Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2022 (Semi Finalists)


Thank you to everyone who took part in the first stages of the Nose of Tralee. It’s been so lovely seeing all of your entries and your social media posts. Your pets are all absolutely amazing.

A big Congratulations to those who have made it through to the next stage of the 2022 Nose of Tralee 

  • If your pet’s photo is featured below it means they are in the top 3 for their county – based on the votes they received.
  • IMPORTANT – If any of your information is incorrect then please contact us at
  • Next our judges take over and they will decide which pet will represent each of the 32 Counties. And then go on to compete for the overall title of Nose of Tralee 2022.

What Happens During Judging?

Each pet will be judged on the following and the pet with the most points will go through to the final. Final scores will not be made public and in the event that the winner does not want to participate in the final stages then the runner up will be put through to the final.

  • Number of Public Votes (33% of score)
  • Quality, cuteness and uniqueness of photo (33% of score)
  • Written entry (33% of score)

When Will The Winners Be Announced?

We hope to be able to announce the final 32 Noses around the 18th/19th July – with voting starting again on the 3rd August once everyone has taken their finalist photo.

We will be in touch with each of the final 32 with further instructions for the competition. So please keep an eye on your email 🥰

Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2022 (Semi Finalists)



He is a Papillon. Loves to sit on his bottom, it’s one of his favourite tricks. Taught himself how to do it, he will climb up our legs to get up us onto the sofa, sometimes it looks like he is also trying to talk to us. His we mouth is actually moving like he’s having a conversation… Very spoilt and loving, just like the rest of his family. He is also very cheeky.


Logan is now 2 year old working Cocker spaniel, he has recently became a fantastic big brother to a tiny human and has adapted so well to the challenge. Even know he is a house dog instead of being used for work he enjoys showing off his skills such as hunting snow, chasing leaves or jumping through muddy puddles. Logan is the strong silent type so he didnt want to make any personal comments about being entered into this competition but he has made it clear its another challenge hes ready to attempt


Dexter Dawg is one in a million. You might hear of boys like him being referred to as designer dogs but Dexter has overcame the prejudice he has been exposed to buy flashing a winning smile and a warm welcome to all he meets. Not everyone appreciates the full on wagging tail slobber experience but he feels everyone should be included! However, Dexter is not the usual Cockapoo type; as rather than being hyper and anxious he is more likely to be found curled up snoozing on the sofa with his brothers Beau and Ted The Lhasa apsos. Daddy is Dexters favourite and hes often heard to say that he only likes Mum a wee bit when Dad is not there because otherwise she never gets a look in (unless a treat from the fridge is involved ). With his curly mop and pearly whites Dexter would make a worthy competition winner with my only reservation being that the other contestants may feel entering is pointless having caught sight of his long lustrous eyelashes!  Dexter deserves to be your winner because he would represent the most beautiful of all the doggos but also represent a section of the canine community who are often persecuted by the pure breed hooligans who look down their noses at our cross bred mongrels. How very dare they! So here he is, representing all the doggos Who have faced adversity



Hi, my name is Penny. I am a 2 year old rescue from the guys at dogs trust. My pawents dont really know what breed I am so we just say a dolly mixture. My mum was abandoned when she was pregnant with me and my siblings but these great guys rescued me at 8 weeks old and now we have the best times. Weekly (yes weekly) mum will chauffeur me and my big sister Rosie to the doggie parks, beaches, restaurants and festivals. They even brought us on some staycations over the covidâ. I never EVER stop every smell must be sniffed, every crumb must be nibbled and every comfy area of the house tested out by me! We really do have the best fun together, I am my Pawents best friend and I wouldnt have it any other way. If I won nose of tralee please for the love of god dont let her out bows on me like she always does  please please please. Thank you for considering my entry, it would be a great year for Armagh to win ˜nose of Tralee and maybe even Sam Maguire ;). Lots of love Penny M (also goes by Pen Wen, P and Penelope)


Oscar’s cheeky smile and personality makes him a winner every time for our family. Since day 1 he has been the best thing to happen to our wee family and everyone who meets him.


Hi, Im Duncan! My humans say Im a dreamboat- absolute perfection, both inside and out. Im the most angelic boy, and the best big brother to Hamish. As far as role models go, Im the best, yet the little scamp just cant seem to keep up! My favourite things are: beach walks, holidays in Kerry, little kids and learning new tricks! Id be an amazing Nose of Tralee because Im handsome and perfectly behaved, and love to explore what Ireland has to offer!

Pet Sitter



Glen is living his best life, loves his woods adventures, agility classes and teaching all the puppies he is the boss dog. Wherever he goes he makes an impression and who wouldnt with that beard and handsome face. Despite his grumpy old man face he is happy, smiley boy who loves to fall upside down for belly rubs. Stretching out of the couch and making the perfect foot warmer. If you have a ball he will be your best friend bunny hopping up and down the garden and coming back with delight for you to keep throwing. Glen makes friends easily and would be the perfect escort to the Roses imagine his beautiful face with a bow tie. Doggie perfection


lexi is fun energetic 2yr old dog who is playful joyful and loving.. lexi has the cutest face and we get compliments whenever we are out and about with her..


Poppy has a great sense of humor and is very loveable.





















Our local post woman often stops by our house just to say hi to Buci (pronounced Boochie) because he’s so handsome. Everyone comments on his beautiful fur coat and his pea-green eyes. He’s not only beautiful, he’s also assisted his two cats moms through depression, and is a huge source of comfort to everyone who gets to meet him and cuddle him. When his baby brother was sick (injured paw), he cuddled him for days to make him feel better. He’s the loveliest, most empathetic cat you can ever know. The biggest cat critic in the world would not be able to criticise his species once knowing Buci. Also, in case you’re wondering, his name is Lithuanian, because his mom is Lithuanian! So he’s also multicultural!


My girl Penelope the French bulldog is one year old. She is just so intelligent, she is so lovable , sometimes I forgot she is a dog and not a human. She loves the outdoor nature and climbing up on trees to explore.


