Review of ScoobyBox Dog Subscription Box: May 2017


It can be hard finding new treats and toys for your dog to try, so a Dog Subscription Box from ScoobyBox is the perfect alternative to save you time and hassle. Delivered directly to your door the same time each month it’s sure to keep their tail wagging and their nose sniffing.

The box has a great range of treats, many of which you will not have seen before in your local store, and all of which are high quality.

My dog Coco loves trying the treats from the ScoobyBox and although she is not keen on toys (she is far too cool for that!) her brother Joey is happy to destroy every toy that’s brought into the house.

What’s In The Scooby Box in May?

What I love about the box when I open it is that there is a leaflet telling you what is included. It’s easy to grab that and have a read before the dogs go crazy trying to grab everything out of the box.

There is no orderly queue formed in our house when it comes to treats!

#1. Charlie Chicken

This is the craziest squeaky toy with the strangest texture to it. Coco was not impressed with the noise that Joey made flying around the house with it. It’s guaranteed to bring hours of fun, but definitely something you don’t want to give your dog when you are trying to watch TV.
It’s very squeaky!!

Review: This has only been given to Joey for short periods of time  – so for now it’s still alive!

#2. Natural Pig’s Ear

Joey and Coco both LOVE these. It’s something they will not share and have to be supervised with – or there tend to be attempts from one to steal the other ones.

It’s nice to see a plain treat like that in the box that most dogs will love.

Review: Coco said it was tasty! We believe her!

#3. Tough Twist Textured Fish

This is a knotted toy with rubber ends which is listed as being good for dental hygiene. Joey is a really strong chewer, so I am hoping this will keep him occupied for a while.

It looks pretty sturdy and it’s not something I have seen before, although Rosewood is a well-known brand.

Review: Joey loves this. It’s been 24 hours and it’s still in one piece, which is a miracle for Joey. He loves the rubber ends and all the different textures.

#4. Arden Grange Fresh Chicken Crunchy Bites

These are hypoallergenic treats and so are good for dogs with allergies. A 250g bag means there are plenty of snacks for between meal times.

Review: They both loved these. They are a nice size and in the shape of a bone. They smell nice (as far as dog treats smell nice!0

#5. Mutt and Jeff Ham and Cheese Bribes

The dogs have tried these before and they loved them. They are 70% fresh meat which is fantastic and they smell delicious! Another natural product, which makes the treat box ideal for all dogs.

These were woofed down with delight!

Review: A firm favourite!

ScoobyBox Dragons Den

If you want to learn more about how ScoobyBox wants to become the “Disney for dogs” then you can watch their recent appearance on Dragons Den.

ScoobyBox and the Nose Of Tralee

We are delighted to announce that ScoobyBox will be sponsoring the Nose of Tralee again this year along with some exciting new Sponsors.

They will be giving the winner a 6-month subscription and the runner-up a 3-month subscription.

You can read more about the Nose of Tralee at and we will be accepting entries on the 6th June.

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