[Episode 26] 5 Tips To Prepare For Your Pet Sitter

How To Prepare For Your Pet Sitter

5 Tips To Prepare For Your Pet Sitter

#1. Decide On A Schedule

Think about the routine that your pets normally have and then create a schedule that most closely matches that. For example if your pets get fed morning and evening you might want to have visits morning and evening.

#2. Complete Your Pet Care Profile

Make sure you update your online pet care profile with all of the information we need to know to take care of your pets. You can watch our registration and booking videos to help you with this process.

#3. Arrange Your Meet and Greet

Make sure you make time for your Meet and Greet. This is the time when you and your pets get to meet the Pet Sitter and they can find out all about you and your pet’s needs.

Don’t forget to check those keys in the door before they leave!

#4. Check Your Pet Supplies

This is the last job before you go on holiday! Make sure you have enough supplies for your pets. Is there enough food, bedding, treats, medication etc.

#5. Enjoy Your Holiday

Most importantly we want you to enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge that we are here taking care of your pets. After each visit you will receive a pet care journal letting you know that your pets are safe and your home is secure. Most importantly we will also send you pictures of your pets!

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