Review Of SHRU Cat Toy: The Intelligent Cat Companion


As a cat owner it’s so much fun to watch your cat play with toys. However, cats can be fussy when it comes to what they play with and so finding the perfect cat toy that your cat loves can be a real challenge.

When we saw the SHRU cat toy we were intrigued to find out more about it and how it works – so we got in touch with the company to ask them a few questions.

Tell us about the SHRU Cat Toy

SHRU is an automatic, electronic cat toy designed to entertain your cat while you are out. Cat owners can turn SHRU on in the morning when they leave the house and SHRU will play for 5-15 minutes per hour and then “rest” (or to a cat – is killed). It turns back on every hour or whenever your cat nudges or swats at SHRU.

SHRU automatically detects obstacles and changes direction; if your cat traps SHRU, it starts shaking back and forth to “struggle”, mimicking the true hunting experience.

SHRU was originally a Kickstarter project launched in early 2014! We had 5000 Kickstarter backers and just finished shipping all of these out to our loyal backers. The response has been incredible, people writing to tell us that their elderly/inactive cats come running from other rooms to stalk SHRU when they hear it turn on.

We truly wanted to build “the better cat toy” that would keep cats engaged and active throughout the day so that cat staff can take a rest when they get home from a busy day.

Why will our customers love the SHRU Cat Toy?

SHRU was designed as an aesthetic, long-lasting alternative to the many cheaply-made products on the market.

Not only will SHRU keep your cat entertained and active while you’re out, the battery lasts for several days of play and will survive a trip down the stairs!


How do you make your clients’ tails wag like crazy?

SHRU is not another cat toy, it’s a cat companion, designed to be your cat’s new best friend. It automatically responds to your cat’s play by mimicking a small animal’s erratic movement and sound, is rechargeable by USB, and you can configure SHRU to operate in different play modes to keep kitty on her toes.

Do you have any fancy awards / qualifications that you want to tell us about?

Extreme Cat Entertainment Enthusiast Tech Nerd of the Decade! (I Love this award!!)

What is the one thing that you (or your staff) love most about dealing with animals every day?

Where do we start? Testing toys on cats can be both heart-breaking (when it doesn’t work) and heart-warming (when it does). We performed extensive testing on a vast array of kittens and cats as we strived to  bring out the tiger in every little cat with our toy. By mimicking true prey, SHRU has received an outstanding response among SHRU-owners, including reports of geriatric kitties running from other rooms when SHRU turns on.

Pet Sitters Ireland Review of the SHRU cat toy.

We were delighted to receive a complimentary SHRU cat toy for our Cat Smug. We were excited to see how he got on with the toy and if he enjoyed playing with it.

I was impressed with the packaging and design of the toy. It came with really clear instructions on how to charge it and how to download the app to select the play mode for him.

It only took an hour to charge and I must say when I turned it on our 2 dogs were very intrigued. They were fascinated by the noise and movement – although this isn’t a dog friendly toy, so they could only look and not play with it!

Smug is quite a reserved cat when it comes to playing with things, I think he considers himself too cool to play with toys. However living in the country he does like to hunt mice – so when I saw the videos of this toy I knew he would take an interest in it.

He quickly got to know the sound of it turning on and was definitely initially attracted by the movement of the feathers that you attach to the end of it. At first he just was hitting it with his tail…not sure if he was annoyed by it or just acting too cool to play with it.

After a few minutes he jumped on it and started hitting it about. He seemed to really be enjoying it and seemed intrigued by it’s movement! It’s definitely a great way for a cat to be active inside the home, and it’s so much fun to watch. It’s such a clever toy the way it moves and responds to the cats action – I’ve never seen anything like this before.

What I love most about the SHRU is it’s durability and unique design. I love that you can change the setting to different play types and length, and also that it is rechargeable – rather than needing batteries. And I just love watching Smug play with it.

The SHRU Cat Toy gets a big paws up from myself and Smug and we think your cat will LOVE it too!

See SHRU in Action!.

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