Luna like to think shes the life of the party, she loves walks and swimming in the ocean. She enjoys long walks and playing with other puppies



Peanut Dunne is as fierce as she is majestic. Hailing from the Banner county Peanut would love nothing more than to represent her county in the Nose of Tralee. No stranger to a Poochie Pageant, Peanut has been a pageant queen since puphood. Talented, energetic, poised and smouldering describe Peanuts character. In her spare time Peanut likes to jump up on things she is not supposed to, bark at any semblance of life, whine when youre on the phone and dip her face into your tea cup when youre not looking! Yes she can be a handful but we wouldnt have it any other way.


Casper is a Golden Retriever rescue dog who loves everyone he meets. He’s an ambassador dog for the Irish Guide Dogs so he has spent many a weekend with a collection box outside his local shop! Casper loves the simple things in life – food, a ball and hugs!


Casey is a one year old cockapoo who has a great personality. He has so much love to show the world. He enjoys long walks and saying hello to every dog he meets. Casey was a Covid puppy and may appear to be shy when you first meet him, however once he gets to know you he will overload you with kisses and affection. Casey is very loyal and has changed our lives. He is a huge part of our family and cheers us up when we are down. Dont get me wrong, the typical stereotypes associated with cockapoos are all true! Casey doesnt like to be separated from his family or left by himself, he loves to be the centre of attention! Another cliche, Casey demands only the best food and treats and uses the sensitive stomach card to do so! Although he is named Casey, he is also referred to as poopie, poobert, goosie woosie and of course best boy. Casey would make a great Nose of Tralee as he is constantly being stopped on walks by people admiring him and enquiring about his breed. He is a loving dog and has such a great personality.

Pet Sitter



One of his nicknames is Mr McSnooty. He loves sniffing out an adventure and can always find a treat. He has been sick all his life but he never let that stop him being the sweetest and most cuddly little buddy in the world.


Darcy would make a great nose of Tralee because she loves to use her nose to find hidden objects. She runs around smelling and wagging her tail the whole time while she is searching and is so happy bringing it back to me when she finds it. Darcy also loves to play ball, burst bubbles and go for walks on the beach and the city centre meeting new people. Darcy also loves to watch cartoons on TV and play with her doggie friends.


Bran is a seven month old Golden Doodle. He is named after one of Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s great hounds, from the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology. We brought Bran home for the first time at 3 months old. He was this chubby golden ball of curls with a little black nose and a glint in his eyes. From day one, Bran stole our hearts and made us a very happy family of three. As time passed, Bran became more and more at home with us. He quickly grew in size as well as personality. He is full of energy and fun. He loves nothing more than going on walks, running on the beach, playing in his garden or chewing his toys . Bran will always give you the best greeting with a big hug and lots of licks, regardless if you have been gone all day or just an hour. If Bran wants us to play with him or he wants to go outside to the grass, he will talk to us by making these adorable grunting noises and give us his paw. I really wish he could talk, he would definitely have lots to say! Bran has a very caring soul, he can sense if you are unwell, stressed or just having a bad day. He will bark and grunt, full of fun and get you to go outside. He will jump up and get you to hold his paws so we can dance around the kitchen. Sometimes he will simply just sit at our feet and mind us, and every so often look up and rest his head on our lap to make sure we are doing ok. Bran would make a fantastic Nose of Tralee because he makes people smile where ever he goes. Bran isn’t just a dog. Bran is friendship, trust, and joy. Bran is motivation, comfort and company. Bran isn’t just a dog, he’s our best friend and we would be lost without him.



My name is Finn mcCool, Named for the great Irish warrior, A handsome, cuddly Kerryblue Im a courageous affectionate terrier, Though we have a fierce reputation its true. I have many roles to handle Guard dog, companion, food inspector Determined -all the food to sample, And Armagh number one supporter! I love to make people smile So it is my ambition to be Bestowed the great title, Of nose of Tralee


Conan is our wee blonde bombshell. A one year old labradoodle who is honestly just a joy. He hasnt met a human or animal that hasnt become his best pal – well except maybe that cat who slapped him. Conan is honestly so smart and uses cuddles and his cute face to manipulate all his humans into fulfilling all his wishes. Look at those eyes and tell me you dont want to give him scritches and treats. His favorite part of the day is waking up in the morning and jumping on mammy and giving her a big kiss to waken her up. Whenever anyone comes into the house he is the first to welcome them with a big kiss. Dont get me wrong, Conan has his bold moments; theres an old sofa that can be presented as evidence alongside Mammy and Daddys good trainers but we wouldnt change him for the world. Even when he decides hes not leaving the park to go home or when he destroys another pair of shoes, one big cuddle from him at the end of a long day makes it all better. Conan came into my life just after my father died quite suddenly and without him I would not have coped. He gave me a purpose every morning and his unconditional love helped me through the darkest days. I just think everyone should have a Conan.


I think alfie would make a great Nose of Tralee 2022 as not only Is he cute as a button, but he is the most loveable and cuddly wee bear. He loves plenty of affection and loves giving it back. He will melt your wee heart.



Tilly is a beautiful 8 month old boxer, shes absolutely full over devilment and isnt camera shy, she is super friendly and just enjoys being in the centre of attention!


Bailey would make a great nose of Tralee because he is extremely cute and caring and has the best nose (and ears ) in Ireland. He puts his nose to great use everyday ensuring that the dinner we are cooking is adequate and will confirm this with a taste test. He will smell our intruders in the garden and especially spiders in the house (to my joy) . His nose comes in useful sometimes as he can fit it inside a tub of ice cream and he uses it to borrow his way under the duvet of a made bed!


Molly talks with her eyes, one look gets it all! Molly has brought so much joy to our lives and of those who meet her. A truly special part of us now, our lives wouldn’t be complete without her xx



Crunchie is an old soul in a young pony’s body. He cares for and looks out for everyone around him, both human and animal. He will make a great Nose of Tralee with his gentle sniffing, caring nature and inquisitive cuteness. He especially loves to lick your hand!



