Pets In The City: Dublin Dog Friendly Event Review

Pets In The City

If you are an animal lover you probably heard about a pet festival called Pets In The City which took place on Sunday 14th of May on Smithfield square in Dublin. This event was brought to us by Dublin City Council and supported by DSPCA, King Of Paws, Wooly Ward’s Farm, Reptile Haven and Kinsealy Pet Store.

Being the 4th annual festival in Dublin its already be proven as a hit with pet owners in previous. We simply couldn’t miss this event and it was worth attending.

This free of charge event promised to be a ‘pet paradise’ which really wasn’t far from true. As we all know the pets are great ice breakers so we truly enjoyed the opportunity to talk to many lovely people and meet their furry friends in this extremely relaxed atmosphere.

We had a pleasure to meet Megan with her champion Dexter 2016 Nose of Tralee winner and previous finalist Courtney with her collie Ted.

Dexter Nose Of Tralee

The DSPCA were there looking after four legged friends by giving out free medical advice, and in case your pet isn’t micro chipped yet you got the chance to get it done.

One of the main attractions was a dog agility route with some basic obstacles provided by King of Paws academy. This was free for people to try and so we decided to give it a go. The guys from King of Paws were really helpful and patient with all the doggies – some of them were a little shy trying the route for the very first time. If you missed it this time don’t worry. They are located in Rathfarnham and provide a wide range of dog training classes for pups and adult dogs and even distance learning.

Dog Agility

All kids love animals and this was a great opportunity for families attending with kids to see and interact with various animals such as ducks, chickens, lambs, baby goats or llamas. All of these animals were brought here by Wooly Ward’s Farm. This is a mobile farm that can attend all kinds of children’s parties, educational events or family fun days. I’m glad to say all of these little creatures seemed to be very well looked after and staff members were well educated and willing to answer all of the questions about their little farm.

Wooly Wards Farm

We all know how hard it can be sometimes to take a good picture of our dog, especially those who just don’t stop even for a second. Our Nina is one of these. That’s why it’s sometimes better to leave it to the professional. One of the stands here belonged to the Wet Nose Studio, a professional pet photographer. It was such a pleasure to talk to Liz and she showed us how much of a professional she is by catching the attention of our Nina extremely quickly so we could capture a lovely picture.


If you are fan of a natural grooming products for your pooch then you’d certainly choose something from the wide range of products offered by Eco Mutt who also attended this lovely event. All of their products are natural, handmade and as their name suggests also eco friendly. They also make natural soaps for people and all of their products can be purchased through their website.

Eco Mutt

We previously reviewed some of their fabulous products on our blog.

In case your pet was a little peckish there was a chance to buy a lovely looking, and I bet even better tasting treat, all made from peanut butter. These were available at the Stuff for your Woof stand. I have to admit I wouldn’t mind trying one myself!

Stuff For Your Woof

The Dulux dog named Shadow, a well-known dog celebrity from the paint commercial, was one of the biggest stars of this event. Shadow was very calm and used to lots of petting and attention. I personally met him and received a sticker saying, ‘I met the Dulux dog’ which I’m certainly proud of. It was a great pleasure for me to meet him.

Dulux Dog

We also can’t forget to mention Pet Greets, Chemical free grooming, lifestyle and pet accessories which were there to satisfy all of your pet’s grooming needs and also offered a wide range of pet stuff. If you couldn’t make it then check out their website.

Pet Greets

If you like to be around animals I think there was no better way how to spend your Sunday. I am looking forward to attending more of these in the future.

Did You Attend Pets In The City? What Did You Enjoy Most About It?