5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Pets Have Fun With Their Pet Sitter

Once you have decided to use a Pet Sitter you want the whole experience to go as smoothly as possible. You want to be able to travel away knowing that your pets are safe and your home is secure.

We do our best to have processes and procedures in place to make sure that we follow your pet care routine as closely as possible. However we do need help from you to make sure your experience using the services of a Pet Sitter is a good one.

So what can you do to ensure your pets have fun while you travel away?

1. Meet and Greet – The Meet and Greet is your chance to meet your Pet Sitter and make sure that it is a good match for you and

Pet Sitter
I Love having fun with my Pet Sitter!

your pets. We want you to feel comfortable that your Pet Sitter knows what you want them to do and understands the full pet care routine that you follow. That means walking them through the process, so that there is no guess work in taking care of your pets.

2. Online Pet Care Instructions – Whilst it is great to tell your Pet Sitter all of your Pet Care instructions, it is also great to write them down. Our online secure booking system allows you to record all of your requirements in one place. So everything you want done can be noted on the system and carried out daily. If you want a task done on a specific day, for example your bin put out on a Tuesday, then you can make notes next to the specific booking you want it done during.

3. Food – It’s important that you ensure that there is enough food for your pets while you are away. If you want us to give your dogs treats then make sure that they are left out for us, along with instructions of how many are to be given each day. We want to maintain your pets routine and by making sure we have the food they need allows us to do that.

4. Supplies – Making sure you have enough cat litter, poo bags, cleaning materials, fresh bedding, towels for your dog if it rains during their walk – all makes sure we can do the best job possible and that your pets enjoy their time with us.

5. Enjoy Your Trip – We want you to enjoy your trip – so relax and have fun, knowing that your Pet Sitter is taking care of your pets the way you want. And don’t forget you’ll receive a text after every visit to let you know your pets are safe and your home secure.

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