Pet Sitting: How do you know if it is the right option for you?

Pet Sitting is a great option for you and your pets.

You are more than likely a Pet Sitters Ireland customer if you do any of the following:

  • You consider your pets to be your fur babies.
  • Your pet spends more time in your bed than they do their own.
  • Cooking something special for your pet is always a consideration!
  • You talk to your pet on a daily basis and share your thoughts for the day with them.
  • You have more pet toys in your house than anything else.
  • You think about what TV/Radio Channel to put on when you leave the house.
  • You tell your pet what time you will be back when you leave the house.
  • When you come home they are the first to get a Hello and a Hug!
  • You have more pictures on Facebook of your pets than you do of your family – they even have their own page!
  • Putting your pet in a concrete room with bars brings you to tears.
  • Does any of that sound like you or someone you know?

    Then give us a call on 1800 30 30 10.

    Don’t send your pet away from home – let them stay in their own comfy familiar surroundings and let one of our Pet Sitting staff take care of them.

    Love your Pets!



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