Love Your Pets Radio Eps 16: Soopa Dog Treats

Soopa Pets

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Weekly Fun Fact

Dogs can smell thousands of times better than humans. Their noses have millions more scent receptors—for example, a human nose averages 5 million while a Dachshund’s has 125 million—making them useful in sniffing out drugs, dead bodies, bed bugs, explosives, and more.

In The Pawtime Press

A 31 Year Old Cat

Could this cat really be 31 years old? In this recent article from the Telegraph the owners in the UK are claiming it is and looking for paperwork to prove the cats age


15 Doggie Disasters

In this article from Good Housekeeping they look at all the mischievous things that dogs get up to that we love them for. I think my 2 have done every one of these!

  1. Destroying their own bed
  2. And then looking really cute once they did it
  3. Sampling the plants in the house
  4. Searching for buried treasure
  5. Napping where you are trying to work
  6. Getting really dirty
  7. And then jump on the bed, furniture, carpets!
  8. Getting into your makeup
  9. Always sit on the furniture
  10. Opening the mail
  11. Drinking out the toilet
  12. Using your stuff as a chew toy
  13. Drenching you when you bath them
  14. Staring at your food constantly
  15. Stealing the toilet roll when you are not looking

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Kelly dressed as wonder woman

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In The Spotlight: Interview With Barbara from Soopa Pets

In this interview with Barbara from Soopa we learned more about

  • Where Barbara came up with the idea for the business
  • Her passion for natural healthy dog treats
  • The different products Soopa Pets Offer dog lovers
  • Where we can find Soopa Treats

Links Mentioned:

Rodney Habib is an amazing pet nutritionist and his facebook page has lots of great information on feeding natural and healthy remedies for your pets, here’s the link:

Links to the studies: 

Allergic reactions can come from an unbalanced immune system. In animal studies, spirulina has been shown to have very positive effects on the immune system therefore reducing the incidence of allergies.

Similarly, a study conducted on cats found that Spirulina improves disease resistance and boosts the immune system

A study on dogs fed a diet supplemented with MCTs (found in coconut oil) showed significant improvement in cognitive ability within just one month. The researchers concluded that the MCTs provided an incredible source of brain fuel for the dogs.


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