5 Tips For Preparing Your House For Christmas With Pets

Christmas is an exciting and fun time. Lots of visitors, lots of food and lots of noise. It’s important to take a moment to prepare things so that there is a happy home for all your four legged friends!

1. Christmas Tree – Putting your tree up is great, it’s so much fun adding all the decorations and then standing back to admire them! A few tips I have learnt over the years though to keep your tree looking nice throughout the festive season.

– I never put decorations too low down – having a cat means they are likely to find it fun to play with the lower decorations and then they end up all over the floor and under the sofa.

– I never buy chocolate decorations for the tree – that’s an invitation for a tree knocked over and a sick dog!

– I always try to place the tree in a corner so there is less pet traffic passing it! Saves on losing more needles off the tree and you don’t want needles getting stuck in your pets paws.

2. Treats – Make sure you have lots of dog and cat friendly treats in over Christmas. There are soooo many chocolates, nuts and sweets hanging around at Christmas it’s best to keep those out of reach of your pets and have some healthy treats for them when you get your big box of Celebrations out :-)

3. Gifts – You will be wrapping gifts over the coming weeks, so make sure that you tidy away string, tape, wrapping paper, scissors etc. You know how pets get into EVERYTHING and you don’t want any choke hazzards. The first year we had Coco she took great delight tearing up a role of wrapping paper!

4. Quiet Area – You will probably be having more visitors than normal, so make sure you have a nice quiet space for your cat and dog to have a snooze. Maybe move their beds to a quieter area where they can relax away from all the hustle. If you cat or dog is not allowed outside, make sure you let visitors know that and people are aware when coming in and out the house.

5. Santa Paws List! – Don’t forget your pets when it comes to Christmas. Maybe they need a new bed or would love a new toy to keep them entertained on Christmas Day? Or maybe a nice new collar to make them look extra smart on Christmas morning.

Have a lovely Christmas with your Family.



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