Review Of The Treat Launcher

We love all things dog at our house, so we were delighted to be given the Treat Launcher to try out with your 2 pointers Coco and Joey.Treat Launcher

Coco and Joey are not the best fetchers in the world. Throw a ball and Coco just looks at you like you are mad. Joey will chase it, but he’s not
keen to give it back then. However the 2 of them both love treats  – so I had hope that if there were treats involved then they would be interested!

The launcher came really well packaged, which was very impressive. It’s a hard item to package really  – but the packing department did a great job.

The dogs were actually excited to see what was in there and even more excited when a pack of treats fell out as I opened it.

I was very impressed it came with 2 packs of treats. It meant that I could try it out with them straight away.

The launcher is sturdy and seems well made, and the container for the treats fitted into the launcher with ease.

Coco and Joey did a lot of jumping up and down at the smell of the treats and seemed excited by the prospect of being given something.

So outside we went!!

The first time I launched the treat ball it didn’t open – which was totally my fault. I was a bit afraid of breaking it! So I did a bit of a half hearted launch.

Treat LauncherBut, Joey did bring it back to me! Which was a bit of a shocker.

The second time I launched it the ball opened and all the treats came out. There was a race then to see who could eat the most of them.

Joey didn’t bring it back though this time. He came back looking for me to throw more treats.

That didn’t surprise me as he is so focused on treats and he is still quite young.

The Verdict – 5 star!

This is a really good toy for dogs that like to chase and retrieve balls.

The dogs loved searching through the grass for their treats.

I think with more practice Joey would definitely get the hang of bringing the empty container back. Coco not so much! She would rather I fetched it! LOL!

Very impressed that it’s an Irish company  it’s nice to see products being launched here in Ireland.

Loved the story behind the product – was sad to hear that Toby didn’t get to see the launch of  it. I am sure he would be very proud.

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