Hi judges my name is Cooper. Cooper loves sitting for photos and is a quiet but beatiful boy. Cooper is very shy and Neil Powell the famous Search & Rescue Dog Trainer visits Coops to bring this beautiful boy out of his wee shell. Coops is getting so much better with socialisation and now enjoys walkies and meeting new people and pooches. He has even been chosen to show off collars for a new local company here in the Mourne Mountains and this is also helping him getting up the mountains for photos as he meets all sorts of new people and animals. He’s a quiet boy and doesn’t even realise how handsome he is. He has more Insta followers now than his “Momager”. If Coops was lucky to be chosen as the Nose of Tralee he would be able to meet more fabulous people on his journey to beating this anxiety he has. The dog walking voucher would be fabulous as this would help him widen his social circle even more but imagine this beautiful boy sitting for a photoshoot with the brilliant David Macauley now THAT would be the ultimate showcase for our Insta page. All of his furriends would be so envious. Thank you so much for considering his application x


Logan is my best friend, he has helped me through the loss of my grandfather, and he has helped me get out and about to meet and make new friends for life! We do tricks, and training and have lots of fun together. We have competed in obedience and work together as a team training for IGP (a sport predominantly for German Shepherd Dogs). We have achieved so much together and he is always by my side, I couldn’t ask for a better companion. He makes me get out and about an explorer new and wonderful places!

Pet Sitter



Hi guys, Banjo here! I would love to win this competition! I have a slight treat addiction and the hoomum never gives me enough – so if I win, I can quit my day job and buy all the treats and toys! Lots of love, Banjo  PS: my hoomum says I’m the bestest boi and I deserve to win so we can show people that Chihuahuas aren’t always yappy ankle biters, but lovely little doggies!


Rodney is a beautiful retired greyhound that is an ambassador for his breed. Not only is he quirky cuddly and gorgeous he is also a very calming influence when out walking in hound groups or running in the (securely enclosed) fields with other hounds. He behaves impeccably when out walking and meeting small and any other dogs and is always ready for a meet and greet with a cuddle. He is a well worthy nose of Tralee


Hi I’m Sooty! I’m originally from the hood. I was found abandoned under a hedge, all alone and very young. A nice man found me and now I live in a fancy apartment with my Meowmy. She loves me so much that I blossomed and changed from a scraggy, tiny stray into the most gorgeous floofster! I want my rags to riches story to inspire all stray animals that love really is out there. Never ever give up hope because when you find your fur-ever home it will be filled with love and be paw-some! xx (My photo is from my recent first birthday pawty. It was so much fun, I got lots of presents including a new box. My Nana and Grand-Paw came, so did the Pawparazzi!!)



Here we go again folks! The fabulous Meg from co Fermanagh is back again for the crown this time. Well from the title this is Meg the fabulous collie, she just turned 8 at the start of June,and she is enjoying her time with her mummy and her brother the cat aka Mr P. Her interests involve, chasing for the ball, the cats and the birds in her garden. She has found a new hobbie of catching the frisbee, which she just loves and annoys me aka mummy 24/7 with it in her mouth. As the years go on she gets more and more spoilt. She just loves all the attention from everybody and smiles back with a waggy tail.


My name is Flo and Im always on the go, I love my walks, all the beautiful places to see, There is no place Id rather be, The forest or the beach, no place is out of reach, I love to explore what outside my door, Find it is my favourite game, no hiding place can be the same, Treats, balls or whatever you choose, Ill find it for you without any clues, My enthusiasm is a delight to see, enjoyed by everyone who gets to meet me, because of this Id really love to be, this years Nose of Tralee


This is Minnie. She is flying the flag for rescue hens everywhere. Minnie is very clever and an escape artist. Her hobbies include roosting, laying, scratching and breaking into the polytunnel. Minnie and her pal Annie-Kate have high viz jackets which make them easier to spot when they break out in the winter. Minnie is petitioning to have this competition changed to the Beak of Tralee. Minnie hopes everyone will consider helping some of her pals who may need rescuing, as hens make a great addition to the family AND provide fresh eggs daily!



Tyson is a native of Donegal and got dragged to Galway because Mammy meet a man. Tyson has yet to realise he is a dog, he must prepares to be carried around the house and nursed when he is tired. I blame the grandparents. Tyson loves night time cuddles. Anyway enough about me, I will hold my nose of high and stand proud when i get the nose of Tralee 2022.


Teddy by name, Teddy by nature. Teddy brings so much love and happiness everywhere he goes. He disarms people, and I will often see strangers smiling down at him when we are out walking. He loves bother more than interrupting kids playing soccer by running in to tackle the ball. As a rule, he assumes everyone he encounters wants to be his friend and 9 times out of 10, they do. He is just the beat boy and I feel very lucky to be his dog mom!


In East Co. Galway, where the fields lie low, a big ball of fluff named Otis was rescued 14 months ago. Now he lives his best life, he’s gained a fan club along the way, walkies in the morning, playtime throughout the day. He’s on a special diet, his hips give him trouble too, but they don’t stop him chasing rabbits, when they come into view. He’s loved by all who meet him, I know you will agree, Otis is an obvious choice to be crowned this years Nose of Tralee.



Teddy Is 1 year old- his favourite things to do are play with his doggie friends and play fetch on his walks with mommy! He loves to put on a show, especially when he gets to put on his tuxedo! Being from Tralee, we think Teddy would be the paw-fect candidate.. Also, well¦ Just look at his nose!


We found Rocco straying about a year and a half ago, we took him in and tried everything to find his owner. I wasnt looking for another dog but my daughter wanted to keep him. So after having him a month and no owner turning up we kept him. Hes a remarkable funny goofy lovable boy. Hes so big that he knocks over everything he doesnt realise how big he is. He can be so awkward but in a funny way. Hed sit on your lap and you wouldnt be able to breathe but hes just sitting there with his tongue out so happy looking. He loves cats and other small Animals. Hes so clever if were out walking(I walk other peoples dogs) and one of the other dogs are lagging behind he actually runs back to them and gives them a slap with his paw to get them moving.


Willow would make a great Nose of Tralee because shes the friendliest cuddliest dog. Willow was born in Co Laois and came to live in the Kingdom in September 2021 and absolutely loves her trips to the beautiful beaches. She would be a great doggy ambassador and is super smart. Willow is a real head turner and gets lots of compliments when she is out and about! Shes a blue and tan German Shepherd and has lovely tones in her coat.

