Review of Wentworth Puzzles

Jigsaws have been around for years. They are a bit of a classic puzzle really, something that people probably associate with their older relatives and pictures of trains and scenes of the countryside.

When you think of a jigsaw you might even think of missing pieces and hours trying to find them at the back of the cupboard at Christmas.

Well let me introduce you to Wentworth Puzzles!

These are the creme de la creme of jigsaws  – the stylish and luxurious jigsaw that you actually want to put together.

PackagingWentworth Jigsaw review

The jigsaw arrived very well packaged, which meant the box was not damaged or dented in any way. Once I opened the box the jigsaw pieces
were in a luxury pull string back, which meant all the pieces were kept together.

The entire packaging gave a really good first impression and I would be happy to send this as a gift to a friend or family member. I felt that it had been sent with love and care.

The wooden jigsaw pieces are very well made – being both sturdy and bright. You might have had jigsaws in the past where the pieces were bent or torn, but these are extremely high quality and made to last.

I received the raining cats and dogs jigsaw where a number of the pieces were actually in the shape of the animals. This was a really nice touch and made the puzzle much more interesting.

The quality, shape and design of the pieces was very impressive.

Value For Money

The Raining Cats and Dogs jigsaw I received was a sample for review purposes, however I would happily have paid full price for it. At £25.95. I think it’s an affordable gift which actually looks a lot more expensive than it was.

What I love is the range of unique designs, meaning it’s not just another jigsaw.

The Gift Factor

Wentworth Jigsaw ReviewThis would make a fabulous gift for a jigsaw puzzle lover. There are lots of different designs to choose from and I think you could find something to suit anyone’s taste.

There are even lots of children’s jigsaw puzzles, which would make a great birthday gift. No more wondering what to buy when your child is invited to another birthday party.

I loved the idea of jigsaw wedding invitations, that is such a unique way to invite quests to your wedding. It’s fun and personalised…and best of all not all your friends will have thought about getting them!

Where to get one

You can order online at

Visit their Facebook Page at

Read their great blog at

Have you bought a Wentworth Jigsaw Puzzle? What did you love about it?



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