3 Reasons Not To Play Pokemon While You Walk Your Dog


If you’ve not heard of Pokemon yet you have probably been living under a rock! Everywhere you look someone is talking about it, posting pictures of it or sharing stories about it.

According to survey monkey Pokemon is the biggest mobile game in US history based on the number of daily users, overtaking users of the popular candy crush game.

This interactive game has certainly got people talking and more importantly walking, which is the genius part of it. While it’s certainly one of those games you could easily get hooked on, it’s also getting people out and about while they play it.

Businesses are also set to cash in on the craze as they try to lure people into their stores as part of the interactive game.

What Is Pokemon?

Pokemon combines the real and virtual world to allow players to search for Pokemon characters using their phone. It’s free to download and the aim of the game is to catch as many of the different characters as you can as you move about with the game. You can read more about what Pokemon is in this article. Or watch the video below.

3 Reasons Not To Play Pokemon While You Walk Your Dog

No doubt that the game is getting people off the sofa and out into their local area, but it is something you should play while walking your dog.

We looked at 3 reasons why you might want to leave your dog at home while you play the game.

Your Dog Needs Attention

When you have your head in your phone how much attention are you paying to your dog? Are you really aware of what they are sniffing at, what they are possibly eating and what other dogs, people or kids are coming towards you?
While walking your dog should be a fun and enjoyable daily activity, you still need to be alert to what is going on around you.

You Could Get Hurt

I know what it’s like when you are so engrossed in something on your phone that you don’t even hear the people around you that are talking to you.

You are so focused on what is happening in that moment that nothing else matters to you. It could be easy to just forget where you are and step out into the road at the wrong moment.

Or maybe you don’t notice that your dog has seen another dog across the road that they just HAVE to talk to and pulls you out into the road.

You Are Missing Out on Bonding Time

I know when I walk my dogs it’s my time to have a little chat with them and tell them how great they are as we explore the local area.

If my head is stuck in my phone then we are missing out on all those memories. The alone time for just me and my dogs.

Can Pokemon Be Good for Dog Walking?

A rescue in the US is certainly embracing the Pokemon craze and inviting Pokemon players into their rescue to help walk dogs.

A great idea for them to get much-needed help and who knows one of the Pokemon players might even adopt a dog!


Are you embracing the Pokemon craze or not? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Myimagine / Shutterstock.com