Review of The Dog Treat Company All Natural Dog Treats

The Dog Treat Company

Finding healthy dog treats that are all natural can sometimes be challenging, especially at an affordable price. Sometimes we just don’t have time to bake anything ourselves and so finding a supplier that can send us all natural dog treats direct to our door can be a real blessing. This is where The Dog Treat Company could be the perfect answer for you and your dog.

Who Are The Dog Treat Company?

The Dog Treat company was born out of the owners own need for healthy dog treats for their dogs. Sick of buying treats full of additives they started making their own treats for their dogs.
Once the recipe was perfected using only the best ingredients they decided to start their own business selling treats to people all over the UK.

What Is Different About Their Dog Treats?

It’s clear from the website that they are very committed to good ingredients. All their packaging and promotional material also reinforce the same message.

There is no added salt, no added sugar, no dyes and chemicals and no meat meal.

Instead, they only use human grade ingredients that they would be happy to eat themselves, including chicken liver, vegetables, and herbs and spices.

Their Ethos is

If you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why would you give it to your best friend?

What Dog Treats Do They Sell?

Treat Pouches

These are 40g pouches are treats that come in 6 different flavours. You can purchase 4 pouches the same or opt for a mixed pack of pouches.


Liver treats full of vitamins, minerals and amino acidsThe Dog Treat Company Pouch

Run Free

Good for joints and bones.

Calm Moments

To help with relaxation – perfect for chilling out with added chamomile.

Fabulous Fur

For beautiful skin and fur.

Joie De Vivre

For increased vitality and an immunity boost.

Take My Breath Away

For fresh and healthy breath.

Treat TinsThe Dog Treat Company Tin

All of the above flavours also come in a 100g tin. You can purchase a set of 3 tins at once in the same flavour. The tins are handy, although I would quite like to see a large pouch instead of the tin as it’s much easier to dispose of.

Happy BoxesThe Dog Treat Company Box

These are a great idea, especially as they should fit through most letter boxes. Each box contains 4 x 60g trays in a range of different flavours.

The names they have given each of the box options are also quite cool.

• Barking Up The Right Treats
• You Can Teach An Old Dog New Treats
• Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed
• Lean Mean Running Machine
• Hair of the Dog
• Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
• Fussy Pots

My favourite names are Hair of The Dog and Fussy Pots. Love them!

Subscribe and Save

They offer really good discounts for anyone that signs up for 6 months at a time. If your dog loves them, then there are amazing savings to be had by opting for this option. Plus you get the added benefit of them just arriving each month without you having to think about it.

The Verdict


I was so impressed with the packaging of the product. The design work and presentation certainly give the feel of a luxury dog treat.

I liked that everything can be resealed and even the box of treats has an empty pouch for you to use if you want to take the treats with you somewhere.


The range of flavours is really good and it’s very clear that the company are very focused on promoting that they are healthy treats.

The leaflet that came in the box made it really clear for me to see that I was getting a premium product that was healthy and natural for my dogs.

What Did Joey and Coco Think?

My 2 Pointers were extremely excited when I opened the box, Joey could barely contain himself! Having unpacked everything onto my desk I later caught Joey trying to steal one of the tins of treats. I’m not sure he had thought it through properly as to how he would open the tin!

They both loved them though. Coco is really fussy and she was queuing up for them.

I am not sure that they preferred one flavour over the other, as it was a bit of a frenzy every time I got a new one for them to try. Anyone would think they never got treats!

If you want healthy, natural and affordable treats delivered to your door then I would definitely recommend these. I would also consider opting for the subscribe and save option.

Where Can You Buy The Dog Treats?

You can visit The Dog Treat Company Website at the following link and order your treats online.

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