[Podcast] – Episode 4: #SaturdayNightSelfie, Keeping Your Pets Warm and Dog Walking in The Dark

This week we talk about our weekly #SaturdayNightSelfie and how we enjoy all the pictures that people post of their pets on a Saturday Night. Don’t forget to join in with us and use the hashtag #SaturdayNightSelfie when you post.

We also predict who will get kicked off the XFactor tonight.

We talk about keeping your pets safe and warm in the cold weather, and the steps you can take to ensure they are toasty warm during the cold spell.

We also chat about walking your dog at night in the dark and how you can keep you and your dog safe.


Tips to keep your pets safe in the cold weather https://www.petsittersireland.com2/tips-to-keep-your-pets-safe-in-the-cold-weather/

Tips For Walking Your Dog In The Dark https://www.petsittersireland.com2/dog-walking-in-dark/

Promoting Pet’s are For Life https://www.petsittersireland.com2/yearroundpresents-dog-life-christmas/

Things to Consider When Getting A Dog https://www.petsittersireland.com2/6-things-to-consider-when-getting-a-dog/

Girl with Her Pet Cow



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