Puzzle Dog Toy: The Odin by Up Dog Toys

As a dog owner we are always looking for the perfect dog toy to keep our dogs entertained. They love to play with new toys and I am a big fan of interactive dog toys that keep a dog’s mind active.

We’ve been on the look out for some cool new dog toys and came across the Odin puzzle dog toy. So we got in touch with them and asked them to tell us a little bit more about their product and how it works.

We would love to hear from you if you decide to order one and check them out for yourself.

Tell us about the Odin Puzzle Dog Toy

We are the creators of the The Odin, a modular puzzle dog toy, which is designed to look great in your home while also keeping your dog happy and healthy. It works by inserting treats or kibble into the flaps of the toy, then is rolled or pawed by your dog to allow the treats to fall out of the four differently sized holes. The Odin is also modular so that more than one can be connected to increase challenge and difficulty level. In addition, our toy is geometric and faceted, so it bounces and rolls unpredictably, making it more fun and interesting for your dog. We also donate 1% of every sale of The Odin to a local animal sanctuary to help other animals in need because we strongly believe in supporting our community.


Why will our customers love the Odin Puzzle Dog Toy

The Odin is much different than any other dog toy on the market because it looks so modern and sleek, but is also very functional. We believe the best consumer products are made with both of these things in mind.

We are also a company driven to make our customers (both doggy and human) happy and to support our community is various ways whether through donations or volunteering.

How do you make your clients’ tails wag like crazy?

We give them an opportunity to connect, interact and spend time with their humans when they play with our toy together.

Extra pets, snuggles and treats definitely work too!

Do you have any fancy awards / qualifications that  you want to tell us about?

We got our start as a company by crowdfunding on Kickstarter where we raised over $30,000 a little over a year ago.

What is the one thing that you (or your staff) love most about dealing with animals every day?

Seeing their smiley faces and wagging tails when they play with our toy and hearing stories of how happy it makes people to see their dog enjoy our toy so much. One of our goals is bring people and dogs together and strengthen their bond, so it’s very satisfying when we see this occurring everyday.

We are happy to answer any questions via email at info@updogtoys.com!

Want to get in touch about the Odin Puzzle Dog Toys

Contact Name: Michelle Moy

Business Address: 1530 15th Ave Unit 410, Seattle WA 98122, USA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UpDogToys/

Twitter: @updogtoys

Website: www.updogtoys.com

Contact Number: 1-510-435-9196

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