How Many Times A Day Can A Pet Sitter Visit My Pets?

How Many Times A Day Can A Pet Sitter Visit My Pets

We get a lot of calls from new customers asking how many times a day our Pet Sitters can visit their pets. The answer is simple – as many times a day as you like.

You completely decide your own Pet Sitting schedule based on the needs of your pet. So if your cat is happy with only one visit a day then that is what we will do. However if your dog likes lots of company then maybe you want to book them 3 visits a day.

Factors To Consider When Deciding On The Number Of Pet Sitting Visits

What is your pets normal routine?

All animals have a routine that they are used to, much like we do ourselves. They are used to getting up at a certain time in the morning and this seems to dictate their routine for the rest of the day.

Maybe they get their breakfast at 8.30am followed by their dog walk. Then they have their lunch time walk around 1pm and spend the rest of the day napping. Their walk could be around 6pm and their late night toilet break around 11pm.

Whatever their routine we can schedule a series of visits that mirror their normal day so that they don’t miss out on the things that they normally do.

Does your dog need to get out for a bathroom break?

When you are away from home does your pet have access to outside for a bathroom break or have a litter that they can use. What do they normally do when you are away for the day?

It’s important to consider the number of times they need to get out for a bathroom break so that they don’t have accidents inside the house or feel uncomfortable during the day.

Consider their normal routine and we can match the number of times they need to get out with visits. We can even do a mix of longer and shorter visits.

How many pets are in the house?

The number of pets in the house can determine the number of visits that you need each day. If, for example, you have 5 cats you probably need to have more than one visit a day. Unless you have multiple litter boxes, 5 cats will quickly fill even 2 litter trays in 24 hours.

Consider how often you change your little under normal circumstances and make sure that you match that routine with visits. We recently wrote an article about why we don’t do every other cat sitting visits which you should read before you decide on a Cat Sitting visit schedule.

Are they used to a lot of company during the day?

If you are normally home all day then your pets will be used to that. If you are keen to keep their normal routine then try and make sure they get more regular visits. Perhaps you want to even avail of our Overnight Pet Sitting service.

Generally animals will get used to their slightly new routine and look forward to their Pet Sitter visiting each day. They might miss the company of someone being there all day, but this will be less of a change for them than using a Boarding Kennels.

How much space do they have access to?

If you are in the process of crate training your dog then you will need to make sure you have enough visits to allow them to get out the crate and stretch their legs and use the bathroom.

Maybe if you have cats you want us to let them out morning and evening, so that they get a chance to be out in the fresh our all day.

Do they have any medication needs?

If your pet has any medical needs then you will need to arrange visits in such a way that we can administer their medication when they need it.

We can accommodate this for you with a serious of longer and shorter visits to suit.

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