What Does Your Pet Think Of The Water Charges?

Everyone is talking about the introduction of water charges inĀ Ireland and how it affects households. So we wanted to take a look at some ways in which you can save water when you have pets. We all know that we are guilty of wasting water – whether it be taking really long showers or leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth – but have you ever thought how much water your pet uses?

5 Tips to Save Water When You Have Pets

1. Only fill waterbowl’s half full

I know when we put water down for the dogs and the cat we always fill the bowl to the top. Then when we go to refresh the water we throw what is left away, clean the bowl and refill it. Every time we do this we probably throw half a bowl of water away – so why not put less water in the bowl so you are not throwing any away? (Always closely monitor your pets water to make sure they don’t run out) Water Saving Tip For Pet Owners

2. Collect Rain Water

I know our pets love rain water. You must have seen your own dog or cat drink from a plant pot saucer or bucket that was left out in the garden. Why not put a bucket out to collect the rain water so when they are out in the garden there is fresh rain water for them to drink.

3. Turn off the Tap

If you ever give your dog a bath or shower how many times do you leave the tap running? This could be A LOT of water running away into the drain. Instead wet the dog and turn off the tap while you lather them up with soap, and just turn the tap on to rinse them.

4. Save those half drank bottles of water

I’m sure we all buy bottles of water at the garage, drink half of the contents and then leave the rest in the car. Why not top up your dogs or cats water with that half drank bottle of Ballygowen!

5. Clean Those Paws

Instead of constantly washing your pets bedding and mopping those muddy footprints off the kitchen floor, why not keep a towel by the door to dry those paws. It keeps the kitchen floor clean, and saves on mopping the floor and washing bedding – an all round win!!

Got any water saving tips for us? Let us know in the comments below.




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