Pet Sitter



Pepper is the snuggliest and sassiest little dog I’ve ever had. She has the loudest bark and anyone that even looks at our house will hear her which makes her a 10/10 guard dog! Her face lights up when she sees a new toy or her favourite treat and she cannot contain herself with excitement – it’s one of my favourite things ever! She is super vocal and makes the funniest noises, from the loudest barks to the quietest whines. I think pepper would make a great nose of tralee because she puts a smile on everyone’s face with her adorable personality and of course her snuggles! When you’re feeling down she’s always there for a cuddle and a kiss, and if you’re upset she won’t stop licking you until you feel good again! I wish I could send multiple photos of her so you can see her little personality!…



She is the ultimate diva who loves her couch and is not afraid to pull puppy dog dog eyes to get what she wants, which she normally does. She is the best little greyhound and everyone that meets her cant help but fall in love with her sassy but sweet personality.


He has a heart shaped nose. Loves to hug faces and pick on his sister that he really does love. He considers himself a foodie in the cst community snd is a passionate taster of all the latest fish brands. His good looks makes him impossible to resist and before you know it he has charmed his way to hugging your face snd you are forever under his spell. He has his tongue out and it makes people laugh as he can be a bit of a goof. Meet the Dr.



She a plent, charming, full of life bubbly kind lovable dog with the most beautiful eyes happiest face and she is a very proud pup


Thor is an incredible dog. He is funny, goofy and an all round good boy. He is me eldest sons best friend and playmate. We are thrilled to have Thor in our family and would be lost without him and his silliness.


Ruby is the gentlest most loving girl, she loved getting her picture taken and posing and she loves doing reels now for Instagram. She is the most beautiful girl and she is a real pooch princess. Always opting for the sofa over the floor and a double bed over her own bed. No matter how soft or fluffy!

Pet Sitter



Winnie came to us as a rescue in 2011. She had a very bad start in life but she is an absolute gem. Super temperament, happy little girl. Shes become a bit of a celebrity as shes been known for her singing, her ability to drive a car, her penchant for stealing food from picnic goers on the beach and, most recently, her attendance at Borris Literary Festival where she met her heroine Laurie Anderson and had a wee moment with Mary Robinsons dog. Our Winnie is the stuff of legends

Jameson Keane

He is just so cute

Mr Snuffles

Mr Snuffles are my sons support animals, they help to calm and relax him. They are the most laid back loving animals you could meet. My son used to be scared of animals and now these guinea pigs have became his best friends.



I think my pet Bell would make a great nose of Tralee 2022 as she is a great dog. She has such cool ears. I call them her teepee ears. She loves to play and loves to sniff out all her treats. She is great with hoomans and other pets. We would he lost without her. She loves to play with her doggie friends and run around. She can do lots of tricks but only if she gets lots of praise and treats  she has a lovely shiny coat and enjoys hiding her bones in the garden. We lobe love Bell so much, she is the bestest friend you could ever have’•


Sonny is a black and tan, long haired mini dachshund from Lovely Leitrim. I think Sonny would make a great Nose of Tralee 2022 because he is a very happy dog and loves interacting with people. I got Sonny after the loss of my fiance and he is a little bundle of joy. He has brought so much happiness to our house. Sonny has two different coloured eyes which only adds to his cuteness. He loves cuddles and bellyrubs and is so photogenic. His instagram is included so you can see for yourself how adorable he is.


We adopted millie in Nov 2021 as the runt of her litter she was being picked on by her siblings. As we already had 2 adopted dogs we didn’t think twice in taking in millie, we just didn’t realise she was about to take the remaining space in our hearts. She is an independent, mischievous but adorable girl who fitted in with our 2 girls cookie and coco and bossed the house from the moment she arrived. She loves to run around the back garden, terrorise the birds and say hello to our donkeys . She is playful and mischievous but still needs a lot of reassurance that she is loved. All of this in a bundle of cuteness that is not bigger than a handbag !!!.

Pet Sitter



This is Ollie my permanent Foster here in my house. Originally went Foster to adopt with his sister to a lady a who ended up putting them for sale on gumtree. Eventually found but the family were moving and didn’t want to take them with them. So they were returned to limerick feral cats and ended up with me. In the last year and half. He has had bladder blockages and with the help of amazing vets. He didn’t require surgery. He needs something good to happen to him for a change. And whoever said black cats don’t photograph well. Obviously were never owned by a black panther like ollie


Hope is super cute and adorable 8 months puppy. Would mean the world to as if our little Hope makes Nose of Tralee 2022.


Dfor – D for dog! Our handsome chap deserves this wooftastic title because he loves an adventure and to try new things. He never turns down a chance to be in front of the camera and loves munching on treatos. He is a self appointed head of security at our house and takes his daily responsibility of observing the coming and going of the post man very seriously. Dfor would love be the next nose of Tralee. What a pawsome opportunity!



Our little Evie or chonky as we call her would make a great nose of Tralee because even though small in stature and with a bit of a gimpy leg she doesnt let that stop her from investigating and chasing away all the neighbourhood cats who dare to pop their heads over out fence . She demands the last drop of tea from our cups and cries til you give it to her . She is so friendly when out on her walks and is always wagging her tail . Her likes watching show jumping on tv and cant understand how the horses are not behind the tv when they go off screen . She likes to sleep curled around the top of her moms head each night and snores like a little piggie . We love our little chonky baby


Kobe was a little pup on her way to the pound when she was rescued by my son. She’s a collie/golden retriever cross with the colour & obedience of a collie but the absolute goofiness of a retriever.her favourite pastimes are drives in the car, walk and watching wildlife programs.shes the best for snuggles & cuddles & is adored by by everyone. She’d make the best ever Nose of Tralee 2022 because she’s the greatestest pet ever & she would donate some of her prizes to a wonderful pet charity called Cians Kennels!!!who keeps pets & their little humans close together while they have to spend time in Crumlins Children’s Hospital. Please vote for Kobe. She’s simply the NOSE!!


I think holly would make a great nose of Tralee Aw she is fun, loving and friendly. February 2020, we welcomed Holly into our home. It was our first time owning a dog and we didnt know what to expect. Fast forward a couple of weeks, Holly had become a very much loved member of the family. June 2022, holly is 2 1/2 years old and is still as bubbly and energetic as ever. Her favorite food is chicken and she loves going for walks. Even after a long and hard day, its impossible to be In a bad mood when holly comes outside to greet you. Holly never turns down a cuddle and you best believe she will lick your whole face. In conclusion, i think holly is perfect, to me she is anyways. I never thought I could love an animal as much as holly, not only my dog but my best friend.

