Pet Sitting: What Happens at a Pet Sitting Visit?

What happens during a Pet Sitting visit? – this is one of the first questions we are asked here at Pet Sitters Ireland when people are enquiring about our services.

Many people are surprised to hear that they choose what happens, not us. Our main priority is to strictly follow your instructions to ensure that your pet keeps their daily routine. We adhere to any of your requests without judgement because it is our job to take care of your pet the way you like.

For example:

You are out at work all day and you have a dog that’s at home alone. You take them out in the morning and evening before and after work but you feel that they need to stretch their legs during the day. So you decide to call Pet Sitters Ireland to arrange a Free Meet and Greet.

Your Pet Sitter comes at a time that’s convenient and you talk them through exactly how you want things done. We take specific notes and follow your exact instructions. You ask us to do the following:

–        Take the dog for a 45 minute walk around the park nearby as this is his favourite place for walkies

–        When we come back with the dog, hang the lead up beside the door and bring the dog into the kitchen. Close the door as you don’t want the dog to have access to the whole house.

–        Give the dog fresh water and a few treats that you have left on the table for him.

–        Pick up any toys that are lying around and give him different ones from the basket on the shelf – as you like to rotate his toys regularly.

–        Play with the dog for a few minutes and give him affection before leaving.

–        On leaving pick up the post and place it on the hall table and double check that the door is securely locked as sometimes it doesn’t close properly.

This is the structure that you want followed every time and we do exactly that.

This way you can rest assured that there is no disruption to your pet’s daily routine.

You will also receive a confirmation text after each visit so you know that we have been and that everything is ok.

Sounds too good to be true?

Why not call our office on the Freephone number 1800 30 30 10 or fill out an Enquiry Form to discuss your requirements for your four legged friend.



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