Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2024 (Semi Finalists)

Thank you to everyone who took part in the first stages of the Nose of Tralee. It’s been so lovely seeing all of your entries and your social media posts. Your pets are all absolutely amazing.

A big Congratulations to those who have made it through to the next stage of the 2024 Nose of Tralee 

  • If your pet’s photo is featured below it means they are in the top 3 for their county – based on the votes they received.
  • IMPORTANT – If any of your information is incorrect then please contact us at
  • Next our judges take over and they will decide which pet will represent each of the 32 Counties. And then go on to compete for the overall title of Nose of Tralee 2024.

What Happens During Judging?

Each pet will be judged on the following and the pet with the most points will go through to the final. Final scores will not be made public and in the event that the winner does not want to participate in the final stages then the runner up will be put through to the final.

  • Number of Public Votes (33% of score)
  • Quality, cuteness and uniqueness of photo (33% of score)
  • Written entry (33% of score)

When Will The Winners Be Announced?

We hope to be able to announce the final 32 Noses around the 16th/17th July – with voting starting again on the 1st August once everyone has taken their finalist photo.

We will be in touch with the final 32 with further instructions for the competition. So please keep an eye on your email 🥰

Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2024 (Semi Finalists)



Bear is an 11 month old Chow Chow who lives in Belfast. Bear is fluffy, funny and full of character! Bear would make a great Nose of Tralee because he loves meeting new people as well as other dogs and absolutely loves to play and run around. His favourite treat is a post walk ice cube. Bear can be an aloof guy. He loves to sleep and relax and is very easy going. He is a gentle giant and often shows his affection through gentle nibbles and snuggles. Bonus points if you scratch his back legs. Bears face is cute just like a teddy bear, hence his name and his mane makes him stand out from other dogs and gets him a lot of attention. Bear loves to explore and not a single blade of grass can be left unsniffed when he goes on his daily walks. Bear really is the best boy and is loved by everyone who meets him, especially his Mum & Dad! Bear came into our life unexpectedly but also just at the right time and our home wouldn’t be the same without him making us laugh and smile every single day! Bear would make a great Nose of Tralee because he is so one of a kind!


Button has unique personality. He is loving, caring and calm. His high intelligence makes it difficult for us to outsmart and leaves us in fits of laughter regularly. He is my little baby but he loves everyone equally and loves meeting new people. He loves giving puppy kisses to those who want them. But equally knows when someone is uncertain and wishes for him to keep his distance. He is full of energy and enjoys playing fetch. He is a real a lapdog and loves just having company. He is very eager to please and is quick at picking up new tricks. His cute little face melts even the most anxious of hearts.


Look at that nose!! Such a button. Henry is smart, fun and full of cuteness! He loves nothing more that to meet new friends – hoomans or other pups!! He is super social bringing great joy to anyone we meet. Hes also pretty opinionated – knowing what he wants and standing his ground confidently and politely. This pic was while he was waiting for dinner to be cooked and has a serious air of hurry up. Henry has brought me and countless others so much joy on the dark days. Hes just full of energy, smiles, licks and bundles of personality – the perfect “nose of Tralee



Clover, our beautiful 2 year old golden cocker spaniel with velvet-touch ears, would make the perfect Nose of Tralee. She brings joy to our lives with her shy yet loving personality and makes us laugh every day. As a puppy, Clover was very timid, especially around other dogs, but over the past year, she has blossomed with confidence. Recently, she earned her bronze certificate in scent detection and is now aiming for silver. Always up for an adventure and a swim, Clover is ready for any exciting challenge and we are incredibly proud of how far she has come. When she isnt sniffing out hidden treats, Clovers favourite things to do are to lounge in the sun and chase bubbles.


Mia is a 6 year old incredibly sweet and loving girl. When she was a puppy, her litter was dumped, and Monaghan dog pound took them in. All of the litter were rehomed except for Mia and another pup. Mia went to foster and was quickly adopted by myself. She has grown into such a kind and intelligent girl. Her DNA test showed a range of breeds in her makeup! She is 59% border collie, 2% Australian kelpie, 2% corgi, 1% Australian shepherd, 31% Labrador, 2% springer spaniel, 1% cocker spaniel, and 2% Rottweiler. In more concise terms: she is 100% good girl. Mia is my unofficial therapy dog. She attends therapy regularly with me, and helps to calm my anxiety. She can also do deep pressure therapy where she lies on top of me and helps me to regulate. She is also on Instagram at: @mia.thebestgirly Mia is my best friend, my entire world, and my soul dog.

Henry – aka Henry Wee Wheels

Henry was rescued in China in December 2017 after sustaining horrific injuries leaving him paralysed and with open infected wounds. He was flown to a rescue centre and spent over three months in a veterinary clinic recovering. When well enough, he was flown to his new home in County Armagh and is now loving life on two wheels. Henry loves to go on road trips and is always happiest when off-roading at forests and beaches. Since coming to live in Northern Ireland, Henry has become an Ambassadog of hope and resilience showing the world that differently-abled pets can lead a fulfilled and happy life….. and teaching children and adults how to accept and overcome whatever challenges life throws in their path through his full time therapy work in schools, care homes and hospitals. Henry has overcome so much in his life and teaches us that every moment is precious and should be enjoyed to the full – qualities that epitomise everything in a great Nose of Tralee.

Pet Sitter



Roscoe is the best little fella, and is such a good boy around smallies, with his little wet nose he gently gives them a little kiss. Roscoe is admired everywhere he goes and at nearly 4 years old, people still think hes a pup being so small and full of curiosity. He loves his family, and when we all go on walks together, he will stop and wait for who ever is dragging behind to catch up. The most loyal of hounds! ð’–he loves the sunshine, and loves his naps!


Murph is the most friendly golden retriever we know- he is nearly 3 YO. He tries to make friends with everyone (dogs and postmen, and the odd sheep ), whether they want to or not! His arch nemesis is the neighbours cat, since shes too quick for him. Hes a serial napper and is fond of a swim. His favourite treat is frozen melon. He is pure joy and we would be lost without his company.


