Read What Your Pet Baby Sitter Is Getting Up To With Your Pets!

For many people their pets are like their babies. They are such an important part of their family, that they want someone to take very special care of them when they travel away.

A recent survey suggests that dogs bond with their owners like a baby would with their mother. So when you are away from home you want someone to take care of your pets the way that you would – to make it less stress and hassle for both you and your pets.

So as crazy as you might think it sounds to look for a Pet Baby Sitter – that is just the service that a Pet Sitter can offer.

So what services can your Pet Baby Sitter Offer?

  • We can make special meals for your pets.
  • We can play their favourite games
  • We can sleepover with your pets
  • We can tuck them up in bed with their favourite toys
  • We can call over while you go out for a meal and watch a movie with your dog.
  • We can take your dog to their favourite park and hang out with them
  • We can offer your pets cuddles and love – like you would!
  • We can send you pictures of your pets hanging out with us
  • We can text you to let you know your pets are all safe and sound – giving you peace of mind!

Read what Jim thinks when we take care of his best friends.

Just want to say a massive thanks to Mike for looking after my two best friends Boadicea and Ponky while I was away.. I had to go away under stressful circumstances and you completely eradicated any worry about my cats on day 1, it was a weight off. To text me photos of them looking healthy and happy – fantastic. Such a relief to know I can go away any time and rely on a kind animal lover such as you to look after them. Thanks so much again!!

Does that sound like a service you would like for your pets?

Would your cat or dog prefer to hang out with a real human – rather than being locked up!

Don’t delay Freephone 1800 303010 and secure the best pet care services for your Pet Babies!



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