Pet Sitter



Paddy is a cracking wee chap. Hes represented Ireland in dog agility twice at the junior champ in England and is travelling all the way to Holland the first week in September to compete in the world championship. This is a very shocking achievement considering Paddy was rescued from an abusive home where he was neglected and starved. He came into the rescue very sick and was lucky enough to pull through during foster. Paddy loves nothing more than a good day hiking, preferably travelling to and from on the train. Hes always treated to a puppacino and an ice cream. Paddy is a well seasoned and skilled agility competitor, competing and training regularly all year round but his most impressive trick is a walking handstand while he does his pee! We have had Paddy for 6 years now and while he comes with many quirks we wouldnt change him for the world.


Elvis is a 1 year old golden retriver with a huge personality. He was named Elvis for no reason, but has since provided us with the Elvis lip! He has a suspicious mind, he is the devil in disguise and has left the building on one occasion, but at the end of the day he ain’t nothing but a hound dog. He is super gentle and loving and is somewhat of a local celebrity! He loves snuggles and to hold hand with whoever is beside hime! He is the best little man going and brings such joy to everybody that meets him.


My name is Blue aka Bluesie, Im 1 and a half, the half is very important! I know what youre thinking doggos cant type?! I dictated and my hooman typed, shes a very good hooman. I love going on long walks, cuddling in bed with my family and having lots of zoomies around the house and garden. My favourite toy is my pink piggy and I love my rope toys, I always leave them at my hoomans feet and look at them with my sad eyes until they understand I want to play. They are getting very clever at it now. Ive gotten very good at waiting and listening, but sometimes its just very hard especially when I see another doggo, I just have to go say hi. I love doggos big and small, I go to my daycare most weekdays because Mam works in the hospital but thats ok because I absolutely love it. I jump out of the car when we get there. I am a social butterfly but very calm and gentle. I can also be very lazy. I love curling up on the couch and in my hoomans bed, even under the covers! One of my favourite things to do is kiss my hoomans face until every part is wet, I just love them so much!! I would be very honoured and excited to take part in the Nose of Tralee and wish all the other noses good luck! Even the cats, I have two cat friends at home, I like to snuggle up on top of them, they dont always like it for some reason BOL (Bark Out Loud). Thank you for the pupportunity Blue



Little sleepy was found dumped in a box and I took it to look after him . He was bottle fed every 3 hours everyday and night as was only 2 weeks old . He has brought so much love and cuddles to our home . Hes so cute and playful and intelligent . We be lost without him . He deserves so much from what he’s been threw . He loves belly tickles and loves sitting on your shoulder . A little charmer


I think fly would make a great nose of Tralee because hes just an amazing dog. Since I got him at 9 weeks old weve been inseparable and him being a border Collie obviously sheep herding is in his genes but usually at 9 months you start training pups but only at 12 weeks I had him on commands left right lie down which was incredible as Ive never trained a dog before so it was just his natural ability.we spend so much time each day together hes not a pet to me hes my best friend definitely a mans best friend and in 2021 we were lucky to have him crowned puppy of the year online and made it to the final with 14 dogs out of almost 1600 hes very photogenic and loves life I just cant praise him enough hes a beautiful dog with a beautiful way about him to which I always love to show off Ive brought him to a couple of local shows to which hes done very well and of course gotten lots of compliments.I love to show him off not to win prizes but to show his beauty both inside and out. I think fly would make a great nose of Tralee because hes just an amazing since I got him at 9 weeks old weve been inseparable and him being a border Collie obviously sheep herding is in his genes but usually at 9 months you start training pups but only at 12 weeks I had him on commands left right lie down which was incredible as Ive never trained a dog before so it was just his natural ability.we spend so much time each day together hes not a pet to me hes my best friend definitely a mans best friend and in 2021 we were lucky to have him crowned puppy of the year online and made it to the final with 14 dogs out of almost 1600 hes very photogenic and loves life I just cant praise him enough hes a beautiful dog with a beautiful way about him to which I always love to show off Ive brought him to a couple of local shows to which hes done very well and of course gotten lots of compliments.I love to show him off not to win prizes but to show his beauty both inside and out.Fly


Ted believes he would be well suited to the title of Nose of Tralee 2022. Apart from Ted having a very distinguished nose, he would also bring many special talents to the role for 2022. He excels in giving the greatest greetings to all that visit, giving them a good sniff to see what they have brought him. He also earns his keep on the farm keeping his flock of sheep in order and where they should be. He is full of love and nose when that extra lick is required to cheer you up after a long day. He nose he would be a top contender for the Title of Nose of Tralee 2022

Pet Sitter



Tia is a 4 year old boxer. She is a rescue doggie and is the biggest softy going. Tia loves a squeaky toy and loves to chew her bone. She is like our shadow, always following us around. She loves to play with her ball but will never give it back!


Gio is a very playful pup, always looking for his next adventure. He is always happy and pulls the funniest poses . He loves wandering around the garden, stealing socks and chasing cats. He has brought fun back into the house and is the happiest little soul. He would make a great Nose of Tralee as he is absolutely adorable , loves an adventure and what an adventure this would be for a 5 month old puppy.


Hi! My name is Riley. I think I would make a great Nose of Tralee because Im an all round good boy that loves belly rubs, cuddles on the couch and brown bread. Last year I made it to the top 3 in my county and this year Im hoping to go all the way and I would be proud to represent Meath in the Nose of Tralee 2022. Anything is Pawsible!



