Pet Minding Versus Pet Sitting

Pet Minding Versus Pet Sitting

Getting away – staying in a comfortable hotel with amenities that allow you to just relax – is often the perfect prescription for a much-needed break. But, for pets there is just no place like home. Even when you aren’t there with them, your pets still have their favourite place to snooze, their chosen toys, and familiar surroundings.

Using the services of a Pet Sitter allows your pets to remain in the comfort of their home while you are away. You schedule the visits when you want them and, if you want a pet sitter to stay with your pets overnight, you can book that too.

You can also be assured of security in your home with a pet sitter, who will turn the lights on and off and bring in the post daily, giving your home the appearance that someone is home.

Pet minding, or in home boarding, at the pet minder’s home is another option when you need someone to care for your pets while you’re away. But, before you book a pet minding reservation, consider whether it is really right for your pet.

Is In Home Boarding Right For Your Dog?

#1. Will your dog be comfortable in a strange place?

Most dogs thrive in their own homes. How does your dog react when he’s in a strange place? Is he comfortable? Or does he become stressed or frightened?

It’s important that you do a trial run before you travel away so that your dog is familiar with its new surroundings.

#3. How many other dogs will be at the home?

Your dog may be used to being the king of the castle and may not adapt well to being around other dogs, especially in a strange place.

A 1 to 1 home boarding situation is best for most dogs so that they can get the full attention that they would be used to from you.

#3. What happens if your dog doesn’t get along with the other dogs?

Dogs have individual personalities, just like people. Sometimes dogs just don’t get along. What will happen if your dog doesn’t get along with another dog? Will they be separated?

In our experience a boarding environment where your dog is not mixing with other dogs is usually best.

#4. Where will your dog sleep and exercise?

Where do the boarded dogs stay in the home? Is that home pet proofed to ensure your dog doesn’t get into trouble? What about exercise? Will your dog get walks each day? Is there a large garden for outdoor time each day?

It’s important to ask all these questions to give you peace of mind when you are away from your dog.

#5. How does the pet minder ensure your pet will receive enough attention?

If the person who is caring for your dog in her home has multiple clients staying at the home at a time, how does she ensure your dog will get enough individual attention and sufficient exercise each day?

You know your dog best. And, you know whether he will be more comfortable in his home while you are away or if he will do better in another person’s home, potentially with other dogs. Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons of pet sitting and pet minding before deciding which is best for your pets.

Let us know if we can help you with any questions you might have about Home Boarding and how Pet Sitters Ireland can help you.



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