Max is a small dog with a big personality, hes so lovable, energetic and such a sweetheart. He loves playtime and chewing on all of his toys but his favorite activity is playing fetch with his ball and if he isnt racing you to get that toy you just threw, hell be nudging you to give him head scratches and belly rubs. Hes always up for an adventure, his tail wagging with excitement with the mention of a walk and adores the love and affection from everyone he meets along the way.



She is beautiful kind and clever. She can do tricks and she gives the very best cuddles and makes us all so happy


006 – The Tuxedo Cat Mavericks the name. Im suave , good looking , refined and a complete gentleman. Always dressed up for the occasion in my Tuxedo . Im cunning and calculated. Connoisseur of finer things. Im world travelled , born in Africa , worked in the Middle East and now retired in Ireland. Ive been on many missions , many adventures. These days in loving the country life of Cavan Photo taken on an undercover mission in Mexico


Every day he has to ride with me to do the school run to nosey around waiting for his best friend Sahara. My daughter who has Down Syndrome.his nose is out the window waiting for her scream when she spots his nose .knowing then its home time she comes running to get the biggest hug off him



Coco is a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier from County Clare. Coco came into my life in 2011 when I was just 9 years old. I was an only child and became quite lonely. My Mam knew I had always loved and wanted a dog so she decided to get me my own little best friend. Which is exactly what hes been the last 12 years. Coco is loving, loyal, playful, and very protective. He loves to play with his toys (his ball especially) he loves listening to the hurling with me, chewing on my socks and having a juicy orange. Coco always seems to know when Im having a hard day and exactly how to cheer me up. Whether thatâs by jumping up for a cuddle or by smothering me in kisses. Hes so much more than “just a dog hes family. Unfortunately Coco has faced some health problems this past year. He started losing his eyesight last August. Hes completely blind in his right eye now. He was also diagnosed with epilepsy in January of this year and unfortunately suffers from focal seizures. Hes adjusting well now with medication and nothing gets in his way from enjoying his favourite things in life. He is still the same bubbly, playful dog hes always been. Coco deserves to be your Nose of Tralee 2024 because he is the most loyal dog Ive ever known. He waits for me behind the door every time I leave the room and is so excited every time I come back in (even if Im only gone for two minutes lol) Please vote for Coco


Cleo is 8 years old. When she was 5 she was found as a stray in Wexford, covered in cuts. She was taken in by the wonderful people at HART rescue where she was fostered by the wonderful Yeliz and Romy before we adopted her. Cleo was our second dog and made our lives infinitely better. Our first dog, Sancho was incredibly nervous and Cleo & her confidence opened the world for him. She is smaller than him but smarter and uses this against him whenever they play. Since then shes been a wonderful sister to two foster dogs. If you pet Cleo once, youre entering a legally binding agreement to pet her continuously, forever. While outgoing and social, she loves to curl up next to her humans on the sofa and snore up a storm. Her favourite food is fish and she is terrible at hiding snacks for later (she once tried to bury a chicken leg in the middle of a concrete path with nothing to cover it). She once went missing for two nights, but kept herself safe and when she reemerged she was found by two wonderful women, who brought her home to us. Cleo is sassy, smart, loving, lazy and loves life.


Luna is a mischievous little cat always ready to dress up for an occasion . Every time her humans come home, she trots up to them with her favorite colorful springs in her mouth, a gift of pure joy. Shes a chatty cat, always ready to engage in her own version of “finish the lyric,” and if she could speak English, she’d be a master of conversation. Luns most distinctive feature is her charming little beauty mark on her nose, making her so unique! Its easy to imagine her as the perfect Nose of Tralee!! With her playful spirit and unique charm, Luna is nothing short of fabulous



She is my lifeline after suffering 4 miscarriages. I absolutely love her to bits. She can be as mad as a nutter or as lovable as a puppy depending on how I am. Loves giving kisses, high fives and the paw. She’s the baby I can never have and the best thing my partner and I ever did.


Bear is the perfect ambassador, he embodies everything a pageant king should be. He is always happy to meet his fans and receive rubs, adoration and affection. He is something of a local celebrity and we cant go anywhere without people stopping us to meet him and take pictures of him. He is the most gorgeous boy inside and out. Bear was born to be the Nose of Tralee.


Meet Sandy, our two year old Bernese Mountain Dog who is the most loveable animal who would brighten up anyones day. At 45kg he still believes he is a lapdog, loves cuddles and affection. Sandy is a worthy winner of the Nose of Tralee, just look at that face!

Pet Sitter



Meet Dumpling! Dumpling is a 2-year-old Staffie Springer Cross who came into the world as an accidental litter, but now lives her best life on the stunning Donegal Wild Atlantic Way. She’s also a seasoned traveler, having explored the beautiful landscapes of Portugal and Spain with her pawrents. Dumpling is the ultimate cuddle bug! She adores making new friends and is always ready for playtime. She loves balls, teddies, and more balls! Dumpling is the perfect mix of adventurous spirit and cozy snuggles, making her the cutest contender in Nose of Tralee!


Ghost is a rescue pup originally from Clare Animal Welfare who has so much confidence for such a little bean. He’s the sweetest, cleverest boy but he has given our reactive and anxious 4 year old border collie (who struggles meeting new people and visiting outside spaces) a new lease of life.


My name is Idah-Rose and I turned one back in March. I think I would make a great nose of Tralee because I am such a kind and caring little dog with alot of love to give and also I am the only Donegal Doll



Clementine is the sweetest, most kind hearted little cat. She loves to give cuddles and would never try to bite or scratch. In a house with four other cat siblings she gets on with all of them. When new humans come to the house she’s one of the first kitties to make friends with them.