Betty is an 18-month-old Miniature Schnauzer. Betty was named after the legendary movie star Bette Davis. Betty came home with me on 17 March 2021, and we havent spent a day apart since. Betty is a dog that is both loving and protective, her eyes are hypnotic, and she has a wonderful playful and mischievous nature. Betty is a dog with serious FOMO, she is my little shadow; she follows me EVERYWHERE! Betty sleeps with me, she is the first face I see each morning and last face I see at night. Betty enjoys her comforts and attention; she has more toys than a child. Betty is the heart and soul of the house and the boss. Betty can be cute as a button one minute and have her sassy moments the next. I always look forward to getting home, once she hears the car pull up in the driveway she is jumping around and gives me a heros welcome. Betty has an awesome beard; one most men would be enviable of. Bettys beard is very dishevelled looking in the mornings (which I find very amusing and cute) and she cannot eat or drink anything without causing a mess. Hearing her wee paws trotting about the house is always a joy. I love watching Betty run around the garden with such glee and energy, she is in her element. Betty loves to chase the cat, most often chasing him up a tree. Betty likes to bark; we no longer need a doorbell as she is a great watchdog and she has several windows she sits at and looks out, barking at anything that moves (the postman and the cows suffer this the most). Betty is never without her squeaky red ball and penguin teddy; these were her very first toys that she still loves and plays with to this day. We go on walks to Lough Muckno, we are currently in our last week of the 100KM in the month of June for the Irish Heart Foundation. Bettys dislikes include the cat, the lawn mower, the hoover and cows. Bettys favourite things include, chicken, eggs, plastic drinking bottles and lots of cuddles. Betty is the best girl and would make a great Nose of Tralee!


Hello good people of Ireland. My name is Honie, pronounced like “sweet honey”. I was Co Monaghans Nose of 2021. I am entering The Nose of Tralee 2022 competition as I would like to keep my title and be crowned the over all winner of 2022. I am Chocolate brown & white Border Collie Cross, Female, I am 19 months old and from monaghan town. I would like to put across to you all, this competition is more than just a pet competition to my human mammy, she has had three of her pets representing Co monaghan , you could say in a row, 2018 Diego 2020 the late Bobby (rip) and Me Honie 2021, that alone is a massive achievement for her and no body gives her recognition for that and that makes me very sad, not many people can say that, so that’s why I am MORE than happy to go for the winners title of 2022. More about me and why I should win .Apart from my big beautiful brown eyes and my fine physic and my amazing temperament loyalty to my human family my Dear canine companion Diego, who I love to play tug of War with , by the way I always win as he is a small Jack Russell and he hasn’t a hope of getting the rope of me lol, because I am a nice girl I let him win at times to boost his confidence. I love to mix with people and all other dogs and cats, I just want to play lots and give lots of kisses. On a serious note I am a good watch dog for our home and I will protect my mammy,s human daughter and look after her while she is out the back playing with her toys . I Let her win tug of war all of the time,as she is my big sister and I love her lots like jelly tots .My Mammy and I recently raised money more Autisim Assistance Dogs as I will be training to be a therapy dog for my human sister and children like her. I am a happy dog in a good home and I would be honoured to represent my county for 2022. Please vote for Honie to be Co Monaghans Nose of 2022. Love to you all HONIE


I think my dog would be a great choice for nose of Tralee as he is very friendly and he loves to use his nose to get your attention. Moe loves attention and is always ready for a good time. Moe is very curious and enjoys going on different adventures



Max is an adventurous dog. Max loves swimming, going for walks and learning new tricks. Max is a big dog with a good heart. Most of our neighbours passing by the house would give him treats and pet him and say that he is a lovely dog. Max used to visit the Nursing home and play with the elderly people when he was a pup. Most of all Max have so much love to give everyone that he could easily get stolen from us for being too friendly


My dog Toby is a grey and brown Shih Tzu. He came into our lives at just 8 weeks old and our whole family would say hes changed our lives for the better. He is now three years old and we cant go anywhere without Toby! He has the cheekiest personality and loves to boss around his younger Labrador brother Benny. Everybody who meets Toby always says he has a heart of gold and has such an amazing personality. Not too mention Tobys camera skills he loves to pose for the camera at any time but when he isnt posing for the camera hes usually up to mischief. Toby is also my daughters best friend and theyve been through thick and thin and she loves to train Toby tricks! Hes brought so much joy into peoples live and I cant think of a dog that deserves the nose of Tralee title more than Toby!


The body of a cat but the mind of a dog. Plays fetch (with mice), comes with you call his name (and shake a bag of cat food), tuxedo cat (but not because hes gray). Banx enjoys long walks along the beach, smooth jazz and a fine chianti on a summers eve.



Kara is our 3 legged little rescue, she is five years old. She l loves everything and everybody unless your a big dog then she thinks she has to take you down. My daughter suffers alot with anxiety and depression she’s also need lots of surgeries (5in the last year). Kara always knows when she is needed and sits by her side and looks after her. Kara also works as a therapy dog , she visits a nursing home with me the elderly just love her. When she’s not looking after people she loves chasing balls and being a goofball. She’s just the best dog/friend any family could have


I think Becky would be a great Nose Of Tralee because she is the best girl ever! As well as being the most affectionate, loving and goofy dog out there she is so talented when It comes to tricks and agility, despite her tiny size!! We have so much fun working as a team at our local agility classes and earning trick titles together. So far she has received her Novice & Intermediate trick dog titles with Do More With Your Dog! She is such a sweetheart and works so hard to please me while doing what we love. After a long day of working at dog sports she loves to snuggle on the couch with my family and I, and watch some television She has the biggest heart and I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2022 holds for my talented little girl


Alfie has many names – A-man, Munch, Bubs. He’s a lockdown pup and he has been the best addition to our lives. He somehow has a cheeky smile, a stubborn Schnauzer streak and an incredible curiousity. He is known on the road for sitting on the wall demanding pets from the neighbours. His favourite things include chicken, tennis balls, a warm sunspot and waiting at the gate for a spin in the car. His favourite spot for a walk is the bog and his coat picks up all of the dirt.He has a huge personality for such a small dog and my pictures don’t do it justice.



Milo is 2 years old He is a cheeky chap always up to mischief He is my daughters cat and keeps her company when studying .


Its hard to put Barra into words, hes just a beautiful boy who has brought so much happiness to our home. B is for his boldness, we havent a sock without a hole in it. A is for always greeting us after a day at work with the waggiest tail. R is for racing over the beach after another dog when we endlessly call him back but he ignores us. R is for resting in the cutest positions known to man, and making us just sit and look at him saying Awwwwwand finally A is for allowing us to be privileged enough to be his Mammys.


