Review Of K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys

K9 Connectables

Finding fun, interactive toys for your dog can be a challenge especially if you are looking for an Irish brand. It’s always nice to get something different for your dogs that keeps them active and also makes them work for their treats.

I know my 2 dogs are so quick to inhale treats and so the interactive play really suits them.

I was therefore delighted to see a new brand on the market and be given the chance to review K9 Connectables with Coco and Joey.

Who Are K9 Connectables?

Based in Dublin K9 Connectables are a team of dog owners who are really committed to getting innovative dog toys into the paws of pups. Most great pet products are inspired by the business owners pets and this is certainly true in this case. Their dog Sandy, the energetic lab, needed something that would keep her active and also satisfy her love of chewing.

So the team designed a range of unique and very eye catching toys to do just that.

Features Of The K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys

  • Designed in Ireland
  • Stuff with treats or peanut butter for interactive play
  • Connect the different shapes together
  • Suitable for average chewers
  • Vet approved
  • Safe and Durable
  • Launcher compatible
  • They float!

    The Dentist – Purple and Pink

Pros Of The K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys

It’s an Irish Brand.

I love that Ireland is creating more pet products than ever before. It’s nice to know that innovative ideas for pet products are being born in Ireland.

It’s made up of different shapes and sizes.

If you have a dog that loves to destroy things you will understand the pain when you buy them a toy and within minutes it’s destroyed. With this K9 Connectables you make a large toy out of the smaller toys. So if one gets destroyed you can replace it or even just remove it.

The Tech Bone – Pink

It’s Interactive

My youngest dog Joey is a ball of energy. He is on the go all day long and so he needs things to occupy his mind and keep him out of mischief. Interactive toys are a great way to do this.

I also like the dogs to work a little bit for their treats. Particularly Joey who inhales treats! It’s nice to be able to slow him down for a few minutes.

It’s Colourful!

This has nothing to do with the toys ability to entertain your dog but I love the colours. They are really bright and vibrant. It’s a definitely plus for me to buy something that is not only great for the dogs but is also eye catching.

Cons Of The K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys

The are no real cons of the toys themselves I would just like to see some more instructions on the website about how they work.

Maybe more examples of how you can put them together for best use for different sized dogs.

The Original – Pink and Purple

Let’s Review K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys

Long term I will be interested to see how long these last Joey. He is an little devil for destroying his toys in minutes. I bought him an Extra Large Extreme Kong before and he bit the end off in about 45 seconds!

The K9 Connectables does seem to keep him more occupied and he’s not focused quite so much on just having to destroy it.

Note – the toy is designed for average chewers

As soon as I had it in my hand he was excited. It’s like he knows there is something for him. You will see in the video below his tail was going constantly with excitement.

I love this new style of toy. It’s great you can make your own shapes and styles from it and I love interactive toys in general.

Definitely a Paws Up from Joey!

If you want to treat your dog you can order a K9 Connectables online at

Lets See How Much Fun Joey Had!

Let us know if you try out the K9 Connectables and what your dog thought of them in the comments below!

Note: I received the K9 Connectables mentioned above for free to assist in an article we were writing about the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.