Fudge is a sweet as his name and has a nose for picking out good people to love He has so much personality from the front of his nose to the tip of his tail


Meet Fiadh, the heart and soul of our home and undoubtedly the best candidate for the Nose of Tralee. This delightful cockapoo is not just the cutest dog in Ireland but also the epitome of fun-loving spirit and boundless affection. Fiadhs playful nature is unmatched. Shes a wee rascal who brings joy and laughter wherever she goes, whether shes chasing her tail, playing fetch with endless enthusiasm, or simply cuddling up for a nap after a long day of adventures. Her mischievous antics and boundless energy keep us entertained and remind us to find joy in the little things. But Fiadh is more than just a playful pup. Her caring nature is evident in the way she comforts us on tough days, always knowing when we need an extra snuggle. Shes a loyal friend who brightens our lives with her unwavering love and gentle spirit. Fiadh embodies everything that makes a pet extraordinary: cuteness, humor, and pure adorability. She would make the perfect Nose of Tralee, not just because shes a darling, but because she has a heart full of love and a spirit that lifts everyone around her. Please crown our Fiadh as the Nose of Tralee, and let her infectious joy and charm represent the best of what a pet can be. Fiadh is also know as: – Cheeky (aptly named by our two year old niece) – Bear – Wee Bear – FeeBe – Fiadh Maria – Wee Fi

Pet Sitter



Bella is just over 1 year old and a beautiful girl. Bella is a huge part of our family and she loves to play with her sister Lulu. Bella also plays with her cousins every day Bruno & Daisy. Bella is so curious she never barks at the birds or the wildlife around us and wants to make friends with everyone. Bella’s favourite hobby is running in the long grass. Bella is adored by everyone in the family & we love her so much.


Hi every pawdy – Im Sooty (a total diva.) I was found as a tiny kitten alone under a hedge. I was in a pretty bad state and the vet was worried that I was too sick to save. However, my sassy, never give up catitude shined through and I made it. I am so lucky that overnight I went from living in the hood to living in a beautiful apartment in Dublin rent free with my human who adores me. I wake her up every morning at 4am to remind her how lucky she is to have me in her life. She doesnt seem to mind and tells me how wonderful I am- as I if I didnt know that already. I want to be the Nose of Tralee because I want to reassure all the lonely pets in shelters that love is out there. Please dont give up. I went from living rough to being the most loved and spoilt floof in the world – your human is out there – just close your eyes make a wish.


Hes a big gentle giant had a bad start in life but now hes living his best life with me



Evie is a little warrior who has undergone two surgerys alone this year on her two legs which she was very sick from but has bounced back to her amazing little personality. Her nose is used a lot for getting her way and our attention. Its Evieâs world and we just live in it.


Harley is a rescue and has overcome so much with his disability but never let’s it get him down. I feel Harley would make a good Nose of Tralee and show everyone that just because you have a disability you can still live a full and fulfilling life.


Rua is the most wonderful dog, hes an Irish red setter and celebrate his 7th birthday on St Patricks day, when he was a year old he was hit by a car and fractured both his front legs, thankfully with the expertise of a vet hospital in Belfast, he had both his legs plated and pinned, as a hunting dog, he has a wonderful scent, therefore would make a great nose of Tralee.



Dougie had a difficult start in life. He was born as a little wild boy in a field in connemara. When he was only about 6 months old, he had an accident with a tractor, and this resulted in the loss of his tail and one of his legs. Thankfully the heroes at the vets and at Renvyle Cat and Dog Rescue decided to save his life and nurse him back to health. After six months of recuperation at the rescue, finally his Mummy and Daddy found him, and adopted him. He has brought more joy to our lives than we ever thought possible! His Mummy, Crystal, had a stroke two months ago, at the young age of 38, which was very difficult to go through. But Dougie has been a very dedicated nurse and instrumental in her recovery. He video-called her (with the help of his Daddy, Adam) every day while she was in hospital and missing him, and he is always by her side now – supervising her at all times! He makes sure his Mummy gets plenty of rest, and cuddles! He is her number one reason to make sure she gets better. He loves to be brought out for a walk in the forest or beside the sea in his special cat pram, and really enjoys taking in all the interesting smells. Dougie is a little hero, he really does deserve to be the 2024 Nose of Tralee! After all that he has been through, he is the most sweet natured, caring, loving little scamp that you can imagine. He is the light of his Mummy’s and Daddy’s life, and quite possibly the most loved little three-leggy none-tail boy in the whole world.


Otis is a Doodle His fur is white, not gold He was rescued from a shelter When he was 1 year old. He used to be a shy boy When he first came to me But now he is an utter clown Full of happiness and glee. He loves to go on walkies Sniffing scents caught in the air And when he’s seen by passers-by They stop in awe and stare. He loves to play all sorts of games Toys that squeak are so much fun There’s hide-and-seek and tug-of-war But go fetch is his favourite one. Otis loves his din dins He’s got some appetite He’s always got room for treats That are within line of sight. And so the day has ended Now that tiredness looks He has a bed to choose from In each and every room. Otis brightens up each moment I hope that you can see Otis is the best boy And should be ‘The Nose of Tralee’.


Seamus would make a great nose of Tralee because he is just the best boy! He lives for affection and has to be touching his loved ones and close to them at all times!! His favourite things are carrots, sniffling his nose in his blankets, belly rubs, the springs behind the doors and lastly his huge collection of handmade ties by his dog granny. In his short little life (he’s 5) poor Seamus fell down the stairs and shattered his leg as a pup, had a tumour removed and had his ear split open at a grooming session and yet he has always been the smiliest happiest good fella out there. My Baby forever



This is Chief. Our Chief of Security. He’s a six year old German Shepherd. We got Chief from a pound in Monaghan last February and since then he has become a big part of the family. As soon as I met Chief in that pound I fell in love with him straight away. I Knew there was something special about him. It didn’t take Chief long to settle into his new home. Although Chief looks intimidating, he’s actually very friendly and loves new people. Everyone in town always complement him and give him rubs when they see him walking around the town. Apart from walking, Chief favourite thing is going for drives in the car. He jumps straight into the back without any hesitation. I entered Chief into the 2024 Nose of Tralee because I want to show just hoe specifical this dog is. He has been an amazing companion thr last few months and an even better best friend. Please vote for Chief in this year’s nose of Tralee as it would highly appreciated. Thank you.


Bubbles my rescue boy came into my life in January 2023. Bubbles is the best dog he loves spending time with my mum who is sick keeping her company on the couch. He has brought us so much joy. Bubbles loves people and always likes to be involved in everything. We just completed the 100km in June for the Irish Heart foundation. He loves car drives and is the first one to the car door. We go for walks together in the park and the beach. He has won many dog shows. He has his own Instagram page where we have made many friends. I think Bubbles would make a great nose of Tralee as he is such a happy dog, loves to give people kisses and would love to represent his true colours of the kingdom.


