Should I Get A Kitten? Factors To Consider Before You Decide

Should I Get A Kitten

Kittens are adorable, cuddly, playful creatures who will love you unconditionally. Who wouldn’t want one of those? However, before diving straight into ownership, there are a few things to consider, to ensure you are prepared to properly take care of your kitten and to make sure you are getting the right type of cat for your needs.

Should I Get A Kitten? Factors To Consider

Choosing The Right Kitten

Firstly, how do you choose the right kitten? Do you have any allergies to fur or don’t like shedding? If so, a hairless cat might be the right cat for you. While not hypoallergenic, they won’t irritate asthma or leave fur anywhere. You might also want to get them a cute sweater for cooler months!

Alternatively, if you like fluffy cats, maybe a Persian is up your alley. Aside from being fluffy and regal-looking, these cats are also known to be very loyal and will spend their days devoted to their owner.

Adopting A Kitten Versus Buying A Kitten

Once you’ve chosen what kind of cat you are looking for, you need to decide between adopting from a shelter or buying from a breeder. While both are options, you should do some research into what is available in your area. Are you willing to travel to a breeder if they have the right kind of cat, or would you prefer to go to a shelter in your hometown and adopt a local cutie? It is also worth looking into whether the kitten will come vaccinated and spayed or neutered as this can be costly to get a vet to do.

What Type Of Food Should You Feed A Kitten

After you have chosen your kitten, you need to consider the type of diet you’ll be putting them on. Wet food versus dry food or a mixture of the two can be beneficial to the kitten’s health and growth. Taking care of their digestive system will allow them to feel their healthiest and to spend all their energy playing with you instead of feeling groggy.

The best way to choose a new food is to take a few samples of the type of food you want to feed them and see what the kitten likes the most. That way, you know your little kitten will be enjoying what they eat! Your vet will always be able to help you make a decision on the best options for them if you are unsure.

As well, if you know your kitten has a favourite treat flavour, you can use it as a way to help train them. For example, cutting your kitten’s nails can be a bad experience if they are scared of the scissors, but if you reward them with a treat after each nail is cut, it will help them learn that it is positive behaviour to allow their nails to be cut. Just make sure not to cut them too short.

Alternatively, you can take them to a vet or a pet store each month to have them groomed. This could include cutting their nails, trimming their fur, bathing them, cleaning their ears, and brushing their teeth.

What Should You Call Your Kitten?

The final thing to consider is what to name your kitten! This might be the toughest challenge of all. There are so many names to choose from. Do you want a classic cats name, like Kitty, or are you going to name your cat after a celebrity!

Tell us all about your new kitten in the comments below. We’d love to hear about them!