Precious Carney is the love of our family she is a tiny bundle of fun with a huge loving personality. She thinks she is a large dog although she is a miniature pinscher. She is kind funny and playful always on the go. She is so fast and prances like a reindeer. She loves walks car trips beaches and playing with her toys. She definitely should be the Nose of Tralee 2022 she searches for her blueberries and plays with them before eating them.

Pet Sitter


Mr Shelby

Shelby (mr Shelby ) has being my rock and best friend during the pandemic to get me out of the house for a walk and he was always there to listen ! So I then decided to start up a instagram account of Shelby for fun and to see what we ( he) gets up to, which distracted my mind from the pandemic ! He was always there to listen,snuggles and cry on , we definitely have a special bond together and we got each others back , he will always be my best friend.


Heres a story about a princess called Loki. She wasnt always a princess you know. She was found at only seven weeks old dumped in the streets, imagine nobody wanted her . A kind lady from mo chara animal rescue took her in and figured out that the only place that would be able to look after such a young princess was Lokis mammy. Lokis mammy instantly fell in love with her and the rescue dog that nobody wanted soon became the dog that her family could not live without . My name is Sarah and I am one of lokis owners and I am the reason she is entered into the nose of Tralee. Loki is not just my dog but my best friend in the whole wide world . Every morning when I get up Loki gets up and gives me human hugs by placing her two paws on my shoulders. Is that not the best way for anyone to start their day! She makes me smile, she makes me laugh and because of her I have seen the most beautiful mountain ranges witnessed the most gorgeous sunsets and sunrises and she is the reason that I have such a live for walking on nature . If you havent already realised it . Lokis loves walkies . Loki has always been there for me even when I am having though times , it dosent matter what mood I am in her mood is always the same , pure LOVE . I think you should vote for Loki because she proves that rescue dogs arent just someone elses problem rescue dogs are just dogs that need love , kindness and affection. Dont we all . You dont need to spend hundreds and thousands on a pet when there is rescue centres with beautiful dogs just like her . Why fuel the greed of puppy mills and unrepeatable breeders when you can just adopt a caring soul just like Loki. Even if we dont win the nose of tralee Id be just as happy if people realised the potential of rescuing a dog and giving it a good home. My mother always says home is not home unless Loki is in it .


Ryn loves attention, loves people, loves other dogs. Sometimes she is a little too friendly. But she would make a great nose of Tralee because she has a big heart, she is beautiful, has a winning smile and has been posing for the camera since she was 8 weeks old. She is still a puppy at 10 months and if full of life. I think she would also be a great representation of bully breeds and it would be nice to show the world that they aren’t this big scary monster. After my heart dog died 2 years ago it took me awhile to let another dog in but it was love at first site. She has brought so much joy and adventure back in my life. Although she may not be the perfect dog yet we are training and working on becoming the best version of herself. We both would be delighted to get this chance to show Ireland just how awesome bully breeds are! P.S it was hard to pick just one photo but I went with her silly side!



If you can be anything be like Sadie and keep smiling even if youre broken. Sadie was found wandering the streets of Serbia in early 2017 with multiple broken bones including a broken hip and a broken elbow. She was taken to Ub Dog Pound, Serbia where she spent the next two and a half years amongst 180 other dogs, with little to no treatment. In August 2019 she travelled across 8 countries and moved to Tyrone. Since arriving she has started a long road of rehabilitation. Sadie has had so much against her but yet, she has never given up on herself, she just keeps on smiling and makes the world smile with her. Shes a real inspiration. After 3 major complicated surgeries, on 3 of her legs, including the amputation of her front leg, and with only one good leg to stand on Sadie is still determined to make the most of every moment. She really loves meeting new people, young or old alike, and as long as she gets a good belly rub or a tasty treat shes more than happy to show anyone that its not about what you cant do in life, its about making the very best of what you can. Its no surprise that Sadies stamina, determination and jolly smile is admired by many. As if that alone isnt enough to make her a winner, along with her best friend, a little disabled terrier called Dougal, they do all they can to raise awareness and funds for animals who, like they did, find themselves suffering without a home, especially on the streets of Serbia. Life can be very tough sometimes and theres no doubt some things are very hard to handle but always remember… if you can be anything… be like Sadie and keep smiling even if youre broken

Kirk Hagan


Nobody NOSE class like Kirk! Hes beauty and hes grace hes Miss United States! Favourite tv show: love is blind, favourite movie: twilight saga, favourite food: anything stolen from a plate! Kirk aspires to be a professional sniffer when he grows up! If he had three wishes he would choose world peace, chicken and three more wishes!


Nala is 1 year BOLD! In September 2021 when Tyrone beat Mayo in the All Ireland Final, Nala decided to put the transfer in and move to Tyrone! Nala is a complete PAWTY animal who certainly knows how to raise the WOOF!! She enjoys puppuccinos and playdates¦and knows exactly how to WHINE down¦with a bowl of PAWSECCO! Nala is keeping PAWSITIVE (not COVID related) and hoping she might be the Nose of Tralee



Hello furiends, this is our beautiful baby girl Hannah. Miss Hannah is an 11 year old Bichon Frise. She was born in Wexford and went to live in Waterford with her pawrents when she was 7 weeks old. I think she would be the perfect Nose of Tralee because she is the sweetest, strongest, most adorable and photogenic dog anyone could hope to have, she also has the most adorable little button nose.  Hannahâs favourites things to do include going for walkies, cuddly cuddlies with her pawrents, going in the car, eating chicken (or whats Hannah got as its known to her ), and being mommys baby –. Hannah just loves the camera, she is so photogenic and is always posing for photos. ’–For a little dog she has so much love and loyalty inside her as well as strength. •Hannah has stayed by our side through the most difficult of times and she recently pulled through a life saving surgery and made a miraculous recovery despite her small size and age.  She always makes people happy and her personality shines through wherever she goes. – You can follow our baby on Instagram and TikTok at @hannahs_bichon_moments Thank you


Seamie is an nearly 11 year old rescue(i adopted his mammy Poppy, she was in pup),Seamie loves to play fetch( even plays fetch with himself,(if my human is busy woth my ild uncle doggos,theyre slow walkers now)his favourite happy place is our local beach Benvoy in Waterford. Seamie gives hugs like a pro, he is a sensitive soul ,and loves old doggos ,especially his uncle Tyson. Seamie loves to be a meet and greet doggo on every walk , he is one friendly good boy .Seamie would love to be canvassing the local hotspots representing Waterford doggos.