Meet Buddy, our cheeky cocker spaniel pup! He is six months old. Buddy knows all the tricks and never fails to bring a smile to everyones face. His friendly and mischievous nature makes him the perfect candidate for Nose of Tralee 2024.

Pet Sitter



Charlie is a two year old cavapoo from county Kildare. He is super cute and very friendly, with children and adults alike. Charlie loves running around and going on walks to meet all his doggy friends! Charlies favourite person is his master. They love cuddling together on the couch, where Charlie likes to nap. Charlies favourite things to do are playing with his toys, meeting with his dog and human friends, and zooming around the house! Charlie has helped many people get over their fear of dogs. I know a lot of people who were terrified of dogs, but, after meeting Charlie, love them! Charlie has brought so much joy to our house since we got him. He truly is everybodys best friend.


Danann is a small but mighty bundle of joy! She came in to her owners life as a tiny puppy full of joy after a life altering health issue and made the worst parts of a difficult recovery so much easier and more bearable. Danann has been an amazing therapy dog, even though she never intended to be and has brought her owner through the hardest of days. They are best friends and now that her owner is back on her feet, they are inseparable, enjoying walks, playing and always up to no good together. Danann is one amazing sausage and deserves to be acknowledged for how much of a fantastic pet, therapy, tonic and best friend she is to her owner!


She is a born model.

Pet Sitter



Harvey is a 2 year old Maltese. He adores people and cuddles. He’s always smiling and makes every day a happy one. He has survived major surgery and still manages to be the happiest little fighter around.


JJ is *THE* most loving member of our family! He is great company for my mum. JJ is a COVID dog- he was not socialized as he should have been. We rehomed him and he has just blossomed! No dog could be more loving.


Teddy is the funniest little boy, his favourite toy is his pink bunny, has to be touching off one of us to go asleep, hates exercise, loves food and sleep. He is the sweetest, laziest most handsome boy, he makes us smile every day!



Chino would make a great nose of Tralee as he is fun, energetic & charming. He loves robbing peoples socks, zoomies around the garden and watching judge Judy on the tv . He is a miniature Jack Russel with one brown unique spot on his side.


Marley is my first ever puppy to own myself. I struggle with autism which affects my day to day life. However, since getting marley, hes helped me get out of the house everyday, hes improved my social life, and given me a reason to keep going. Since coming home in December Marley has learned 22 tricks. He is the smartest boy and such a gentle giant. I think marleys cute face and kind nature deserves some recognition, and I think his little face would brighten peoples day.


This is Sockie (named Sockie since when we rescued her she could only fit into a sock to stay warm!), Sockie is a 6 month old chihuahua mix who we rescued from a very unethical backyard breeding situation where she was being sold as a teacup Pomeranian. When we took her home we noticed that she was covered in blood lice, scabs and bald spots from head to tail and at only 600 grams in weight our vet couldnt prescribe her with any medication or parasite treatment. This meant that we had to take the long way around with daily baths, lathering her with creams and oils and painstakingly removing the blood lice one by one. After a few very long weeks we had successfully cleared Sockie from all scabs and parasites, her coat was starting to grow back and we had gotten her weight up to a healthy 1kg! Since Sockie made a full recovery shes been absolutely flying and hasnt looked back once! She might be tiny in size but she most certainly makes up for it with her ginormous personality, from doing her all time favourite  trick (which shes pictured doing above), to thinking shes a scary guard dog when shes out and about, and even trying to keep up with our lurcher in the garden while doing zoomies, Sockie really is a character to say the least! In conclusion Sockie is a very happy go lucky and a very special little girl who was luckily removed from a terrible situation and so we definitely think she deserves The Nose Of Tralee title but with all of these adorable pets entered in, well be happy for any winner



Shes a don’t judge a book by it’s cover type of girl. Pixie represents over coming your past, learning, persistent, resilience while still being smart, funny,caring, ooohhh so loving and just daft. She represents everything that is love, the joy, the heartache, trust and overall goodness. Although a bit of a hudini and loves a good sock or anything she’s not suppose to have. She gives the best snuggles. We fostered, fell in love and adopted. Her back story is hard one but doesn’t define her. Her fears, anxieties she faces everyday but because people who dont know her label her as reactive. She is more than this and everyday shows up and because of that I will show up for every time she needs. Best of luck to everyone


Roxi would make the best Nose of Tralee as she is simple the cutes and most adorable puppy. She is only 3 months old and already sleep through the night, knows few commands and is the best little sister for 3 cats.


Jack is cute and funny and always game for fun. Here he is wearing a cuddly toy he just pulled to pieces. Nice hat!


Pet Sitter



He will make a great Nose of Tralee because hevery goofy We also adopted him three years ago And Heâs a permanent feature on my bed


Boni has a friendly and loving nature that brings joy to everyone she meets.


Cooper is a bright, bubbly character! There is no other way to explain him, he loves long naps on his back, playing soccer and cuddles! He is so clever! He can even whisper! Any room Cooper potters into instantly lights up! He has an amazing temperament, great with everyone even babies! He really is a unique dog, not just down to his little pink patches on his nose but his mannerisms and his wit! For example, I was in the yard talking to my mother in law and he ran over to the home house and opened the door with his paw (it was closed but not locked) turned around and stared at us for about a minute before he barked at his nana to come in and make him his cup of tea! Sunday night then he was asleep on his back on the couch, he turned so that he caught the blanket with his paw and turned the opposite way then to wrap the blanket over him! He really is special and I would love for him to be the nose of tralee!



She is the most loyal, affectionate and fun loving dog Ive seen! All she wants to do is play all day and at the end of the day loves to cuddle up with her pawrents to dream about the days adventures! She just turned 3 and has so much energy its hard to keep up with her at times! I think she would make a great contender just because of how infectious her smile and energy is! If she wins, you can find her out in the back garden digging up the plants to bury her bones! Thank you so much!



Florence is just the best girl.. she’s a real loyal friend to my 4 children. She loves the cat who dosnt like anyone!! She sees good in everything and everyone and were lucky to have her


Jack is 17 years old. He is an old man but young at heart. He recently lost his eye & is almost deaf, but still enjoys his life. His hobbies include eating, sleeping & lots of small walks. He would be the best nose of Tralee. Thank you.


