Recycled Dog Beds

Choosing a bed for your pet is easy, but choosing one that is also environmentally friendly is not always so easy.

These cats and dog beds allow you to recycle your old clothes and bedding, something which we all knows dogs love to snuggle up in.

It’s a 2 part purchase. Firstly you get your stuff sack. This allows you to keep all the clothing and bedding together.

Secondly your gather up any old clothes or bedding that you have. These can be anything that you are not using, even the stuffing off your dogs old bed.

Step 2 - Gather your old clothing/bedding for the stuffing
Step 3 - Fill the Stuff Sack with bedding/clothing

Step 3: Once you have the stuffing you can fill your stuff sack full of items.

Step 4: Put the lovely new cover on your beds pet.

Step 4 - put the cover on your stuff bed ready!!

We have a range of different covers to choose from, in different designs and sizes, and these beds can be used for cats or dogs.

So whether you want a round bed or a square bed, and whether its for a cat or a dog then we have something to suit you.

Head on over to the site and see which bed suits your cat or dog.

So check out our cat beds and dog beds, and recycle at the same time!



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