Can I Book A Pet Sitter At Christmas?

Lots of people travel away at Christmas and don’t want to put their pets in Kennels – so using a Pet Sitter is a great solution. Not only can you pet stay at home – but your home is also more secure having a Professional Pet Sitter come into your home.

There is a reason why Insurance companies increase your contents cover at Christmas.

1. You have more valuables in the house

2. There are more break-ins at Christmas.

So why would you leave your house empty – when you could have someone check on your pets and your home as many times a day as you need. And for added peace of mind you also receive a text after every visit.

3 Important Things to Remember When Booking A Pet Sitter At Christmas

  1. Book early! It’s a popular service – so don’t be disappointed!
  2. Be realistic – it’s going to cost more for your Pet Sitter at Christmas. Much like hotel and restaurant staff get paid more for working holidays – so does your Pet Sitter.
  3. Keep in touch – let us know if you are delayed due to bad weather – extending your visits will never be a problem.

We look forward to taking care of your beloved pets this Christmas.



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