Rocky is the ultimate poser!!! He pretends like he doesn’t like the camera but he takes a great picture every time haha! He’s brought so much happiness and laughter into our lives even when he’s chewing a shoe and giving us some serious side eye! He is my little pal who has kept me going and while he is not always well behaved ( the spaniel in him), he will always give you a kiss or a cuddle. He loves his walks and meeting other people and dogs around our village. He is very protective of our postman and keeps a daily watch! Life would be very boring without him and it would be great craic if he won anything so we can make him wear a badge with honour‚

Pet Sitter



Coco is a 3 year old springador. She is full of life yet has just recovered from a hip operation! She is loveable and definitely worthy of the title!


Scoots had a hard life until we rescued him, from Monaghan Pound in 2014. It has taken alot as his parents to gain trust and to make him understand how much we love him and that everything is going to be ok. Scooter is a funny character and makes us laugh everyday. I have never seen a dog so unusual or a dog of his breed. So the uniqueness of him would make him the ideal candidate to win the Nose of Tralee. Thank you


Zeus , well what can I say,. Hes my little fluffball,. The happiest boy, loves his walks and cuddles. He makes the darkest days bright and he deserves to be showered with love




Cinnamon, a gentle soul. The sweetest cuddle bug one could ever ask for. He is mad for a game of fetch (ball not guaranteed to come back to you) and had his masters from the Sock Theft Academy. He deserves to be the next Nose of Tralee so he can rock his afro and give lotsa kisses to everybody!!


Cooper is just over 2 years old. Like most labradors he is full of life and loves playing with his toys. One of his favourite things is stealing socks, slippers and most recently garden ornaments. He loves attention, and especially having his belly rubbed. He enjoys going for walks, and he absolutely loves his food and all his treats. He is a very loving and affectionate happy boy.


Zeke is 9 years young and the best foster brother there is. He currently has played brother from another mother to over 200 kittens and loves when his rescue siblings get to be adopted into dog and cat friendly homes. Hes a gentle giant, and oozes calm and patience. He may look like a wolf, but he quickly makes even the most dog wary people feel comfortable. A rescue himself from Dogâs Aid in Dublin, hes lived in Dublin, the United States, and now resides happily on the sea in Louth. Hed love your support so that he can donate his winnings to our local rescue (Drogheda Animal Rescue) and help more amazing souls like him get a second chance

Pet Sitter



Freddy would make a great Nose of Tralee. Freddy is a very friendly loveable dog. He loves to go for long walks, play football in the yard and loves helping with the washing when washing machine is ready. He wants to be outside when hanging the clothes. Freddy loves to come in the car when its time for school run. We are very lucky to have Freddy in our lives, Freddy brings so much joy and happiness with his smile to our family and our in laws and everyone that calls to our home. Freddy loves Tuesdays when it’s time for the bin collection, the driver of the truck always has one dog bone for Freddy on a Tuesday and he rubs Freddys head. Thank you.


Holly is a beautiful Saluki Lurcher from County Mayo. Holly was adopted from the lovely people at North West SPCA. When she arrived home with her pawrents in 2021 she was a very nervous girl. Fortunately she has come out of her shell considerably but Holly is still very nervous around men. Holly is a cuddle bug and loves nothing more than chilling on the couch with her dad watching the rugby. Her favourite team is Munster. Holly was recently scouted by a fabulous photographer Enda in Galway who took wonderful artistic photos of her, proving she really is a beauty queen. Holly is the best girl and loves spending time with her family, having sleepovers with her granny and aunties, going on holidays and taking long zooms on the beach. Please vote for Holly as your nose of Tralee.


Noodles is only 9 months old but lights up the room when you enter. He loves everybody including his room mates Bailey and Caz the cats. He is so patient with kids, waits for them to throw his toys. He bounds around and with a face as cute as Noodles he wins everyone he meets over. Noodles favourite pastimes are muddy puddles and sea swimming followed by a good old roll on the sand.

Pet Sitter



Ollie was rescued from a voluntary group at 4 months old, currently 5 months. He is such a clever boy, his obedience, soft coat, cute face and lovely temperament is what would make him a great Nose of Tralee. He has the most amazing set of eyes that everyone compliments and he greets everyone with the friendliest of welcomes. He has come a really long way from a litter of 9 puppies with sickness at birth and really deserves the chance to represent his class and county in the Nose of Tralee. I know he would do a really amazing job naturally and photogenically with pride.


Theo is a 6 month old energetic pup who steals the hearts of everyone he meets, especially on his instagram page! He is so kind and loving to both humans and other dogs and loves a good adventure! He has helped his family through the grief of their previous dog with his gentle and caring nature, making him the most lovable pup!

Will Danaher

Hi just want to introduce my Daughters dog Will Danaher the Scottish terrier he’s friendly adorable and likes to model and would be a good representative to the nose of Tralee he’s just a big softie at heart and we love as our family pet…the Squire Will Danaher #the Quiet man  #noseoftralee

Pet Sitter



Ivy is 8 months old and full of personality. She brings her sass, excitement and playfulness to the table. She has wiggled into our hearts with her playful antics and adorable expressions even with her side eyes while talking about ham or chicken. Plus, she is just the right size for cuddles at bedtime . She has the knack for making every day brighter with her wiggles when we get home from work and her rabbit hops when she gets a new toy. Giving out to her cousins for eating the treats she didnt want but now dos causes they cant have it! Ivys also super smart, she can sit without asking that is if u open the treat press first


Paddy came into my life when he was nine months. We just found each other. He makes life so much better. He makes me smile and laugh. He is fun and he is funny. He has the most unusual heart shape mark on his back. It makes me think my beloved golden oldie frenchie Archie who I had lost six months earlier sent him to me.


Riley is a 20 week old golden retriever, he is my best friend and not to be biased, but the best dog anyone could ask for. i struggled so much before i got riley with my confidence but my life genuinely changed once i got him. he inspired me to go to college and study animal care, which i never thought i would do! he is the most bubbly, kind, loving boy ever. he is amazing with kids and old people i notice he is so much more relaxed around them. i think riley would be an amazing choice for nose of tralee pet competition as im hoping he could inspire other people that are really just struggling in life to just be happy and take every day as it comes as that is what riley does!! he has given me a purpose and i just love him to bits. thank you for taking your time to read and hopefully his little picture made you smile :)



Minnie is our little one year old maltichon,our son Oisin adores her,she loves cuddles,she is extremely timid,but she loves getting up to mischief too.


