Top 5 Issues With Asking A Friend To Be Your Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter

We have all had people offer to call in and feed the cat or walk the dog. It’s great when you have family and friends that are close by that can help you out when you need it.

So why would you not ask a friend to look after your pets while you travel away from home?

1. You are not paying them.

It might sound strange to suggest you pay for something that you can get for free. However when you pay for a Professional Pet Sitter to come and take care of your pets that is all that they are doing. They are working for you and getting paid for the exact services you request.

You can therefore be very specific about the care that you want and the instructions they need to follow to make sure your pets get the best care possible.

2. It’s not their job.

Your friends have other things to do in their live that are more important to them. If an emergency comes up then these things will naturally take priority. With a Professional Pet Sitter there will always be a back up in place to make sure your pets are cared for at all times.

There will also be office staff checking the job is getting done and making sure your schedule of visits is completed on time.

3. How do you repay them.

If your friend takes care of your pets for you then you might be expected to return the favour at some stage, which may not suit your schedule. It’s hard to say no to someone when you ‘owe’ them.

With a Professional Pet Sitter we never ask you to take care of our pets! Our job is to be there when you need us.

4. Do you leave food and drink for them.

Is it only polite to leave food and drink in the fridge for them in case they get hungry while they are visiting your pets? Should you get a special supply in of their favourite treats?

A Professional Pet Sitter is never there to take a break or have a snack. We come into your home, take care of your pets and then send you a pet care journal to let you know your pets are safe and your home is secure.

5. Do you want them hanging out at your house?

If you friend is coming over to take care of your pets will they be watching your TV, interrupting your Sky+ recording schedule and eating your favourite biscuits.

A Professional Pet Sitter would be too busy playing with your pets to have time to watch TV. Our priority is your pets well being.

We all love our friends – and that’s why they are our friends. Friends being the word – not the hired help! So keep business and friendship separate and book a Professional Pet Sitter.

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