How many Pet Sitting Visits do I need per day?

Pet Sitting Visits

When choosing to use the services of a Pet Sitter it is important to make sure that you have a schedule of pet sitting visits that match the needs of your pet.

You should firstly consider your pets normal routine. One of the benefits of using a Pet Sitting service is that you can maintain this routine to minimise the hassle and stress for them.

Factors to consider when deciding on the number of visits include:

#1. Is you pet an inside or outside pet?

If your pet does not have access to the garden during the day then they will need more than one visit a day.

For inside dogs we require a minimum of 2 visits per day.

For cats we require a minimum of 1 visit per day.

#2. How many times a day do you normally walk your dog?

Sticking to your pets routine is key and if your dog is used to 3 walks a day then we would advice you stick to that. Each Pet Sitting visit includes a Dog Walk, but if you want to book additional longer walks you can.

#3. How many times a day do you feed your pet?

I know my pets get really annoyed if their dinner is delayed. Joey knows exactly what time he gets fed and is ready and waiting.

If you feed your cat twice a day then we would recommend sticking to that.

#4. Is your pet used to a lot of companionship throughout the day?

Some pets are used to spending time on their own while their owners work. While others need more human companionship.

You know your pets better than anyone, so when you are booking your visits think about how much time they would be used to being with someone.

#5. Does your pet require any special medication at certain times of the day?

If you pets need medication at certain times of the day then we can arrange visits to suit their medical needs. It can be critical that medication is delivered at the same time each day.

How Can We Help?

These are just some of the things to consider when deciding on the number of visits you need each day.

We would be happy to chat with you over the phone to help you come up with the best pet care visit schedule for your pets.



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