Pugba is a loving caring playful little man who bring joy and comfort to all he meets, he loves to give kisses and cuddles and make your day, there’s never a dull moment with him around, he will sit and pose for the camera, he’s not fussy with treats, and loves to share his treats with his doggy friends, he is full of energy and love to be the centre of attention, he loves to model his doggy outfits and loves trying different foods, I think this would make him a good candidate as he’s also great with all ages too.


This is Irelands snuggliest dog. Ireland needs a cuddly dog right now. He’s the best dog for the job.



Eventhough Billy is just 14 weeks old he is already so loyal and loving. He is also a bundle of energy who love to walk, loves to play and absolutely loves his humans

Rua Reynard

Meet Mr Rua Reynard Brogan, the radiant rescue mutt (with a hint of hound, a dash of street and a sprinkle of mystery) who turned a ruff start into a fairy-tail life! At just four years old, Rua has already achieved more than most pups could dream of. Rescued from the streets, he now spends his days spreading joy and wagging his way into the hearts of everyone he meets. Rua is an expert at slobbery kisses and can charm a crowd with his signature “puppy eyes” routine. His special talent is making every bad day better with just a wag of his tail and a snuggle. He also has a knack for finding the coziest spots in any room and making them his throne. When hes not busy being fabulous, Rua loves to chase his best friend Rover, his grandpa by dig up the flowers in the backyard, and nap in the sun. His hobbies include chewing on his favourite (formerly) squeaky toy, rolling in anything disgusting, the smellier the better, and trying to make friends with the big black and white dogs (cows) and small fluffy white dogs (sheep) in the field next door. Rua dreams of a world where every dog has a forever home filled with love, treats, and belly rubs. He aims to use his platform to raise awareness about the importance of adopting rescue dogs and giving them a second chance at life. Rua has saved her family numerous times from a monster (car) invasion by bravely barking them away. He’s also known for his impeccable sense of fashion, often sporting his Ireland rugby jersey or a classic bandana that perfectly match his debonair personality. Rua embodies the spirit of resilience, love, and joy. His journey from a scrappy 3 month old street pup to a beloved family member is a testament to the power of second chances. With his winning smile and heart of gold, Rua is ready to show the world that rescue dogs are the Nose of Tralee.


This is Rubys first year for the rose of Tralee and has a rose obsessed mommy. Ruby would make the best nose of Tralee shes well behaved , most of the time . Loves the outdoors and loves getting her picture taken or rather the treat afterwards ! Ruby is adorable, gentle and trots like a lady



Milo is an energetic friendly 2 year old Cockapoo, he loves everyone and would run to anyone in a heartbeat <3 Milo has been with us nearly 2 years and hes been ever so helpful with building confidence and relationships among others. Milo was living with my parents when living crisis hit. We missed him ever so much but he was helping mum with regaining strength after hip operation, he was the best little helper for her and helped her so much! After losing their own beloved dog last year milo was great company for them both. Milo became very much my nephews best friend and share such an incredible bond. We are so happy to say we have him back and within a couple days our happiness is back and we are so excited to see where it takes us.


Why Roisin Would Make a Great Nose of Tralee Meet Roisin, our gentle giant and beloved Irish Wolfhound. With her majestic presence and heartwarming charm, Roisin embodies everything that makes a pet truly special. Here are a few reasons why Roisin would make a fantastic Nose of Tralee: Irish Heritage and Spirit: Roisin carries the proud heritage of her breed, originating right here in Ireland. Her name, meaning “little rose” in Irish, perfectly reflects her sweet and gentle nature. As a symbol of Irish tradition, she would be a fitting representative for the Nose of Tralee. Gentle Giant: Despite her large size, Roisin is the epitome of gentleness. She has a calm demeanour and a loving heart, always ready to offer comfort and companionship to anyone in need. Her friendly and patient nature makes her a favourite among children and adults alike. Markree Castle Team Member: Roisin is an integral part of the Markree Castle team, where she delights in meeting guests and making them feel welcome. Her friendly demeanour and gentle approach make her a favourite among visitors, who often look forward to seeing her during their stay. Roisin loves posing for pictures with guests, adding a special touch to their memories of the castle. Unique Personality: Roisin has a unique personality that captivates everyone she meets. She has an expressive face that can convey a range of emotions, from joy to curiosity. Her playful antics and affectionate gestures make her a delightful companion and an unforgettable presence. Loyal and Protective: Irish Wolfhounds are known for their loyalty, and Roisin is no exception. She is a devoted member of our team, always watching over us with a protective yet gentle eye. Her loyalty and dedication make her a true best friend and a guardian to those she loves. Photogenic Beauty: With her striking appearance and dignified stance, Roisin is incredibly photogenic. Her soulful eyes and majestic posture make every photo a work of art. She would undoubtedly grace the Nose of Tralee with elegance and charm. Viral Sensation: Roisin’s charm extends beyond in-person interactions; she recently became a viral sensation on TikTok. Her video, capturing her delightful antics and endearing personality, has garnered thousands of views and likes, showcasing her appeal to a global audience. Roisin is more than just a pet; shes a cherished member of our family and a beloved figure at Markree Castle. Her gentle spirit, loyal heart, and captivating presence make her the perfect candidate for the Nose of Tralee.


Suzy is 6 years old and we adopted her from HUG in 2020. Suzy would make a great Nose of Tralee as her snoot can be found peeking anywhere- bathroom, bedroom, you name is. Suzy loves all humans and other doggies equally. She loves nothing more than a wee walk or some zoomies with her other houndie friends. Suzy loves to give us all a big kiss first thing in the morning and again when I come home from work. Suzy is especially motivated by Bonios and the word cant be mentioned in front of her unless we have one handy for her!!


