Dog Walkers Tips: Choosing A Red Dog Collar

There are so many Dog Collars out there for sale on the internet that sometimes it is hard to choose which one will be best for your dog. Do you choose a Dog Collar for function only? Or do you take into account the colour of the collar. I am all about how nice Coco looks in her Dog Collar and she has her everyday Dog Collar and her Going Out fancy Dog Collar.

So what are the different Red Dog Collars that you could choose for your dog?

Red Velvet Dog Collar
Red Velvet Dog Collar

I absolutely love these Red Velvet Dog Collars that come all the way from the the USA. These Dog Collars are 100% handmade, the Swiss Velvet is totally washable and they are also naturally stain resistant. They are just so stylish and come with matching dog leads and a Velvet Flower to fasten onto the collars.

I think the red would look stunning on any dog, it would really stand our on a Black Dog, but would look equally good on a White Dog. They come in sizes XS – XL and the dog leads are available in thin or standard size. These are not available in Ireland anywhere else – so you will really be the envy of your doggie friends!

Red Leather Dog Collar

The Red Leather Dog Collars are extremely popular and are great quality – made with top grade leather.

There are matching Red Leather Dog Leads to go with them and the unique bone design makes them very unusual and individual pieces.

The Benefits of choosing a Leather Dog Collar are that it can last longer if taken care of properly – so although they cost more you will have them for longer. If your dog gets dirty often a leather collar can be easier to keep clean. They are of course very strong and are good for dogs of all sizes. The downside to a Leather Dog Collar is that your dog might find it tasty to chew – but that can happen with collars of all fabrics if you dog is a chewer!

The Walk-e-Woo range of Dog Collars that we stock Exclusively in Ireland are fantastic collars and offer the ultimate in style and unique design. They are suitable for small and large dogs and come in sizes XS to XL. They are tough, fade resistant and handmade in the USA.

Red Dog Collar
Red Dog Collar

They come in a range of colours and also different designs. They are extremely vibrant and a must for any Fashion Conscious Dog.

Coco has the Red Martini Dog Collar and matching Dog Lead and she looks fantastic out and about in it. It really stands out and she gets loads of compliments on it – of course all of which she appreciates!

If Red is not a colour that you or your dog likes – then don’t worry we have Dog Collars in all colours!



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