Pet Sitting and Dog Walking EBook

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to create our new EBook. This online book is full of some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

The book is a Owner’s Guide to Hiring a Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company.

  • Know what to expect when using a Pet Sitter
  • Learn what kind of Pets a Pet Sitter can look after
  • Decide how many Pet Sitting Visits you need per day
  • Know what to expect at your Meet and Greet with your Pet Sitter / Dog Walker
  • Learn what Happens at a Pet Sitting Visit
  • Understand how a Pet Sitter can offer Home Security
  • Read about some of the reasons why asking a friend or Neighbour is not always best
  • Understand why your cat does need a Cat Sitter
  • Learn about why you would use a Dog Walking Service
  • Find out what kind of Dog Walking services are available to you
  • Be clear about what back up plan should be in place when you use Professional Pet Care services
  • Read about the difference between Boarding Kennels and Pet Sitters
  • Learn how you can have your dog at your Wedding
  • Realise how a Pet Sitter can help during Pregnancy
  • Hear from other Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Clients
  • Be clear about what to do next to

It’s not meant to a replacement for talking to us! We still want to receive your calls.

But some people prefer to digest information in their own time and this Ebook gives them the chance to do that.

So download the Free EBook now and start reading!!

Call 1800 30 30 10 to chat with someone in person about your Pet Care Needs.



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