Pooch Selfie: Take The Best Selfie With Your Dog

I have 100’s of pictures of my dogs on my phone, but trying to get that perfect selfie when your dog is looking straight at the camera is hard. So when I saw the Pooch Selfie as a Kickstarter Project I thought this could be the perfect answer to those selfie problems!

So we got in touch with the owners to find out a little bit more about where the idea for the Pooch Selfie came from and how it works.

Tell Us About the Pooch Selfie

Pooch Selfie™ is the original smartphone device which allows pet lovers to take the absolute best selfies with their dogs.   Each Pooch Selfie™ comes with one attention grabbing squeaking ball and one custom smartphone attachment.

This product is an ode to the love of our two rescue pets: Logan and Sadie. We are a husband and wife company who have truly taken a dream idea which was created out of our love for our fur children, and turned this idea into a product we want to share with the world!


Why will our customers love the Pooch Selfie?

Pooch Selfie™ is the first product of its kind.  It literally changes the way pet owners take pictures of and with their dogs.  Once you use Pooch Selfie™ you will never go back to taking a picture with your dog any other way.

How do you make your clients’ tails wag like crazy?

Our clients are extremely happy with the results Pooch Selfie™ has provided.  Our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook tags are growing with happy customers who are happy with the results they are getting with our product.



What is the one thing that you (or your staff) love most about dealing with animals every day?

We love the smile an animal brings.  As any dog lover would attest, our pets are a member of our families.  We want to capture those special moments with them and remember those times for years to come.  Portraits, selfies, funny faces, we love all pictures of our animals.

Get in touch about the Pooch Selfie

Contact Name: Jason Hernandez

Business Address: PO Box 122375, San Diego, CA 92112

Facebook Profile: www.Facebook.com/poochselfie

Twitter: @poochselfie

Website: www.poochselfie.com

Contact Number: +16193849671

We would love to hear from you if you have tried the Pooch Selfie – let us know how you got on in the comments below!