Why Pet Sitting Is Considered A Luxury Service

Pet SitterThink back to your childhood. Perhaps, when you were very young, your parents went on holiday and left you in the care of family.

You stayed in their home, away from your bed, toys, and all that was most familiar to you as a small child.

Maybe you felt homesick after the initial excitement wore off and had difficulty adjusting to a new and different routine. Maybe you cried and wondered when your parents would return.

Now, think back to the last time you had to board your pet when you went away for the weekend or on holiday. Do you remember the look on his face when you left? The way your heart dropped at saying goodbye?

Boarding can cause your pet stress and be a traumatic experience: In unfamiliar surroundings with new and even frightening smells, lacking the one-on-one time and the daily routine to which he has become accustomed, your pet may become lonely and depressed.

However, boarding is no longer your only option: pet sitting has become increasingly popular in recent years because it allows your pets to remain in their home and to follow their normal routine while being cared for by a fully insured pet sitting professional.

Yet, pet sitting still has a reputation for being a luxury service when, in fact, it is an affordable alternative to traditional boarding and having friends watch your pets. Because of the many services a professional pet sitter offers – and the many benefits it provides – pet sitting is often seen as a luxury service.

Pet sitters offer a customised service. Most professional pet sitting companies offer clients a customised service that might include visiting your pets multiple times each day, taking your dog for a walk, cleaning your bird’s cage, socializing with your pets, bringing in your post, and ensuring your pets and your home are safe and secure.

Pet sitting services features a wide range of services. Pet sitters often offer their clientele a full range of services, such as pet sitting visits, overnight pet sitting, and dog walking. Pet Sitters Ireland even offers a special wedding day service to help make your day even more special.

Pet sitters are fully insured. Professional pet sitters typically carry insurance, which protects you and your home against accidents and other unforeseen occurrences. While that may seem like a luxury, it is, in reality, a necessity to ensuring your pets’ and your home’s safety.

A professional pet sitter follows your exact instructions for your pets’ care. That’s a luxury you just don’t have with a kennel or a cattery, which has its own way of doing things.

You will be kept informed about how your pets are doing. A professional pet sitting service, such as Pet Sitters Ireland, will send a daily text to let you know your pets are happy and healthy and your home is secure.

Pet sitting may be a luxury service, but it is one that most pet parents cannot afford to be without. The cost of a pet sitter is often greatly outweighed by its many benefits, most importantly ensuring your pets are happy, healthy, and cared for in their own home even when you cannot be there.

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