Review of the Petcube Bites Treat Camera (Features, Pros, Cons & Costs)


If you think watching your pet on camera while they sleep is fun, then you will love watching your pet’s excitement when you dispense treats to them.

The Petcube Bites Treat Camera is not only a camera but also enables you to reward your pet by flinging treats up to 6 feet as a reward.

The most exciting thing is this is suitable for cats and dogs – something we don’t see often enough!

Features of the Petcube Bites Treat Camera

The Petcube has certainly been built with pets and their owners in mind and has a range of great features.

It flings treats varying distances, up to 6 feet. So, you can make sure your pet is working for their treats.

The unit holds up to 100 treats. You can use any treats once it fits the size guide provided with the unit.

You can toss treats automatically at scheduled times meaning your pet will get regular treats throughout the day if you want them to. (This can all be set up from the app on your phone)

Share pictures & videos easily to popular social networks – who doesn’t love to share pictures of their pets with their friends and family.

Сloud-based video recording & timeline history, meaning you will never miss a thing. So if you are not sure which of your dogs is tearing up the cushions you will now be able to find out!

Several Colour options available in the USA (including Rose Gold). In Ireland though only Petcube Bites in Matte Silver and Petcube Play in Carbon Black.

All The Technical Stuff.

If you like to know what tech your equipment has then this section is for you!

• Low treat volume notification
• 138° wide angle view
• 3x digital zoom
• 2-way audio to hear & speak
• Night vision with infrared LED
• Sound and motion alerts

Setting Up the Petcube Bites Treat Camera

1. Plug in the power cable
2. Download the Petcube app onto your phone
3. Follow the online instructions.

It’s that easy!!

Pros of the Petcube Bites Treat Camera

Really easy to set up. No complicated instructions or long manuals to read.

Easy to keep clean. The unit comes apart easily, so you can clean it quickly.

Works at night. This was a huge plus for me and I was delighted to see this was an added feature to this model. Although my dogs sleep all night it is nice to be able to check on them.

Petcube: Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Can be mounted on the wall. The unit being mounted on the wall means the dogs can’t knock it over and I don’t need to worry about them trying to break into the treats.
And it came with simple instructions on how to do this without making lots of holes in your wall.

You can watch other Pet Owners cameras. I was delighted to see the San Diego Cat Cafe had allowed access to their cameras. Such a fantastic way to get people interested in rescuing cats. (This is a great cafe if you are ever in San Diego – well worth a visit!)

The help section on the app/website is really comprehensive. There were a couple of things I wanted to know and the help section is really well put together. Short answers that are straight to the point – making everything so quick!


Cons of the Petcube Bites Treat Camera

There was nothing with the machine that I could fault. It does exactly what it says it does and has a nice new sleek appearance.

The only issue we had was that our dog Coco was a little bit scared of it to begin with. She is nervous and the treats coming out did scare her at first. I would recommend you get your pets used to the machine before you leave them with it. Joey was fine and loved getting treats, but we had to show Coco the treats and get her used to what it was before she would come off the sofa and join in the fun.

Note – I did find this really useful article online to give you tips on getting your pets used to the Petcube >>


Cost of the Petcube Bites Treat Camera

One machine is £219 (correct at time of article)
For 2 machines the cost is £389.
If you wanted to get 1 treat camera and 1 standard camera it is £339. This is a great option if you want a camera in 2 rooms, but only need one treat dispenser. And you can have both cameras on the same app, making it easy to see everything around the house.


What Is Petcube Care?

The main benefit I see for Non USA residents it the 24/7 video history that you can get with a paid care plan.

Also listed is extended video recordings, and 2-year device warranty.

A great benefit for USA Residents are all the members only savings.

A couple of them should be available outside the USA

  • Dog TV we have tried out before on the blog here
  • Audible for Dogs is an Amazon product so should work in Ireland

I would imagine over time there will be more European partners coming on board too.


Should you get a Petcube?

Absolutely – it’s so much fun to play with the treats with your pets while you are out. And you can never spend too much time looking at your pets!

It’s also gives you the opportunity to connect with other pet owners via the feed and play sections on the app.

Petcube: Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera
Note: I received the Petcube mentioned above for free to assist in an article we were writing about the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Affiliate links within article