Puppy Training Tips: Dog Training With Joey (wk4) and Ceser Milan

Joey and Dog TrainingAnother week of training done with Joey, and this week he was off to a flying start! He has really mastered giving the paw – in fact he is using is non-stop! It’s a bit like when he learnt to sit, and then that was all he did for days. I think all these treats are his only incentive – but it’s cute ­čÖé

There was nothing new this week at training, he still isn’t lying down for a treat – but he can give 2 paws instead. So I would say that makes him Super Special!

We still have a jumper – so this week I decided to watch some of Ceser Milans shows on TV. I set Sky up to record a few and Saturday evening Mike and I sat down to watch them.

I was quite surprised by his methods and most surprised there was not a treat insight! Everything we have been learning at training has been about reward based training…treat treat treat!

Instead he seems to do a lot of shoving and jabbing the dog.

There was no doubt he did some good work with one dog who had an issue with food, and had bit his owner quite badly when he tried to take a treat from him, but the method is very much about over powering your dog.

So I took to Facebook to see what some of our readers thought – and seems Ceser isn’t that popular!

We’ll be at training this week again, and I will be looking into┬áVictoria Stillwell to see how we like her methods.

Crate training is still going slow – yesterday was the first time I put him in his crate and he hadn’t messed when I got back. I think changing his feeding routine may have worked – so fingers crossed on that one.

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