Charlie is a very special little boy. We rescued him in 2018 when he was a few months old and hed only lived in a cage and had no name. His older cavalier siblings soon showed him how much fun life can be. He was born with a luxating shoulder and had three surgeries in 2020 with the joint eventually being fused. Hell always walk with a limp so he runs mostly and has always got the waggiest tail and the happiest face.



I think Fluffy should be nose of Tralee, is because she is the most wonderful, gentle dog I’ve ever known.When I first met Fluffy, she was in a basket with all her other siblings. I sat and watched all puppies for an hour and my eyes kept been drawn back to her, i knew she was the right one for me, she seemed so shy and gentle compared to her siblings. I left fluffy with her mama for 3 months, so she would get the best start in life staying on her mama’s milk. Fluffy is almost 9 years old now, been with me in my good times and my very low times been a frontline worker, I could always be sure that I would come home to an unconditional love, with loads of kisses and cuddles, which I really needed. All the children in the street run to meet her as soon as we turn the corner, all wanting to meet and pet her, she loves all their attention and is great with the children. Fluffy is the most wonderful, wonderful dog and I thank God for the day that he paired me up with her.


She is the most affectionate, funny girl who makes me smile every day  Full of the joys of life and always up to mischief


Sonny was found as a small kitten on side of the road with his mother and siblings but after a rough start he has landed on his paws. He is curious, friendly and very loving.


Lord Leroy

My first two-legged mam was great but had to return me to the breeder as I’m a very boisterous pupper – I have eaten concrete, doors and have gotten up to all sorts of mischief which is really not good pup etiquette. I was sad at first but then a few days later a woman and her two-legged pups arrived at my house. I gave them all a proper good butt sniff to make sure they passed the super sniffer test and I decided that after some snuggles, cuddles and wuffles that the way my happy tail was waving so frantically was a sure sign that I should go home with these humans as I would make them very happy. I would be the best pupper a human could ever hope for. It was clear my new mam and the two-legged pups saw me to be most handsome as they drove all the way from Wexford to Sligo for me – I guess 4 legs are better than 2 and she must have wanted a proper pup for keeps. The humans bundled me into their car and were now the very lucky recipients of one very excited, funny, energetic and charismatic puppy! I am a Vizsla/Weimeraner with a dash of German-pointer – a combination for disaster I have heard some humans say. Sometimes dad grumbles about the big fool – like the day I took his work boot and chewed a tasty morsel off of it. He said it was no use to him anymore and I could have the two of them now. He is so kind and I got days of fun prancing around the garden with my new boots! Then mam said enough is enough – she said she was tired of sweeping up boot scraps up and threw them in the bin. They also say my stomach is a bottomless pit, but pups eat a lot. Eat, sleep, play repeat I say! Mam says every night that I am not allowed in the bed but at 6am I move around very noisly in my crate to try and wake mammy and daddy – if they don’t hear me, I lick my body as loudly as I can and then I whinge and whine and give out, wiggle and waggle some more in my crate and then mammy sighs lets a deep breath out and lets me snuggle down between mam and dad – bingo! I’m a lucky boy!


I think my dog would make a great nose of Tralee because hes a lovable, friendly dog. He loves to give out hugs and kissses. Hes very energetic, active, playful. Hes a quick learner and obedient. He loves to pose for the camera a lot.


Smaller than most cats, Annie doesnt shy away from anything. Be it hunting enormously large spiders that find their way into the house, or showcasing whos the boss when the neighbours cat comes over for second breakfast. Born with a leg deformity on both front legs, you wouldnt think she could race around the house for her daily zoomies as fast as she does. She is a typically talkative torti who will make her opinion known if needed. But she also loves her daily morning cudddles During which she shows off her baking skills. Also, she is born to be the Nose of Tralee, just look at her nose.



Born & bred on the emerald isle I am a true madra ireannach. Living only a short distance from where my breed originated, the Glen of Imaal, I personally believe this makes me the Queen of Wicklow. After a traumatic walk in the rain as a puppy I only liked the sunshine and would only go out in the rain if I was wearing a jacket. After my big girl water-repellent fur came in I decided I love to be out in the rain and will under no circumstances hurry and go potty. I need the sunshine & the rain, and as the true child of millennials, I am in fact the rainbow in their lives. I spend my days patrolling the marina from my balcony for everything I can see is obviously mine and I need to let other dogs know that though I be but little, I am fierce & Im not all rainbows – I can bring the thunder. I am a dwarf breed, and my parents say I suffer from a bit of napoleon complex so my favourite thing to do is make myself as tall as possible by doing a glen sit while I use my big brown humanlike eyes to stare into peoples souls until theyre so compelled they crouch down and we sit nose to nose. Sometimes people dont want a cold puppy nose against theirs, but maybe if I won – could anyone resist the nose of Tralee!


Lux is a crazy, sassy, wild, lazy, full of fun and loving dog. She loves her show days, grooming days and loves to get down and dirty on our hikes or trips to the beach. She loves every person we come in contact with and loves all dogs , shapes, sizes and all breeds. She knows how to pose when she knows there’s a treat coming her way. She loves nothing more than food. Will do absolutely anything for food! She’s a novice tricks dog and has competed in a few International and Champion dog shows here in Ireland. Her show name is Fonesse First Folio and we intend on dominating the show ring over the next few shows in hopes to get our champion titles. Her three best friends are my family dogs, standard poodles, Indie, Luda and Jodie. Lux doesn’t let her size stand in her way and can hold her own when playing with the big dogs. She comes to work with me. (dog groomer) and has chosen her own crate to chill in when she’s not lying on the blaster tube or greeting our clients dogs. She loves to be up high to see what’s going on. She has the most boopable nose and we would love to be considered as Nose of Tralee 2022.


She is a cheeky puppy with lots of life and not to mention how cute she is!!

Pet Sitter