Should Cats Wear Collars? Pros and Cons Of A Collar For Your Kitten.

There are several factors that should influence your decision of whether or not to put a collar on your kitten, including whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat, your personal preference, and the type of neighbourhood you live in. Even if you are not concerned about your kitten escaping, you should consider the possibility anyway and look for ways to identify your cat in the event they go missing and need to be returned to you. Collars are one way of choosing to identify your kitten.

Pros For Putting A Collar On Your Kitten

#1. In Case They Escape

Even if your kitten is raised as an indoor cat, there is the possibility that they may escape your home and need to be returned to you. They could escape either by their own desire to explore the outside world, or through a broken screen on a window, or during a natural emergency if there is the possibility of that in your neighborhood. If your kitten is wearing a collar, it is far more likely that they will be returned to you, either by a concerned neighbor or by a shelter.

#2. Identify Each Kitten

As well, putting collars on kittens that look alike will help you to tell them apart. This could help when one gets sick and needs the vet. If your kitten has any special needs or medical considerations, the collar can include information on how to properly care for your kitten in the event of an emergency.

#3. A Cute Accessory

Cat collars can be a way to accessorise your kitten with a little something extra. A bell can also alert you to their whereabouts. Kittens can get into everything around the house and the sound of the bell can help you find them when they are hiding.

Cons For Putting A Collar On Your Kitten

#1. Lack Of Visibility

If your kitten is long-haired, there is a greater chance of the collar not being visible if the fur around the collar is not trimmed. This counteracts the purpose for having a collar, to begin with, as it will not even be visible to the people who might find your kitten outside.

#2. Poor Fit

If the fur on your kitten grows quickly, it can easily become uncomfortably tight for them which will make it hard for them to breathe. They will then associate the collar with pain and will try and take it off which can lead to them accidentally hurting themselves.

Note – It’s really important to check the fit of your kitten’s collar daily as they are growing.

#3. Safety

If your kitten is an outdoor kitten, the collar can catch on something outdoors and cause damage or harm to your kitten’s neck. The best solution for that is a breakaway collar, but sometimes even these can fail to snap properly once caught on something.

What Are The Safest Cat Collars For Your Kitten?

Breakaway or quick release cat collars are the safest collars for your kitten. If the collar gets caught on something then it will quickly release under the pressure and allow your kitten to get away and not remain trapped.

Your kitten will be keen to play and explore so it’s important that you have this type of collar to ensure their safety at all times.

Do you think your kitten should have a cat collar?

Overall, it comes down to your personal choice as to whether you would like to identify your kitten with a collar or not. After you consider the options, you might choose to go with a collar and tag to identify your kitten or look into microchipping your kitten at the vet.

Let us know in the comments below if you plan to get your kitten a Cat Collar?