Tips for Planning a Holiday When You Have Pets

Maybe you’ve been planning your dream holiday for months, but one thing keeps nagging at you. What about your pets? You can’t take them with you, yet little pangs of guilt stab at your heart at the thought of leaving them behind.

Go on holiday, enjoy your well-deserved time off, and know that your pets are happy and well cared for by carefully planning for your pets’ care before you leave:

Holiday Pet Sitting

Determine where your pets will stay.

Most pets are like people. They prefer to be at home, where they have their own bed, toys, and familiar surroundings. Professional pet sitters make it possible for your pets to stay in the comfort of their own homes. Of course, you also have the less comfortable option of boarding your pet at a kennel or a cattery.

Hire a pet sitter.

Contact Pet Sitters Ireland as soon as you have firm travel dates, especially if you are going on holiday during the busy holiday season or if you’re a new client. You will meet with a pet sitter and create a regular visit schedule.

Regular visits or overnight visits?

How many times will your pet sitter visit your pets daily? Are several daily visits sufficient? Does your pet need the comfort of having someone with him overnight? Do you want a combination of daily and overnight visits? You’ll discuss your visit choices and come up with what works best for your pets with your pet sitter.

Prepare a list of instructions.

A pet sitter will follow instructions that you provide for her. Write down the instructions for your pets’ care, including diet, how many meals he eats each day and portion sizes, how he likes to play, when he takes walks, medications he takes and when (if applicable), and other information, such as if you want your pet sitter to bring the post in, to water the plants, or to turn the lights on in the evening to give your home a lived in look.

Make a list of emergency contacts.

Emergencies happen, especially when you least expect it. Create a list of emergency contacts – your regular veterinarian, your emergency veterinarian, a trusted family member or friend, and your hotel – including phone numbers and post it on your refrigerator or somewhere it is easy for your pet sitter to see and to access if needed.

Stock up on food and treats.

Make sure there’s enough food and treats for your pets while you are gone plus a few extra days, just in case you get stranded in an airport or held back by an unexpected occurrence. Keep the food in a safe place, out of the way of your pets, and show your pet sitter where it is stored.

Planning for your pets’ care while you’re on holiday doesn’t have to be stressful if you hire professional pet sitters. You’ll be able to sit back and relax, knowing that your beloved pets are happy, healthy, and safe at home.



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