Quick and Effective Ways To Clean Up Pet Hair

Have you ever been at the grocery store or anywhere in public when someone, out of the blue, asks you if you have a dog or a cat at home? Chances are you’re like many pet owners who, upon hearing that familiar question, look down and notice your once spotless shirt or jacket is covered in fur or hair.

When you have pets with hair or fur, you’re going to have that hair or fur flying around at some point. And, no matter how hard you try, you’re inevitably going to appear in public, willingly or not, with the stray piece of hair or fur on you.

To combat that pesky fur and hair, be prepared at every moment.

Here are some quick and effective ways to clean up pet hair:

Pet Hair

Always have a roller brush nearby.

A roller brush, which you can generally purchase at a grocery or a home goods store, often quickly and easily picks up hair and fur from clothing, some furniture, and even the carpets. You should also be able to buy a travel size roller brush, which comes in handy for those times when you didn’t notice you had that extra glob of fur or hair on your clothing or coat.

Do it with duct tape.

A roll of duct tape can work just as well as the roller or lint brush and can quickly and effectively pick up those stragglers of hair and fur.

Plastic dishwashing gloves work wonders.

Grab a pack of plastic dishwashing gloves next time you’re at the store. Next time you need to clean up hair or fur, put them on and roll your hand back and forth on the surface from which you want to remove the fur. A ball will begin to form as you roll. Once it’s big enough, simply toss the fur or hair ball in the bin.

Try a damp cloth.

In a pinch, use a damp cloth to remove excess fur and hair from your clothing, carpets, and other surfaces. If you’re cleaning your linoleum or hardwood floors, for example, you can also opt for a damp mop. Many dog owners praise the effectiveness of a damp mop in cleaning up fur and hair.

Do you have a tried and true secret to quickly and effectively cleaning up pet hair? Share it with us!



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