St ‘Bark’Trick’s Day Plans: The What, Where & How To Have A Great Day

St.Patrick s Day

St Patrick’s Day is a time for all the family to celebrate and that obviously includes your dog.  But what exactly can you and your best friend do on St Patrick’s Day if you are living in Ireland?

Things To Do On St Patrick’s Day With Your Dog In Ireland

#1. Visit A Dog Friendly Cafe or Bar

There are more and more dog friendly locations to take your dog to in Ireland. If you look back a few years there were only a few dog friendly locations and most of those were in Dublin. Now venues all over Ireland are opening their doors up to dog lovers and allowing them to bring in their best friend.

To help dog lovers find somewhere to hang out with their dog we started a list of Dog Friendly locations in Ireland that we are always adding to as more places become dog friendly.

Let us know if you try any of them out or if you have been to any locations that we don’t have on the list.

If you are in Dublin we also have a list of St Patrick’s Day Events you can attend in Dublin

#2. Spend The Weekend At A Dog Friendly Hotel

It’s no surprise that hotels have also jumped on board and are becoming dog friendly. One thing to note if you are thinking of booking a dog friendly hotel is that some have restrictions when it comes to number and size of dogs.

For example some hotels will only allow small dogs to stay and you can only bring 1 dog. So if you were thinking of coming away with your 3 Irish Wolfhounds then you might struggle to find a place to let you stay.

We have a list of Dog Friendly Hotels in Ireland that you can check out. And if you are taking your dog away with you then you might want to check out our list of Dog Parks In Ireland. Unfortunately most of them are in Dublin  – but we hope to be able to add more to the list soon.

St Patricks Day

#3. Get Dressed Up And Go To The Parade

Going to the Parade for St Patrick’s Day is great fun. Whether your town goes all out with a big parade or they just have a few tractors and local businesses involved it’s a great community event for all the family.

We surveyed Irish dog owners and found that this year:

66% of dog owners will be going to their local parade.

45% of those people will be taking their dog with them to the parade

36% of dog owners will be dressing their pets up – with the most popular outfits bow ties and shamrock accessories

AND 13% of people said that they would dye their dog green if they could get their hands of some green dog friendly dye!


What are you planning to do for St Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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