 1800 303010 or 087 7453847

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