Daisy Costello

I couldve chose a cuter photo of Daisy (there are many), but this photo of her after stealing my mums chocolate rice cake from the counter (taken several minutes ago) best reflects her personality. Daisy is a brazen bichon frise, and the strongest dog I know. Even after being given just a few months to live, she still possesses the same feistiness she did as a pup, always begging for food. The vets told us that the moment she stops eating would be the end, but day after day, Daisy proves them wrong. Her love for food and her love for her family are the reasons she is still here with us. Remarkably now, aged 12, Daisy weighs a whopping 10 kilos, a milestone the vets are now applauding rather than criticizing. Her bravery in the face of the worst news is truly inspiring. Daisy has never been a stranger to winning competitions; she was awarded the Merrypetmas Award in 2013 at the tender age of one. This victory sparked her keen interest in modeling and led to the creation of her Instagram page, @daisycostello12. We’ve had the best 12 years with Daisy, and winning this competition would mean the world to us as a tribute to her incredible spirit and love. Daisy’s journey is a testament to her bravery, resilience, and unwavering zest for life (and food).


My name is Luna I’m a staffordshire bull terrier. I would make a great nose of tralee because not only do I have a cute nose, look adorable and love LOVE LOVE people especially my baby human brother Oisín, but as a bull breed we’ve been getting a bad reputation lately. I would love to show and share with people how beautiful we really are inside and out and winning the nose of tralee would help show how amazing us bullies are. See I’m a rescue and when my mom and dad came to see me back in 2020 at Claddagh Rescue they felt so sorry for the little scared girl in the kennel AKA me Luna. The nice lady at the rescue Rima told my mommy and daddy that I was afraid of other dogs and they were heartbroken as they had a furbaby called Roxy who came to visit that day too. Mommy and Daddy decided that they had come a long journey so asked if they could bring me for a little walk with Roxy as Roxy was so confident and friendly they hoped she would keep me calm. The nice lady called Rima said that was fine and Mommy and Daddy could bring me for a walk, they were a bit nervous because they didn’t know whether I was going to be aggressive with Roxy or so nervous I’d try To run away, also they had no experience with bull breeds so didn’t know what to expect. When Mommy and Daddy brought me out on my lead I was a very nervous girl, I was not aggressive at all I was just really scared of everything. Roxy just looked over at me like whatever and kept walking, I was like who are you? You’re very big but I think I like you. After a few minutes outside the Kennel with Roxy I started to relax and enjoyed being around her, Mommy said that that day I was like a fly on a sh1t with Roxy. After our walk that day Mommy, Daddy and Roxy had to leave and go home as they had a long journey to go. They put me back in my kennel, I got quite stressed and worried when they closed the door and left, I felt all alone. After a few days the nice lady Rima told me she had a surprise for me that day, I didn’t know what she meant by surprise. After a while Rima came into my kennel and put my lead on to bring me outside and instantly I knew what she meant by surprise, there was mommy from a few days before she said she wanted to foster me because she was heartbroken leaving me that day and I liked Roxy so much she said she wanted to get me out of the kennel and give me a chance to gain confidence. On the way to mommy’s house it was a long way, mommy had to stop like 50 times (so she said) because I was a nervous wreck the whole way and she thought I was going to have a heart attack. Eventually we got to mommy’s house it felt like years, for both of us, and guess what was at her house, Roxy and daddy I was so happy. First things first though when they let me inside the house I had to get comfortable, I jumped up on the couch and fell asleep. Mommy said she was never as glad to get home in her life because she thought I would die from heart failure on the journey, I think she’s exaggerating„. Not long after I was fostered something called COVID happened, I’ve no idea what that is, but mommy was home so much for a while and we had some one on one. Mommy realised I didn’t know how to play or be a dog really. She bought me toys and balls but I didn’t know what to do with them I just cuddled them. One day though mommy was throwing the ball for Roxy and it looked super fun so I chased the ball and caught it, Roxy was unimpressed I took her ball and walked away in a sulk so I dropped the ball and followed her as I didn’t know what was wrong with her. I eventually learned to play with toys and balls, I’m not very good at bringing them back but mommy doesn’t care she’s so happy that I learned how to play and be a dog. After a little while mommy had to go back to work, that sucked, but one day when she came home she said that her, Daddy and Roxy were going to adopt me and I was going to live with them forever. So here I am as happy as can be in my forever home fours years later. I love mommy, daddy and Roxy so much (Mommy says Roxy acts like I’m an inconvenience to her but she secretly loves me). Last year mommy vanished for a few days and I missed her I thought she left me but then one day she came home. When she came in the door she was carrying something and I was very curious. Mommy put it on the floor and I was quite hesitant, what was this smell? What is this?. As I edged closer it made a noise and moved so I ran away because have you ever heard of staffie eating monsters? Do you know what it was? It was my human baby brother Oisín and after a few days I got closer and closer to him, he was very nice not a staffie eating monster at all. I now like to play with Oisín and I’m so gentle with him, I also like to sit on his legs when he’s playing and stay there until he gets mad that he can’t move and mommy has to tell me move or lift me off. So that’s a little bit about me, Luna the staffordshire bull terrier that loves my mommy, daddy, baby brother Oisín and Roxy (who I still stick to like a fly on a sh1t  ).


Ruby is an absolute gem. She is a stunning Cavalier King Charles with a beautiful ruby red coat, and at 4 years of age, she has got quite the personality. From being a pro-licker, a champion sock-stealer, to a talented snoring queen – both awake and asleep. She has an adorable special skill of touching her nose with her tongue and shes full of charm and mischief. Ruby is very adventurous and loves venturing off to different locations in Tipperary. She loves meeting other dogs and is so gentle and friendly to everyone she meets. Ruby can be so funny, especially when it comes to certain walks, as she has her own set of rules. She is all in for that one stroll down our own country road, but any additional ones and she puts on the brakes and plants herself in the middle of the road. Ruby has her own way of doing things. When she is set on something, she is as stubborn as they come but its all part of her unique charm and personality. Ruby is incredibly gentle, friendly and simply the best!



