5 Ways a Pet Sitter Can Help When Introducing a New Puppy to Your Family


A new puppy is one of the most special times in your family’s life. But it can be stressful with everything your family already has going on in your lives.

In fact more and more new puppy owners are admitting to experiencing ‘puppy blues’.  Where they might wondering if it was really a good idea to get a puppy!

The reality can be different than the dream.

  • It’s a lot of work!
  • And it’s a huge adjustment for your family.
  • And it’s natural to feel a bit anxious.

But rest assured, it’s an adjustment period for you and your pup and within a matter of weeks they’ll be part of the family and you’ll wonder what you did without them.

And a Pet Sitter can help the process go even more smoothly.

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5 Ways a Pet sitter Can Help When Introducing a New Puppy to Your Family

#1. Pet Sitting when you’re busy

One of the biggest realisations for new puppy owners is just how tying having a puppy can be. Especially if you have a busy family life. A Pet Sitter can help with toilet breaks and visits to ensure your pup doesn’t get bored or anxious while you get on with the things you can’t or don’t want to bring your puppy along to yet. Like work, sports practice, family meals, the gym, cinema or shopping to name a few!

#2. Routine

Establishing a routine is vital in settling your puppy into family life. But it can be hard when you have work, school runs and other things to juggle! Puppy visits and puppy walks can help with the routine when you can’t stick to it.

We can call to your home as many times during the day as your puppy needs to make sure they are getting enough breaks.

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#3. Training

A Professional Pet Sitter can help re-enforce training your puppy. Just let them know what and how you’re training your pup and your Pet Sitter can help.

Sometimes it’s easier for a Pet Sitter as they’re used to dealing with lots of animals and it’s harder for your pup to wrap them around their little finger!

#4.Unexpected trips

You’ve probably planned for your puppy’s arrival and are prepared to spend time settling them in. But life happens! And whether it’s work or a family situation, you may be called away unexpectedly. And that’s when a Pet Sitter can step in and help.

#5. A well earned break!

As I said, lots of people find it overwhelming when they first get a new puppy. The sleepless nights and adjusting to your new furry family member are challenging! So don’t feel bad about taking a break. Especially when you leave your pup in the capable hands of a Professional Pet Sitter.

And anything else you need help with to take care of your puppy while you get on with your life! Just ask and we can find a way to help most requests!

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