The Benefits Of Hiring A Pet Sitter: A Review Of My Pet Sitting Service

When we started our Pet Sitting business back in 2010 it was really just to solve our own problem. We had stopped travelling away because I hated putting our pets in kennels. I just felt really guilty leaving them.

I even stopped going with Michael to drop them at the kennels because it actually used to make me cry seeing their little sad faces as we drove off.

Now they were probably fine, it was more about how it made me feel and the guilt that I experienced.

So when my friend in the UK told me she was working as a Cat Sitter I thought this was a great idea. Finally an option to leave my pets at home and have someone call in to visit them in their own surroundings.

And that’s how Pet Sitters Ireland started – as surely if I didn’t like putting my pets in Kennels then there were other people that felt the same way.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Pet Sitter

The last 4 years we have been able to go away more than we ever did. Even if it’s just a night away, or maybe staying late at an event or travelling to Dublin for the day, we have been able to to do it.

Using a Pet Sitter has given us more freedom, while still knowing that Coco, Joey and Smug are all getting the TLC they so deserve.

Hire A Pet Sitter

Why Use A Pet Sitter?

#1 Home Security

We live in the countryside, so having someone come in every day really gives me peace of mind that our house is safe and looks lived in. Leaving it empty for a couple of weeks just isn’t something that I liked doing. I always used to wonder when we got back home would the door be kicked in and all our stuff missing.

Where as now I know that our Pet Sitter is coming in and out each day and keeping an eye out to make sure everything is secure.

#2. No Guilt

I know the dogs must miss us, as I miss them!, but I feel so much better knowing that they are missing us from the comfort of their own beds!

It sounds silly, but I want them to have their home comforts and be treated the same way that we treat them. I don’t want to feel guilty sending them to a strange place while we enjoy a holiday.

#3 It’s Simple

Going away has never been more simple! We don’t have to think about plans for the pets, as our Pet Sitter is always available to take care of them.

I just book them in online and the Pet Sitter comes as instructed. I don’t even have to drop a key off, as she has one all the time.

Do you think using a Pet Sitter might make your life easier?




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