Episode 38: Interview With Jason Hernandez: Pooch Selfie

Pooch Selfie

In this episode of the Podcast we talk to Jason Hernandez of Pooch Selfie all about taking the perfect pictures of your pets, how the Pooch selfie came about and what this now means for people who want to take the perfect picture of their pets.

We learn:

  • Where the idea for Pooch Selfie came from.
  • What products Pooch Selfie offer and how they work.
  • The charitable work that Pooch Selfie do.
  • Some tips for people to take the perfect selfie with their dog.
  • What plans Pooch Selfie have for other products

You can purchase Pooch Selfie at the following location www.poochselfie.com and enter the code LOVE2SELFIE for a 20% discount.

Corgis make the world go round! ?????? @magsthecorgi

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