Home Security: Secure Your Home With A Pet Sitter

home security

Home Security is vital when you travel away from home. If you are putting your dog or cat into kennels or catteries, or you decide to use a home boarding option where your pet is boarded outside of the home, then who is looking after your home?

With Pet Sitters Ireland we can offer you peace of mind for you and your pets – but just as importantly we offer Home Security.

Having a Pet Sitter call to your home to take care of your pets throughout the day means that your house has that lived-in look. It isn’t sitting there in darkness, with stacks of post at the door, instead, it is looking lived in and your pets are safe and sound.

Home Security Checks By Pet Sitters Ireland

Turn Lights On And Off

When you are away from the home, one of the most obvious signs that you are away is that lights are always on or off. The house doesn’t look lived in.

You may have tried automatic lights, but even they can look very obvious as they always come on and off at the same time.

However with a Pet Sitter, we can turn different lights on and off, open and close blinds and make your house looked very lived in.

Put Out Your Bin

If you are going away for any length of time then you don’t want your bin sitting there either full or out on the road empty. If your bin is the only one left out on the road then it will be immediately obvious to people that you are away.

Just add your bin collection days to the notes when you book services with us and we will make sure that you bin is put out and brought in for you.

Bring In Post

A mountain of post on the doorstep is a clear sign you are on holiday. So we can bring the post from the doorstep and put it out of sight.

If you have a post box at the end of the drive we can empty that too. You don’t want post hanging out of it and getting wet or alerting people to your absence.

Home Security

Vary Visit Times

When you book Pet Sitting services with us, you are booking for us to come in a time window. For example 9-11am. The reason for this is so we can be flexible in the times we visit.

If a previous visit runs over we can still make your visit within the time window. But also, it means we are not visiting at the same time each day and highlighting you are not there.

Be Discreet

We don’t advertise the fact we are at your home. We would never park a signed vehicle outside your home to let everyone in your neighbourhood know you were on holiday.

It’s important to us that the service is very discreet and personal to you.

Additional Home Checks Included

Have you had a water leak?
Is there damage to any parts of your property?
Are your doors and windows secure?
These are all things that can be dealt with quickly to avoid you coming home to increased damage because the problem was not fixed.

Letting You Know Your Home Is Safe

After each visit, we will send you a pet care journal via email to let you know your pets are safe and your home is secure. This includes details of our visit and also a photo so you can see how you pet is.

These are one of the most loved parts of our service by our customers and we know that they make the experience of hiring a Professional Pet Sitter more pleasurable.

Are you planning a trip? Make sure you have your home security organised before you do and that your Pet Sitter has a Home Safety Check List.



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