Pet Sitters Ireland Instagram Takeover

With over 300 million monthly users Instagram is an extremely popular visual social media platform.

25% of those 300 million users are logging into their accounts every day, so it’s the perfect place for animal lovers all over the world to share picture of their pets and show off how much they love them. It’s also a great way to connect with other pet owners with a similar breed of pet or love of animals as you.

The use of hashtags is vital to an instagram accounts popularity as it allows users to search for other instagram accounts with similar interests.

#dogsofinstagram currently has 20,548,312 posts versus #catsofinstagram with 17,071,755 posts – showing that dogs are just a bit ahead in popularity than cats.

With instagram accounts like tunameltsmyheart and marutaro boasting over 1 million instagram followers it’s clear that the popularity of instagram accounts for pets is on the rise. And why not? Lots of pets have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts!

In the run up to the Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee pet competition, we decided to give our 2014 runner up, Gia the Great Dane, and winner Buster the Dog With A Blog, the chance to take over the Pet Sitters Ireland instagram account.

Possibly the first takeover of a pet based account we gave them each access to the account to post pictures of what they got up to on a daily basis. So whether that was a stroll in the park or a snooze on the sofa we wanted to see it all.

Gia took over from the 1st-10th May


and now Buster is full steam ahead with his takeover since the 11th May.

Hi everyone, its Buster the winner of the 2014 Nose of Tralee (Pet sitters Ireland) I’m delighted to meet u all and spend some time with u all. I am a bit of a celebrity but I’m still very down to earth and I love everyone I meet. I have my own blog every Thursday in my local paper, I give pet advice and talk about current animal issues. I am also very involved with Northern Ireland Staffy Rescue and I help raise funds for them by taking part in their events etc. Mu breed gets a very hard time so I am flying the flag by being a staffy am ambassador, I’ve changed lots of peoples opinions especially over the last year. I am 10 years old and love and live life to the max, I have a 3 year old sister called Ella that u will all meet too x ❤???? x

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When we chatted to Buster about his first Instagram Takeover he was tailwaggingly excited explaining that

“I am really enjoying the Pet Sitters Ireland Instagram takeover very much, I’ve had some wooffly comments and made some new fans on the way”.

It’s not Buster’s first sniff of fame, with a regular column in the Newtownards Chronicle and a Blue Peter badge for his service to the community, he makes a great ambassador for our first Nose of Tralee.

If you want to follow Buster on Instagram visit the Pet Sitters Ireland Instagram account

To find out more about your pet being the 2015 Nose of Tralee visit



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