Pros And Cons Of Leaving The Radio On For Your Dog

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Dogs often spend considerable time home alone, especially if their family works every day. A dog walker can help break up the monotony of the day by giving your dog a chance to exercise, to go to the toilet, and to enjoy companionship.

But, what about the rest of the day? Think of how slowly the hours can tick by when you’re bored. Now put yourself in your dog’s place: He’s totally dependent upon you to provide him with everything he needs, including entertainment.

Many people leave the radio or the television on to give their dogs the sense they are not alone and to keep them entertained. Some people adamantly believe that leaving the radio or television on for their pets is beneficial while others insist that it simply isn’t necessary.

Whether you leave the radio on for your dog is a personal decision, often best made after considering the pros and the cons of doing so.

Pros Of Leaving The Radio On For Your Dog

#1. Mask unpleasant sounds.

A lot happens outside during the day. The radio can mask such unpleasant sounds as fireworks, music, loud cars, children screaming, and sounds from your neighbours. If your dog becomes stressed by noise, you may find that soothing music helps put him at ease and masks the sounds that stress him out.

#2. Soothe an anxious pet.

Some pets are naturally nervous while others have experienced trauma in their lives that results in a nervous personality. Separation anxiety is common among dogs and other pets and the radio can help soothe an anxious pet. A visit from a dog walker each day can provide your dog with companionship and the dog walker can ensure that the radio or television is at an appropriate level for your dog prior to the conclusion of a visit.

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Cons Of Leaving The Radio On For Your Dog

#1. The sounds could become too loud.

Be very careful about the type of radio station you choose to leave on for your dog. Dogs have extremely sensitive hearing. If a noise sounds loud to you, amplify it by 10. That’s how loud it will be for your dog.

#2. Your dog might not like it.

Just like people, dogs have their own individual personalities. One dog may love having the radio or television left on while another might seek silence in another room. Before you leave the radio on for your dog, test how he reacts to having it on and to different stations you try. Does he run out of the room? Or does he lie down and appear relaxed?

Some experts advise, to those choosing to leave the radio on, finding a classical music station that plays light classical music as opposed to classical pieces with roaring booms. Some companies also sell music specifically for pets while television has also introduced stations, or shows, geared toward pets. Find what works best for your pet and go with that.

Keep in mind that pets have sensitive hearing, so don’t leave the volume too loud.

Let us know what you do? Do you leave the radio on or not? And if you do what is your dogs favourite channel!!!

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