Review Of The Pooch Post Dog Treat Subscription Box Service

Review of Pooch Post

Pooch Post is a dog treat subscription box service company based in Kildare. Each month 100’s of dogs across the UK and Ireland get a special treat in the post when their parents pay for a Pooch Post box to be delivered to their door.

As dog owners we know that it is hard to find new treats each month for your dog, so why not let someone else source the best treats they can for your four legged friends.

Pooch Post even support Irish Companies by including their treats in the boxes.

Why order a Pooch Post?

You might wonder why you don’t just pick up some treats when you do your shopping rather than commit yourself to a monthly subscription. But with a Pooch Post coming through the door each month you are guaranteed to have something more exciting than bills to open!

You can also be assured that Pooch post only source all-natural products that are safe for your dogs and come from well-known suppliers.

What is in the Pooch Post?

Every month there is something different for your dog to enjoy. Items range from dogs treats, dog supplies, drinks or dog toys, meaning that your dog will never get bored of the contents.

Pooch Post News

When you open the Pooch Post you will receive a leaflet which lists out everything that is in the box and also tells you a little bit about each product. This is a fantastic list for you to read through before you let your dogs loose on the box so that you know what is in there.

You also receive a copy of the Pooch Post News which has great articles about dogs and dog care.

This month articles included:

• Potential Poisons in Plain Sight
• The One Minute Dog Tip
• Canine First Aid Basics
• Medi-Crunch for Dogs
• Frosty Tuna Treats

Woof and Brew: Nom Doggy Treats x3

Nom Dog Treats

A selection of herbal tea infused treats, for poshest of pooches, for fresh breath and for skin and coats. The treats are wheat-gluten free, high meat content, no artificial colours and caffeine free.

Both of the dogs absolutely loved these. They were a big hit and I am sure they would have eaten all 3 packets given the chance. It’s nice to get healthy treats for the dogs that they love. I also liked the resealable bags that keep them fresh.

Soopa: Sweet Potato Chews

100% fruit and veg dog chews made from sweet potato. These are chewy and tasty, and all natural. They suit dogs of all sizes and they are healthy for your dogs treat.

Coco loves these, she’ll sit for hours and chew away at them. Joey likes them, although prefers meaty treats if they are on offer.

I like that these are healthy and chewy, and they take the dogs longer to eat.

Green & Wilde: Ronnie the Rhino

I loved Ronnie the Rhino Natural Eco toy. It’s a sturdy toy and has the plastic in the middle of it to make that noise that Joey loves! He goes crazy for plastic water bottles, even before you have finished drinking from them! So this was a really big hit.

Coco isn’t really a big fan of toys, she’s far too cool to be seen playing with them! So she happily let

Joey play with this while she had chewed away on her sweet potato treats.

Woof and Brew: Drinkies


I’ve reviewed the Woof and Brew Tea before and I was delighted to see that there was a ready made bottle of water to try in this month’s Pooch Post. There is something quite fancy about buying bottled water for your dog, but it was certainly a hit with the dogs.

Joey was slightly more interested in the plastic water bottle and had it destroyed in about 30 seconds!

Dublin Pet Expo: Free Adult Entry

Great addition to the box was a voucher to get into the RDS Pet Expo worth 10 euro. If you are in the Dublin area and are thinking of going then it’s certainly a really good offer.

How Much Does A Pooch Post Dog Subscription Box Service Cost?

Each monthly box contains around 5 products and there are savings to be made the longer you sign up for.

1 Month 29 euro per month
3 Months 27 euro per month
6 Months 24 euro per month

Orders are shipped on the 15th of each month, so If you get your order in before the 12th you should be guaranteed a fantastic box of treats for your dog.

Will Your Dog Like a Pooch Post Subscription Box Each Month?

I can safely say, without a doubt, that your dog will love it! What dog wouldn’t want a box of treats and toys sent to them every month?

And, from experience, I can say that you will love it too. I know I love getting gifts in the post and it’s nice to be able to get them for my dogs.

Have You Tried A Pooch Post Subscription Box? Let Us Know What Your Dog Thought In The Comments Below.

Note: I received the Pooch Post Box mentioned above for free to assist in an article we were writing about the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.