Do You Sing To Your Dog In The Car?

The majority of Irish pet owners sing to their pets on car journeys, according to research by leading insurance broker Chill Insurance.

The insurance intermediary commissioned a survey of 425 male and female drivers in Ireland to find out more about the nation’s driving habits. According to the findings, 56% of survey respondents say they sing to their animals on long journeys.

On the subject of music, pet-owning drivers find pop, rock and singer/songwriter music helps them to get in the zone on the road. However, this time of the year could see some drivers taking part in a little Christmas karaoke with their cherished creatures instead. Meanwhile, heavy metal, rap and dance are viewed as the most distracting genres of music.

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It may also come as a surprise to some that only 20% of animal-owning drivers make their pet ride in the boot of the car. In contrast, 53% of pet owners say their beloved creature sits in the back seat of the car while 22% let their animal sit in the passenger seat – the perfect place for their furry friend to howl along in festive harmony.

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Fergal Lynch, Head of Marketing for Chill Insurance, remarked on the survey:

“Many Irish pet owners view their animals as part of the family so it follows that dogs, cats and other domestic animals are accompanying families on car journeys.

“While it’s no shock that our pampered pooches are being chauffeured around, what may raise a few eyebrows is the number of people who serenade their pets. While pop and rock music may be the typical pet-lover’s favourite genres of in-car music, perhaps Christmas songs will be a more popular choice this festive season.

“No matter what kind of pet you have or whereabouts in the car you put them, what’s important is that they don’t interfere with your ability to drive safely. Afterall, a barking dog or highly strung cat will do nothing for your concentration levels.”

Do you sing to your dog in the car? Let us know!