Bailey was the 2022 Tyrone nose of Tralee and hes still as cute and as mischievous as ever. He deserves to be a nose of Tralee because people still judge him for his breed and his breed is so misunderstood hes a giant but the gentlest kind. Please pick Bailey to show not all Rottweilers are bad just sometimes they end up in the hands of bad owners. And hes so photogenic hed be a fantastic nose of Tralee please pick Bailey to represent Tyrone


Melba is a two year old Chow Chow. She loves her sleeps, treats and is so loveable. She is a cuddly bear with a big heart


Roxy is a two year old Samoyed. She would make an amazing Nose of Tralee because she is the goodest of girls, loves her treats and her big walkies. She likes to woo and howl when she is happy and loves to see other doggies when on her big adventures across Ireland

Pet Sitter



Charlie is a 6 year old cavalier king charles spaniel. We rescued him when he was about 3 months old. He had no name and had lived in a cage, but his doggy sisters taught him that life was going to be alright after all. Hes had 3 surgeries on his shoulder so he doesnt run as fast as them but he loves spending time at the beach and his favourite thing is climbing onto the rocks. We think hed make a great Nose of Tralee as hes always happy and wagging his tail despite his issues. He wins over everyone he meets, even non doggy people.

Dolly Parker

Our little Dolly came to us from the pound. She is a total sweetheart who can see into your soul-she knows when your sad,tired, happy or just need a cuddle. She lives for trips in the car & adventures on the beach. Dolly has incurable bone cancer & will soon cross over the rainbow bridge. Our hearts are broken but we are so thankful for the years of love our little Golden Oldie brought.

Izzy Bear

Izzy is the most affectionate, floofy,fluffy,funny,flooziest,doggy.She is a rescue Mummut Bulldog ,she was found abandoned in a field at 6 months old.She loves to swim in the sea, she is known as a land seal or mer-dog, she loves old dogs( her good friend is a 15 old Chihuahua) she loves to play ball (even with her poor vision) her favourite ball is a Gaelic football that she can’t puncture 🤣 She loves to make you laugh ,with her funny antics ,she adores cats ,but they don’t tend to like her ,as she tried to lick them incessantly While out on walks she gets quite a lot of attention, due to ger fluffiness ,and her flirtatious nature towards men She loves children but not teenage girls¸I think because at times she acts like one She is sassy and sighs if getting caught doing something she should not be doing . She has brought so much joy to my life since I adopted her, she gives the best hugs ,and will try her best to cheer you up if you’re down Every home needs an Izzy



This is floyd . I think he deserves nose of tralee as he’s such a loving dog always up for the cuddles . Always put in his best performance he’s that loyal he even came 3rd in his class in Crufts 2024 which has made us extremely proud of him


Niko is my 11 month old rottweiler and more importantly, the backbone of our small family. My partner gifted Niko to me while I was undergoing chemotherapy to try and lift my spirits when I was home alone ill. To say it worked is an understatement, Niko became my shadow who made me laugh through all the hardest parts of life and made me enjoy the good parts even more. He stayed by my side through everything and somehow managed to make it bearable. Niko would make a great Nose as he leaves a mark on everyone he meets. He is a special dog with a special heart and my world is a brighter place with him in it, as is the life of my family, and even people who meet him out and about, he gives love freely and without thought, everyone is special to Niko and he has the power to make you feel that way. Niko will talk to your heart and he will teach you how to listen. Niko is the best friend I have ever had and I thank god every day for sending me this Angel.


Why would Rover make a great Nose of Tralee? Well, lets just say he has the charm of Daniel ODonnell, the wit of Dara Ó Briain, and the playfulness of a pup whos never met a stick he didnt like. Hes the kind of dog whod offer to carry your shopping just so he can get to the treats inside. With his soulful eyes and a tail that wags like it’s auditioning for Riverdance, Rover is the furball who can unite all 32 counties in unanimous awws. Hes a cuddle champion and a professional kisser give him half a chance, and hell shower you with affection until youre both in stitches from laughter. Whether hes chasing his tail or sneaking an extra treat, Rovers antics are the stuff of legend. He has a PhD in Playfulness and a Masters in Mischief. Rovers qualifications for the Nose of Tralee are as obvious as his love for belly rubs. Hes the undefeated champion of the local squirrel-staring competition, a title he holds with great pride. His agility is unmatched, especially when theres a treat involved  youd swear he was training for the Canine Olympics! But itâs not just his athletic prowess that sets him apart. Rover has a unique talent for turning any household object into a toy, whether its a sock, a shoe, or that one slipper you can never seem to find. Vote for Rover, and you wont just be choosing a dog; youll be selecting Irelands next superstar, a canine with charisma to rival the most eloquent of storytellers. In conclusion, Rover is the epitome of what it means to be the Nose of Tralee!

Pet Sitter



This is Kiko, he is a black German shepherd. Kiko is dog reactive, people see him as this aggressive nasty dog when they see him react, in reality he is a nervous and anxious dog who doesnt know how to express his emotions without just reacting. I have taken huge responsibilities since owning Kiko. In public he is ALWAYS muzzled, he has the correct muzzle, he is on a short lead and always by my side. I would love to show people that a reactive dog is still a dog. Kiko came into my life when I needed him. He helped me so much so its my turn to help him. Never give up on your dog always look for ways to help even if it feels like it wont get better. Advocate for your dog in every situation and be a responsible owner. I see way to many dogs that drag owners around and run up to on lead dogs and the owners dont care think of the other dog across the road. We love to spread awareness for reactive dogs


Lexi, my rescue lurcheroo girl  Lexi is my “Heart Dog” she has amazing personality. She is very affectionate and kind, incredibly cute and very clever. She is my best friend • I love her pointy ears and waggiest tail !


Mila is a beautiful chihuahua mix..she has the sweetest personality , so intelligent and minds me as I have a disability..mila is my world and I’m so lucky to have her.

Pet Sitter



Lily is a fun loving little girl never a dull moment when she around


Suki is a 7 year rescue dog from Sharpshill Wicklow, her owners that rescued her unfortunately passed away 2 years ago and weve had her since. Despite all that, shes a very happy girl who brings a smile to everyone she meets. Often mistaken for a puppy (shes got a great skincare regime), she is the happiest pup with what I believe is the waggiest tail in Ireland. She loves loves loves to cuddle and is happiest when is snuggled in between me and her Dad. I think Suki has what it takes and will be a good representative for Wicklow.


Teddy is a miniature dachshund. Hell be one in August and is the happiest little boy who brings so much joy to everyone he meets. Ted loves cuddles, treats (especially chicken) and really enjoys playing fetch. His tail is always wagging and he loves to explore.

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