Pets on the furniture

I have read lots of different articles on whether it’s right to allow your cat or dog to sit on the furniture, or whether they should have their own beds for snoozing on. Some articles even suggested that people would choose their pets comfort on the sofa over a visiting friend and their need for a seat!

I suppose training is a big part of owning a pet, and just like you spend time training them not to mess in the house, should training them to stay off the sofa be just as important?

I personally let Coco sit on the sofa. When she arrived I dont think she knew what a sofa was, so on reflection at that stage I could have easily made her dog bed the place for napping in the lounge. But I am softy and those sad eyes and the ‘look at me I came from the pound’ face just won me over.

So now, if you sit on the Coco you inevitably end up with a lot less space than you want.

Everyone has different rules for their pets – so what do you allow your dog or cat to do?

Does the dog or cat hair drive you mad?

Would you make your dog give up their seat for a visiting friend?



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