Professional Dog Grooming: Your Dog Grooming Questions Answered

Grooming Questions Answered

In a recent article we talked about DIY Dog Grooming – but this week we are looking at Professional Dog Grooming and answering your questions.

Are you FRUSRATED trying to groom your dog yourself? WORRIED you are making your furry friends coat worse instead of better?

Expert Dog Groomer Dave from “The ELITE GROOMERS” based in Knocklyon, South Dublin has answered your most frequently asked questions…

So, worry no more!

Help is here ?

Your Dog Grooming Questions Answered

Who are “The Elite Groomers”?

Based in Knocklyon, South Dublin, Dave is one of the founding members of “The Elite Groomers” and was born into a dog family and has had a passion for our canine companions throughout his life.

His Mother bred, showed, and judged long haired standard dachshunds and Dave was helping out from an early age.

He has always had multiple dogs in his life and considers it a privilege to work with the animals he has such a passion for.

Originally working in the I.T industry the canine world kept calling and he changed career over a decade ago to take care of the animals he loves.

Currently two 14-year-old Shih Tzus and a 2-year-old Goldendoodle share his home.

Dave is a member of the IPGDA (Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association) with over 12 years’ experience in the dog grooming business and has been involved in over 30,000 dog grooming visits.

His pet care service takes care of an average of 100 dog grooming visits each week.

What age should I start bringing my puppy to a groomer at and why?

Around 15 weeks is the ideal age to start bringing your puppy to your local groomer.

This will ensure your puppy gets used to being handled and will continue to enjoy the experience of being groomed as they get older.

When you visit “The Elite Groomers” in Knocklyon the new addition to your family will have a “Puppy Pamper” treatment which will introduce them to the concept of dog grooming and will be the foundation for maintaining a healthy coat.

Their experienced groomers are also happy to help you take care of your dogs’ coat in between grooming visits and can offer guidance on how you can maintain their coats at home.

Education courses are available, and you can take a flyer home to help guide you.

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How often does my dog need to visit their dog groomer?

How often you need to bring your pet to the groomer varies by breed.

A high maintenance coat such as a Bichon Frise has, would need to visit a groomer every 6 weeks whereas a lower maintenance coat such as a German Shephard would only need to visit 3 times a year.

If you have a pet with a higher maintenance coat it is essential that you brush your dogs’ coat thoroughly in between visits. A Bichon would need to be brushed 2 or 3 times per week.

The increasingly popular Cockapoo is another example of a coat that should be groomed every 6 weeks to keep their coat detangled.

This grooming cycle will ensure your dog avoids matting of their coats, which can cause extreme discomfort and may lead to their coat having to be shaved.    

What do I need to do in between grooms: Should you groom your dog yourself?

So, what do we need to do to help our dogs in between grooms?

Brushing their coat regularly is what you need to focus on.

Their groomer can take care of checking their eyes, ears, nails as well as coats at your regular visit.

A tip from Dave at “The Elite Groomers” is to ensure you have the correct brush and you will need a comb also to brush through any knots.

They can advise you on the correct brush for your dog and can also order it in for you, giving you great peace of mind that you are doing the best you can for your precious pet.

Certain breeds may need maintenance on their eyes for example in between their grooming visits.

Yorkshire Terriers need their eyes cleaned regularly and warm water and cotton wool will do the job at home until your next visit.


How often do my dogs nails need to be cut?

Something you should never try at home is cutting your dog’s nails.

There is a vein running through your dog’s nail and it can be difficult to avoid it, particularly if your dog’s nail is black.

Dog Groomers are experts at doing this safely and will check each nail at the grooming visit.

How often your dog’s nails need to be cut depends on if you walk them on concrete (as this helps wear down the nail) and also the breed of dog you have can have an effect.

As your pet usually only sees their vet once a year at their annual check-up, you will need to visit your groomer in between, to keep their nails in safe condition.

Their dew claw is especially important to keep an eye on as they can curl in and get embedded causing pain and infection.

Keeping a dogs’ nails the proper length is a critical part of keeping a dog healthy and pain free.

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Is my pet too old to bring to a groomer?

At “The Elite Groomers” they take care of all ages of dogs and for those who are getting a little older they may consult with you and ask for a vet certification that your older pal is ok to groom.

This would outline any heart, breathing or limb issues that would highlight areas where extra gentle care needs to be given. 

At every visit, the first stage includes an examination of your dog and your groomer will assess if your older dog may need some extra supports during the grooming process, always ensuring they are comfortable.

With over 30,000 grooming sessions performed over the last few years and averaging 100 grooming visits per week, they are a team with a wealth of experience, including one who was a veterinary nurse before she changed career to become a dog groomer, so will always have peace of mind.

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Am I ok to bring my dog who has a health issue?

The process is similar to the extra care an older dog may need, so again a vet certification would outline what would be suitable for your pet. 

It may be breathing issues that some flat nosed breeds such as pugs, boxers or bulldogs suffer with and in this instance for example your furry pal can be hand dried to ensure they are comfortable.

The main benefits of grooming for your pet?

Matting of your dogs’ coat can cause all kinds of issues for them, ranging from skin irritations to restricting blood flow and limb movement… A regular visit to their local groomer will avoid these issues and we all know “Prevention is better than cure”.

Early detection of any lumps and bumps is one of the most important benefits of a visit to your groomers… they will highlight anything unusual they come across during the session and offer guidance on whether a visit to your vet may be needed.

Psychologically dogs benefit from the handling and massage elements of the groom giving your pet that “feel good” factor we get from a pampering session at our favourite spa.

Grooming Dog At Home

Is my dog too anxious to visit a groomer?

At “The Elite Groomers” their years of experience welcoming dogs means that even the most nervous pets will relax when they visit.

Dogs do pick up on our energy and calm handling will ensure they will settle in and enjoy their pamper session and a happy, relaxed dog will greet you, when you return to collect them. 

Do all dogs need to be groomed?

Yes, when you look at the benefits a grooming session offers for their mental as well as physical well-being, all dogs deserve the special treatment only a professional dog groomer can provide.

Also, as many an owner of a short haired breed can attest to … a Jack Russell, Beagle, Labrador (the list goes on) do indeed shed their coats and the evidence is all over their sofas, floors and beds.

Treat your Dog to a VIP Treatment!

So, no matter how big or small, fluffy or short-haired, puppy or growing old gracefully, canine pal you have at home, treat them to a regular visit to their local groomer.

They are after all the “VIP” in your family “Very Important Pet” ?

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