Review Of Woof And Brew Healthy Herbal Dog Tea

Woof And Brew

When we think of a cup of tea we think of either some fancy china and a tea party or we think of a mug of tea and a chat with our best friend. One thing you probably don’t associate tea with is your dog – unless you have ever left a cup down and they have helped themselves. But Woof and Brew are changing that with their innovative range of doggie teas.

Yes, that’s right your dog now has his own rang of tea so he can enjoy that mid-morning cuppa with you.

Who Are Woof and Brew?

The Woof and Brew team consist of Steve Bennett, Lisa Morton, and Nick Gandon, who between them have a combined knowledge of dog-friendly venues, food and drink brands and tea. All huge dog lovers they have used their talents to create an amazing range of dog teas.

There is no doubt from looking at their website that a lot of research and development has gone into the brand, along with the all-important seal of approval from the veterinary world.

Woof and Brew Products

All their teas come in a tonic form and also a tea bag, so you have the convenience of a ready-made product as well as tea bags.

None of the herbs in the product are ground, in order to keep the maximum nutritional benefits for you dog.

Their doggy tea range consists of:

Feel Good Blend

• Supports general well-being
• Rich in minerals and vitamins

Senior Blend

• Helps support joints and mobility
• Aids circulation

Fresh Breath Blend

• Aids natural fresh breath
• Oral and digestive benefits

Skin and Coat Blend

• High in essential fatty acids
• Cleansing properties to help detoxify

Anxiety Blend

• Natural calming and anxiety relief
• Benefits body and mind

Digestion Blend

• Benefits digestive systems
• Formulated for general well being

They also have a range of other products, including a drink to stop your dog’s pee burning your lawn and some delicious treats.

Benefits of Woof and Brew Herbal Dog Tea

The main benefit from this herbal tea is that you are getting key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your dog’s diet on a daily basis. Something that they may not be getting with their regular food.

There are also a number of other benefits based on the specific tea you purchase, for example, the breath freshening can improve the smell of your dog’s breath.

All of the blends of herbs that are used have been approved as safe for dogs and cats (if you cat were to accidently drink some) and have all been classed as ‘veterinary approved as safe’.

How Much Does Woof and Brew Herbal Dog Tea Cost?

The tea comes in 2 formats, tea bags and pre-made in a bottle. The tea bags are more cost efficient, but depending on your needs you may find the pre-made option more convenient.

7 Day Tea Bags – £3.99
28 Day Tea Bags – £9.99
Tonic £6.99

*Prices correct at time of the article.

Each tea bag makes 1 litre of tea which your dog can drink over the course of the day. If your dog is not drinking all of their tea you can always make it with less water and add it to their food.

Full instructions to make the tea can be found on the packaging or the website.

Review of Woof and Brew Herbal Dog Tea

We checked out 2 of their tea flavours to see what our 2 dogs thought of them.


I really liked the packaging, it was clean and compact with very clear instructions on how to use the product. There are also full details of their website and contact information, along with the ingredients and health benefits. The resealable bag is also extremely handy.

Tea bags

I must admit they are super fancy looking tea bags, a lot nicer looking than your regular human tea bag. I really felt that I was making something quite fancy and special for my dogs.

Easy of Making

Super simple – your dog could probably make it themselves.

Verdict from the dogs

The dogs were both really interested in the tea when I put it down for them and rushed over to check it out. Coco sniffed and walked away, but then she tends to be a little more picky over things that are new to her.

She was however fine when I added some to her food, so I think either she needs more time to get used to it as her water supply or she will be having it over her dinner.

Update – since I posted Coco decided she was going to drink all of Joeys left over tea! Found her in the kitchen drinking it and then licking her lips! Must be good!

Joey however was happy to drink it and seemed to enjoy it.

I didn’t take their regular water supply away and I think the real results of how much they like it will happen over a longer period of time. Adding it to their dinner seems a good way to ensure they are both getting the right amount of it each day and benefiting from the herbs.

To find out more about Woof and Brew you can visit their website below.

Visit the Woof and Brew Website


How To Make Woof And Brew Tea

Let us know in the comments below if you have tried the Woof and Brew tea and what you and your dog thought of it.


Note: I received samples of the Woof and Brew tea mentioned above for free to assist in an article we were writing about the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.